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Default 2900+ Rated player against Easy Level.

Some player played using Username: difficult2957. I think he used some
program of Rated 2957. with Easy Level.

Easy Level fought till 50 moves then resigned.

What do you think is the player playing really 2900+ rated? Was he
using Fritz at 2900+ Rating adjustment?

Game Played between difficult2957 and easy at

difficult2957: (Black)
easy: (White)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

White -- Black
(easy) -- (difficult2957)

1. e2-e4{2} c7-c5{20}
2. Ng1-f3{26} d7-d6{6}
3. Bf1-c4{322} Nb8-c6{16}
4. Nb1-c3{256} Ng8-f6{16}
5. d2-d3{88} Bc8-g4{28}
6. Bc1-g5{26} Qd8-b6{14}
7. Bg5-f6{22} g7-f6{8}
8. Nc3-d5{32} Qb6-d8{8}
9. c2-c3{84} Bf8-h6{10}
10. Bc4-b5{140} a7-a6{10}
11. Bb5-c6{34} b7-c6{8}
12. Qd1-a4{36} Bg4-d7{10}
13. Nd5-e3{34} Qd8-b6{8}
14. Ne3-c4{52} Qb6-b8{8}
15. Qa4-a5{52} Rh8-g8{82}
16. Ke1-g1{38} Bd7-h3{42}
17. Nf3-e1{64} Bh3-e6{10}
18. b2-b3{162} Qb8-b5{30}
19. Qa5-c7{36} Ra8-b8{10}
20. Ne1-f3{94} Rb8-b7{44}
21. a2-a4{46} Rb7-c7{34}
22. a4-b5{22} c6-b5{130}
23. Nc4-b6{0} Rc7-a7{10}
24. Ra1-a5{112} f6-f5{26}
25. e4-f5{110} Be6-f5{108}
26. Rf1-e1{0} Rg8-g6{8}
27. Nf3-h4{84} Rg6-e6{8}
28. Re1-e6{38} Bf5-e6{26}
29. Nh4-f3{106} Be6-b3{26}
30. Nb6-c8{74} Ra7-c7{32}
31. Nc8-b6{22} b5-b4{36}
32. Ra5-a6{46} f7-f6{26}
33. Ra6-a8{54} Ke8-f7{16}
34. c3-c4{36} Rc7-b7{8}
35. Nb6-a4{60} Bb3-c2{8}
36. Nf3-e1{50} b4-b3{16}
37. Na4-b2{34} f6-f5{12}
38. d3-d4{62} c5-d4{20}
39. Ra8-h8{36} Kf7-g7{12}
40. Rh8-e8{20} Bh6-c1{10}
41. Ne1-c2{50} b3-c2{8}
42. Nb2-d3{28} Bc1-g5{26}
43. h2-h4{26} Rb7-b3{16}
44. h4-g5{88} Rb3-d3{8}
45. Re8-e7{38} Kg7-f8{6}
46. Re7-e2{52} Qc2-c1{Q}{12}
47. Kg1-h2{32} Qc1-d1{6}
48. g5-g6{22} Qd1-e2{38}
49. f2-f3{26} Rd3-d2{28}
50. g6-h7{16}
difficult2957: (Black)
easy: (White)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

Is there anything wrong in GetClubs game.

Are these moves decent or you see some mistake in Easy Level's game?

Do you really think that the Player was 2900+ rated.


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