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Default Most spectacular blown win (and problem like finish) I've everseen

On Dec 28, 10:12*am, RayLopez99 wrote:
*q4rk1/2nR1pp1/n6p/2p1PQ2/p1P2P1N/Pr2PN2/5K2/B7 w - - 0 1

Grinshpan-Kaminsky, Poznan, Poland, 1961 1-0 * (if anybody has the
complete game please post here)

Above is the most amazing finish (and blown win) I've seen in years.
It's exercise Diagram 150 from the excellent book "Test Your Tactical
Ability" by Yakov Neishtadt (1981, Batsford).

The author wrongly claims that a cascade of spectacular sacrifices
wins for White by forced mate, starting with 1.Ng5! (???--RL) hg 2.
Ng6! fg 3. Rxg7! Kxg7 (???--RL, instead Kh8! wins for black) 4.e6+ and
White won says Neishtadt.

I always double check my answers with Fritz when I got this one wrong
I checked my answer with Fritz's and found it was the same (1.e6, Ne6
2.Qe6 +- 1.66 Fritz). *Then I checked the proposed (and actually
played) moves, and found they lose, but in a spectacular way:

After the correct 3...Kh8! (not Kxg7, a forced win for white), there
is a very nice line for black that is not at all obvious he

1.Ng5 hg 2. Ng6 fg 3. Rg7 Kh8 4. Qg6 (Rf7 is loses slower for white, -

All hope seems lost for black in this line, as white threatens mate in
one with no clear way out for black, until this seeming spite check is
found: *4...Rf4+!! which leads to a mate in five! *Also nice in most
of these lines is the problem like self-blocking move Ne6 by black,
which forces white to capture on e6 and thereby block its own pawn.

I nominate this game as the best finish I've ever seen. *You also know
it wasn't a staged game, since the players did not play the proposed
finish (or if they staged it, they did not see the above line).

Any disagreements? *If you don't like this game you should tip your
King and resign from playing chess again!


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