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Default ChessBase GUI playing chess

Hello Chesslovers,

As you remember I used to post illegal positions within the ChessBase GUI up
to Fritz 10. Some real "experts" told you that it is not possible to setup
such a position in the ChessBase GUI. Toady I will tell you how to do it.
This works upto Fritz 10.

Load Arena. Setup an illegal position and export it to the clipboard as PGN.
Now go to the Fritz 10 interface and press "ctrl-v"
Now the illegal position is loaded.

You can try the following position and see what happens when the GUI checks
the legality of the moves instead of the engine.
Just press the space bar and take a look at the principle variation. You
will have a good laugh.

[Event "Computer chess game"]
[Site "KOELN"]
[Date "2008.10.07"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Michael Diosi"]
[Black ""]
[Result "*"]
[BlackElo "2400"]
[Time "17:10:36"]
[WhiteElo "2400"]
[TimeControl "0"]
[SetUp "1"]
[FEN "P6k/8/8/8/8/8/8/p6K w - - 0 1"]
[Termination "unterminated"]
[PlyCount "0"]
[WhiteType "human"]
[BlackType "human"]

Tell us what you see...

Remember these are the same guys who pretend to have a "reliable" cheating
detection software. You can guess how reliable it is taking a look at the
previous position. Not to forget the corrupt sysop. They are all as
competent as this software is for playing chess.

Even freeware engines like YACE do make a legality check before starting to
analyse. This seems to difficult for Fritz, the crapiest engine on earth
from the crapiest company on earth.

And again don't belive those experts who told you it is not possible to load
such a position. Now you can try it yourself.

How does favorite your moves a pawn on first rank ?

a) 1) Up to 4th rank
2) Up to the 3rd rank
3) First to 2nd rank then to 4th
b) Does it play with
1) several kings
2) without kings
c) both sides in check...

Try it, make a table and take a close look...

Mind the Base, join the Arena

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