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Default Strong players at GetClub Chess

Number of Strong Players at GetClub Chess have grown now.

Players at:

Here are the Strong players at GetClub Chess.

Players Capable of beating Master Level:

1, Zebediah
2, Chrisf
3. Fingerfehler

Players Capable of beating the Normal Level:

1. Help Bot
2. Taylor Kingston (Stinky Garlnoot)
3. Bonsai
4. Bob

Players Capable of beating the Easy Level:

1. Par Excellence
2. Peter
3. ChessChallenger7

All the above are very Strong players at GetClub Chess.

Then there are lots of players who only play with Beginner & Baby

Even after the game has improved so much I find the strong players are
able to compete with Higher levels.

Here is a game of Fingerfehler with Normal Level. Can you tell how
GetClub could have saved itself. Fngerfehler took Bishop & Rook of
Normal Level so easily.

Game Played between fingerfehler and normal at

fingerfehler: (Black)
normal: (White)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

White -- Black
(normal) -- (fingerfehler)

1. e2-e4{2} c7-c5{92}
2. Ng1-f3{0} d7-d6{24}
3. d2-d4{0} c5-d4{32}
4. Nf3-d4{0} Ng8-f6{16}
5. Nb1-c3{0} a7-a6{14}
6. Bc1-e3{1282} e7-e5{148}
7. Nd4-f3{98} Qd8-c7{78}
8. Bf1-d3{130} Bf8-e7{234}
9. Nc3-d5{216} Nf6-d5{116}
10. e4-d5{164} f7-f6{468}
11. Ke1-g1{170} f6-f5{84}
12. Bd3-e2{228} f5-f4{104}
13. Be3-c1{202} Ke8-g8{36}
14. Be2-d3{538} Nb8-d7{122}
15. Bd3-e2{460} b7-b5{134}
16. Be2-d3{572} Nd7-c5{424}
17. Qd1-e2{0} Bc8-b7{180}
18. Rf1-d1{142} Nc5-d3{100}
19. Rd1-d3{212} Qc7-c5{112}
20. b2-b4{512} Qc5-c4{56}
21. Qe2-d1{152} Ra8-c8{236}
22. Qd1-e1{178} Qc4-c2{54}
23. Qe1-e4{450} Rc8-c4{44}
24. Nf3-d4{154} Qc2-c1{26}
25. Rd3-d1{186} Qc1-c3{12}
26. Qe4-f3{126} e5-d4{136}
27. Qf3-e4{242} Rf8-f7{18}
28. a2-a3{136} d4-d3{242}
29. Qe4-d3{92} Qc3-d3{26}
30. Rd1-d3{122} Rf7-f5{24}
31. Ra1-d1{514} Rf5-d5{364}
32. Rd3-d5{284} Bb7-d5{30}
33. h2-h3{284} Bd5-b7{222}
34. f2-f3{602} Rc4-c3{152}
35. Rd1-a1{442} Be7-f6{378}
36. Ra1-a2{100} Rc3-c1{52}
37. Kg1-f2{2} Bb7-d5{12}
38. Ra2-d2{92} Bf6-h4{46}
39. g2-g3{104} Bh4-g3{36}
40. Kf2-g2{102} Bd5-c4{26}
41. Rd2-f2{52} Bg3-f2{16}
42. Kg2-f2{120} Rc1-f1{80}
43. Kf2-g2{0} Bc4-e2{10}
44. h3-h4{74}
fingerfehler: (Black)
normal: (White)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

Please analyze the above game and let me know the wrong moves made by
Normal Level?


Play Chess at:

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