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Default Frank's Funny Opening

On Nov 21, 9:39*am, " wrote:
Since everyone at Chessville is learning new opening stuff, then
reporting their results - I thought this was a topical subject, but
young players should shield their eyes since it ain't exactly
recommended opening theory.

Marshall - Ragozin *[1940]

1 e4 c5
2 b4 cxb4
3 a3 Nc6
4 axb4 Nf6
5 b5 Nd4
[the attentive reader will have noticed that so far Frank Marshall has
made 5 pawn moves]
6 c3 Ne6
7 e5 Nd5
8 c4 Ndf4
9 g3 Ng6
10 f4 [catching the drift? that's 10 pawn moves in 10 moves]
10 ...Ngxf4 [now, that is probably better than retreating a Kt to c7,
when the other Kt gets the chop after f5 and d4...]
11 gxf4 Nxf4
12 d4 Ng6 [Frank just can't stop them pawn moves - he is... fixated!]
13 h4 e6
14 h5 [ROFL - 14 straight pawn moves]
14 ...Bb4+
15 Bd2 [Black had to go and spoil the game with that check forcing a
piece move - so the 2 questions I have are (a) do we all want to see
Black lose and soon for forcing White to move a piece, and (b) at this
level, are 14 straight pawn moves a record in the opening?]
15. ... Bxd2+
16 Nxd2 Ne7
17 Ne4 Nf5
18 h6 g6
19 Nf6+ Kf8
20 Nf3 d6
21 Ng5 [Frank is very loyal to his previously moved pieces, no? Now
he's got the hang of them horses, he can't stop moving them either]
21 ... dxe5
22 dxef Qxd1 [a terrible move, since now Frank may get the hang of
using rooks.... argh!]
23 Rxd1 Ke7
24 Rh3 b6
25 Bg2 Rb8
26 Ngxh7 *1-0

And serves Black right!

Phil Innes

Black was Hy Ragozin. I knew him well. He was the father of Don
Ragozin of Los Angeles, whom I defeated in the last round to win the
1963 Southern California Amateur Championship.

Sam Sloan
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