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Default Scid 3.7 released (chess database and playing software)


I released Scid 3.7 at

There have been many changes (see Changelog below), the most visible one
being a new user interface (see

Pascal Georges

- This release requires Tcl/Tk 8.5 or higher
- Fix : Game annotation, annotating all moves : when the next move was
the expected one (calculated by the engine), no annotation was added,
which was not coherent with "annotate all moves"
- Reworked board setup dialog (thanks to Steven Atkinson)
- Correspondence chess :
* Parse "TimeControl" and show in tooltip if it is sent by the server
- Sound:
* Add "alert" sound from the CE to the PC version as well. Use
::utils::sound::PlaySound "sound_alert"
* wav-file added to the package
- Correspondence Chess
* Adopt button alignement
* Allow to specify the rating system used by the site (if none is
given, default to ICCF)
* Make window resizable
* Make window dockable
* Fix: call mailers on windows if installed to dirs with spaces
* New email games now show up in the game list immediately, flags
are preset for europe to give the user an idea what to set at all.
* Show last move in tooltip for the "to move" icon (suggested by
* move delete in/outbox button furter away from Process Inbox
(suggested by Dhanish)
* Yes/No dialogue before cleaning the in/outbox (suggested by Dhanish)
* All paths required use $scidDataDir/$scidConfigDir variable if
possible. This allows more seemless usage from an USB drive on Windows
where the drive letters change all the time.
* Improve GUI for non-unique game IDs.
* Deleted games are now ignored in search of a sync-target.
* Fix: offline state file kept growing infinitely
* Cancelled games now no longer show up in the games list (suggested
by Austin and wyb)
- Tools Menu
* Remove Novag entry
* Add "Connect Hardware"
* Add "Connect Hardware / Configure" usable for Novag & Input Engine
* Add "Connect Hardware / Input Engine"
* Add "Connect Hardware / Novag Citrine"
* Make hardware connect buttons visibility configurable
(remove it needs restart)
- Novag Citrine
* Remove own config (replaced by unified dialogue)
* Use unified "Connect Hardware" dialoge and parameters thereof
* Use "hardware connect" button
* Set button images according to current state
- Input Engine Support:
* Rework of GUI
* Handle "illegal moves" (warn user, ignore them)
* Add "rotate board"
* Add Synchronise button
* Add Miniboard to the console
* Add NLS
* Add Support for DGT XL external clock
* Colour various states in move area
* To use a DGT Electronic Chess Board dgtdrv V1.21 or higher is
required. (
* Make window dockable
- Docs
* Update Novag part (as far as possible)
* Add "Connect Hardware" with subtopics to english help
* Add "Input Engine" including some remarks about DGT
* Add tags for all hardware connection dialogues
* German translation for the tags added
- Database information
* Add the ability to write Dublin Core metadata for a Scid database
by means of Tools / Database information. This includes reading
metadata from a sme file.
* menu item disabled for future use
- Mask (Tree window) :
* added menu entry to remove NAG value for a move
* added entry in popup menu to enter moves not present in Tree
* In training mode, game is annotated if the user made poor moves
(related to values in Mask)
- Book tuning :
* any move can be added to a polyglot book at a given position (thanks
to Michel Van den Bergh)
* moves present in the book at ply N+1 but where the previous move is
not present at ply N, is displayed in the lower part of the book window
: see button "other moves" and its tooltip (thanks to Michel Van den Bergh)
- Plenty of changes in user interface, among others :
* New entry in "options - windows" to show / hide game info panel
(this can also be triggered in docked mode by using main board tab)
* New option- Themes (only small parts of Scid are themable, this will
be increased in the future)
* Removed file combobox.tcl (widget migrated to ttk::combobox)
* Windows can be docked inside a main window (options menu) : In docked
mode, the most important windows are embedded into a main one. The
windows can be reordered by right-clicking on the tab (where the title
of the window is) and by dragging tabs from one notebook to another. The
menu for each window that has one (marked with a triangle at the left of
the tab) is opened by left cliking on the tab.
- updated dutch translation (thanks to Michel Van den Bergh)
- updated spanish translation (thanks to Benigno Hernández)
- Fix : Tree window : when a Mask is opened, the whole line is clickable
(not only the part with moves and stats)
- EPD:
* UCI lines are now written in the usual formatted form
* acs is added as resulted from the analysis
* console : autoscrolling is turned off if the view is not located at
the end of the text
* Fix : FICS connection. Better handling of connection error if
behind a firewall or network is down, and avoid parsing of incomplete
packets (new code ported to Scid Pocket)
* Fix : FICS bug when parsing players names and ELO
* Dialogues strings added to language files
- Tree window : when a Tree is updated and the current base is not the
Tree's one, the Tree base will automatically load the first game in the
filter (so by switching to the Tree's base, the position is already set
to the previous one and for example an Opening report can be immediately
- Import clipboard as game : on Unix systems the X selection is pasted
only if the clipboard is empty
- MacOS : various updates (better support, among them the switch of
mouse buttons 2 & 3) (thanks to Israel Chauca Fuentes)
- Book :
* last opened book is reopened by default
* Books should be usable from read only drives as well (without
tuning/save of course)
- Bug : fixed a possible crash when generating a player report when the
opened base has no games (segmentation fault)
- Analysis / Game annotation:
* book moves are now translated
* Fix: Error when engine list was opened with window already open
* Fix: typo for UCI_ShredderbasesPath in preserved UCI_ options
- Serious game and Tactical game : parameters are saved
- added spanish ECO file (thanks to Benigno Hernández)
- newly created bases are appended to the recently opened bases in menu
(thanks to Benigno Hernández)
- "Average Elo" and "average year" could be wrong with large databases.
Corrected by using 64 bits integers (thanks to Heinz van Saanen)
- PGN window : colors for current and next moves are now user configurable
- Bug fix : Scid could crash when using some languages like Hungarian
and Swedish (segfault in functions transPieces and transPiecesChar)
- Added piece translations for hungarian, swedish and norvegian languages
- Serious and tactical games : fixed repetition detection
- Changed the way SPF files (data players) are loaded. This spares some
memory and Scid's start up is a little bit faster. New script in scripts
directory : scf2spi.tcl (thanks to Mikhail Kalenkov)
- Players' name standarization : strictly follow PGN requests by leaving
a period after an initial (standardPlayerName in pgnparse.cpp)
- Unix version : changed the way the tkscid path is searched to use
scid's directory (thanks to Joost´t Hart)
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Default Scid 3.7 released (chess database and playing software)

"Pascal" schrieb im Newsbeitrag

I released Scid 3.7 at

Great Job congratulation and many thanks, but view points could be improved:

1) Button for fast rearanging the stored layout
2) Better book
3) Transfer from Scidbases to PGN is poor

On the other hand, Scid now is more fast and stable then CB.
Could become number 1 if You continue Your good work.


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Default Scid 3.7 released (chess database and playing software)

Karl Müller a écrit :

3) Transfer from Scidbases to PGN is poor

Could you precise this ?

Regarding "better book", if you have some, please share them.

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First recorded activity by ChessBanter: Mar 2009
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Default Scid 3.7 released (chess database and playing software)

"Pascal" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
Karl Müller a écrit :

3) Transfer from Scidbases to PGN is poor
Could you precise this ?

It took me three days to find out, how to make pgn from scid database.
would be great to do this with the data-switcher by drag and drop - why not
A database program should primarely manage the handling with (big) databases
fast and easy. Doing this with PGN - to SCID its quiet easy.

Regarding "better book", if you have some, please share them.

A book like ctg from chessbase is still the best I have ever seen.
You can create it yourself with any database and it offers you a lot of
important infos to your opening. But even this one from Arena gives usefull
informating and you can import big datafiles. So you can create it and
it easily by yourself.
I dont have Aquarium. It was to buggy when i tested it first.

But Scid is really great - since You made it great.
Contine the good work! Thanks

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