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Default Britan Lafferty's candidacy

On Jan 1, 5:03*am, wrote:

Bunkum. The status of the building has been discussed ad nauseam on
the USCF Forum.

That is not the answer to the question. This question came up at every
meeting of the board that I attended and no conclusive answer was ever

At the Stillwater Meeting on May 17-18, 2007, Bill Hall reported that
he had met with the Mayor of Crossville, J, H. Graham, in response to
our demand at the previous meeting that he do exactly that, and that
the mayor would not agree for us to sell the building. However, he
said that we could "burn it out" over the next 15 years. In other
words, provided that we stayed in Crossville for 15 years, he would
agree to let us sell "our" building.

As I was not satisfied with that answer, I made a motion that I had
also made at other meetings and that I had also said I would do when I
campaigned for election that the USCF retain counsel in Nashville (not
in Crossville) to make a determination and advise us as to our rights
to sell the building should we choose to do so. The other board
members refused to agree because attorneys cost money. Finally Joel
Channing agreed, provided that the attorney would cost no more than
$500. I said OK in that I case I move that the board retain counsel at
a cost of no more than $500. At first Joel Channing seemed to agree
but then he changed his mind and said that $500 was too much to spend
to see what our rights were with respect to a building supposedly
worth $650,000.

So, my motion was voted down 6-1.

So, we still do not know what our rights are with respect to the

There aren't any secrets about it. The LMA money was
spent on operating expenses, as you can easily see from the annual
financials. Bad management, but hardly a conspiracy.

Not so fast. For example, I discovered an unauthorized payment of
$13,356.36 to Susan Polgar made in November 2003 while Bill Goichberg
was executive director that neither the president nor the 2003 board
had known about or would have agreed with had they known about it.
There was then and still are no documents supporting this payment of
$13,358.36. Bill Goichberg still blames this on a low level clerk
named Linda even though Goichberg signed the check. That was the
biggest single check Goichberg ever signed while he was Executive
Director, so he certainly should have noticed it.

Any documentation supporting that payment would have been on the
laptop computer that Paul and Susan stole from the USCF''s offices on
August 20, 2003. Goichberg still has not taken appropriate measures to
get that laptop computer back.

This is only a small part of a much bigger problem. In every year for
the years 1999-2003 which was when most of the $2 million was lost,
the delegates passed a budget calling for a surplus. Also, the
financial statements for the end of each of those years showed a minor
but affordable loss.

Nevertheless, by the end of 2003 it was discovered that the $2 million
1999 that had been in the Oberweiss Fund according to the 1999
financial statements was completely gone and missing by 2003, only
four years later.

Saying that it was due to "operating losses" does not answer the
question. What operating losses, when, where and why?

Why cannot we find out the answer to these questions?

We have recently learned that Frank Niro had the bad habit of playing
in extremely high stakes poker games in Foxwoods Casino where, he
reports on his website, a player lost $37,000 in a single hand of
poker in a game in which Frank Niro was playing. Was any of the USCF's
$2 million lost in high stakes poker games? We would like to know.

Drug testing:
Well, I actually agree with you about that, but how does this relate
to "secret meetings"? I doubt the Board has even thought about this
recently, except perhaps when Sloan was making a pest of himself.

When John Hillary said that I was "making a pest of himself", he
refers to the fact that when I was on the board for one year I
regularly reported to the outside world what had happened in the
closed sessions, even though they had been closed.

In fact, during my one year on the board there was never a discussion
in closed session of either of the two issues that are legitimate
closed session items, namely litigation and personnel issues.
Litigation never came up because there was no litigation involving the
USCF while I was on the board.

Personnel costs and issues never came up because we never were able to
get even a list of all the people working for the USCF and what their
job duties were. Bill Hall refused to provide that information even
though I persistently asked for it, which is one of the reasons why
John Hillery says that I was "making a pest of myself".

To this day we still do not know how many people are working for the
USCF and how many consultants there are. Saying "look it up in Chess
Life" is not the answer, because Chess Life does not answer this

So, perhaps the board can answer the questions now: How many employees
and contractors does the USCF have? Do you know the answer to this
question? (I doubt that the board knows, even today.) If you do know,
why cannot you tell us, the dues paying members?

Sam Sloan
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