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Koos Nolst Trenite April 17th 07 05:52 PM

Beating a real opponent, with the highest techniques - The Energetic Carrot and Stick from Criminal Minds - "Life as a Game" - {FPP note 20070413-V2.3}
(Very far ABOVE a Black Belt, and still far above a World Chess

The Energetic Carrot and Stick from Criminal Minds - "Life as a Game"

13 April 2007

{FPP note 20070413-V2.3}

(Version 2.3
on 17 Apr 2007)

(suitable for foreign
language students)


About those who think "Life is a Game:"

The 'carrot' (reward, the pleasant experience you are supposed to work
towards, and that you would try to get)

is Euphoria,

(Euphoria: see a., below, and see 1. below that)



and the 'stick' (the thing that is applied and that you are supposed
to avoid)

is Ugliness,

(Ugliness: see b., below, and see 2. below that)


or, if that does not work to keep you going towards the carrot
of Euphoria, then the next stick applied,

is Unconsciousness,

(Unconsciousness: see 3. below)


or if that does not keep you from perceiving and sensing what
actually IS there, and if that does not turn you back to the
carrot of Euphoria, THEN the stick used

is Pain and Hate, utter destruction.

(Pain and Hate: see 4. below)




So the choice is not difficult, isn't it, a "choice you can't refuse,"

as the mafiosi would think, and as these would try to
enforce it on you,

because THEY think, that "EVERYONE either is a
Criminal Mind, or else, that ALL people are
Destructive Cowards" from whom they easily can
Energetically (at times, even in words) demand the

- 'Always do perceive and sense and feel, that, what (those things,
that) Criminal Minds WANT you to perceive,'


- 'never perceive or sense or feel or look at or remember THAT, what
Criminal Minds do NOT want you to.'



SIMPLE, isn't it. And THAT, is what some people like you to call
"the Game of Life."





You know, as a faithful reader, that I do not see life like that,
I know that life is not a 'game' at all, but is something there
to be very intensely enjoyed with as many people as possible, most
of whom you love very deeply - as you will remember.


Thus I am completely opposed to Criminal Minds and all their Buddhist,
Hindu and New Age lies about life

- in fact, I am vehemently opposed to ANY lies about life -

which you surely will find out at one time or another, in case you do
not remember me.



Some people know these things instinctively,

by the very simple fact, that their intentions are so much
directed towards protecting and enhancing the joy that
life with people and for people is,

they try to automatically do the REVERSE of what Criminal Minds,

and what Destructive Cowards

want people to do - the brave and responsible people who do and
who think BY THEMSELVES,

which happens, of course, to be the REVERSE of what they
are compelled Energetically by Criminal Minds and by
Destructive Cowards, that they should feel,

what "they are supposed to do and to think."

Thus you got the First Law of Human Rights, and so you also got
the Second Law of Human Rights, recently,

and now those who instinctively did and do act rightly, have here,
explained and understood, the mechanism

that is underlying their correct efforts, the mechanism is now

exposed for their and your understanding,

and thus for greatly refining and enhancing their methods of
repairing and enhancing life.

Quite a neat discovery, isn't it? (cont. below)

Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34



As I wrote in the first issue - marked 'note 20070413' - in practice,
the mechanism may produce the following life situations:


You know, the kind of violent, compulsive vomiting, that goes on even
when your stomach is already totally empty?

If you have never done that, then you probably have not even had an
inkling of facing some very intense Criminal Mind, as l. ron hubbard
(the one of 'Scientology' infamy) is, for instance. *(2)(3)(4)


Criminal Minds will deny this, they want you to believe, that
what these do to your body and to your soul, "does not exist,"
"can not be done."

So they can hit your body and your soul with impunity,
(without being punished)

and they do so without being even detected or looked for,

largely aided by medical "science:" *(6)

the Criminal Minds amongst whom maintain, that the
very type of Energy of any living body itself,

which is that, what MAKES YOUR body BE AND
REMAIN alive,

"does not exist" - the very Energy without which your
body would be a rotting corpse, "does not exist."

That is, how VERY, VERY stupid you (not you
and I, of course, but others) have been made
and are being kept (and probably agreed to be
so kept) by Criminal Minds - including by the
mentioned l. ron hubbard.



If it does not happen subconsciously

(subconsciously: Energies are Energies, whether you see them or
not, they are still there, also if you can't read or write, or
are blind or deaf, but)

it goes CONSCIOUSLY as follows: *(5)

a. You penetrated his atrocious, extreme lies about himself and about
others, as in 1., below, (in this example - or her and herself, if
it is from a woman)

b. You are then able to begin to get a glimpse of his very EXTREME
UGLINESS - and the moment you start to get a glimpse of that, your
body will revolt at sensing his Energies, as in 2., below. (In
this example - her, of course, if it is from a woman.)



THEIR layers of Energy to be penetrated, are arranged around their
soul, layered from outside to inside as follows:


1. Euphoria Energy (disables your looking at them)

"all is fine, nothing is wrong" - also known as Drug
Energy - pretended aliveness, pretended reality,
pretended or 'Negative Awareness,'

opaque White clouds, pretended own Beauty Energy stolen
from others, impersonation, stage magic,

New Age and Buddhism, Zen, drug use.


2. Ugliness Energy (repels your Energy for looking, or for wanting to
be aware and alive)

Energy made to be repulsive like a very bad smell, causing
you (and via you, your body) nausea, vomiting, sneezing,

Brown colors, shows a desire for ugliness and perversion,

"Life is Ugly and Painful - You must suffer it to reach
Euphoria" - Hinduism, masochism, sadism, fascism.


3. Unconsciousness Energy (prevents awareness, knocks you
unconscious or asleep)

makes it impossible to see the source or person who
creates and inflicts it, if you are wholly enclosed by it,

hiding places, clandestine, safe from detection,

Darkness, night, 'create your own reality,' autism, being

hypnotism to hide and alter truth, dictatorship,
communism: 'we care for you, you do not have to know or

Being met with the Unconsciousness Energy, you would stop
looking, stop sensing, perceiving, feeling what is there

(and certainly, in many cases and with many people you did
stop looking beyond the Unconsciousness or Black Energies)

and people then call Criminal Minds 'Black Souls,' Prince of
Darkness, etc., etc..

But UNCONSCIOUSNESS IS JUST AN ENERGY, and you can plow, smash
and bore through it, past it, behind it, around it, just like
you can with any other Energy - these are Particles,

Fine Particles, Life Energy Particles, as I defined them
for you in the 'Introduction to Fine Particle Physics.'


(4) And so we arrive at what you already knew from various cultures,
and also from the feelings (and the colors as well) that are
traditionally associated with 'Hell' or with Evil symbolized:

4. Pain and Hate Energy (causes pains in your body, causes your body
to get sick and develop diseases, and conveys the feelings of
pain, or hate, directly to you as well)

destruction, wrenching or forcing life out of alignment,
destroys, maligns and reverses proper functioning in life,

destroys Love, destroys Life - extermination, genocide,
murder and 'Sacks' to obtain the Energies of the victims,

destroying all life, developing Atom bombs, preventing
protection, attacking people who try to protect themselves
and others,

the color is indeed Red, as you know - and in particular,
Red which is mixed with or surrounded by Black.

These are not at all photons, photons belong to the
physics of Small Particles, of nuclear physics, but

Life Energy Particles belong to the world of Fine
Particle Physics, have entirely different qualities
and follow wholly different laws - the laws of the
phenomena of Fine Particle Physics - of course.

Back to the subject:

The color

of the Altered Life Energy Particles intending
to bring about and thus containing pain and

is indeed Red, as you know - and in particular,

the feelings (and the colors as well) that are traditionally
associated with 'Hell' or with Evil symbolized, are Red with

Red that usually is mixed with or surrounded by Black.




And THAT - Red - is the 'color' (or 'colour') of the soul of a
Criminal Mind:

radiating Pure and Intense Hate and Pain, but which is hidden

or it is "protected," as THEY themselves feel it to be and
which makes it impossible to heal them, their intense Hate
for people and for life, and their desire to inflict Pain,
is hidden

by the other layers mentioned.

And THAT - the core of the Criminal Mind's soul - which is the
intense Hate and Contempt for Life

which desires to inflict Pain and disorder, malfunction
and destruction on Life,

IS the DRIVING FORCE and motivation of the Criminal Mind, it is

WHY THEY - why a Genghis Khan and a Napoleon Bonaparte
and a Heinrich Himmler and a Pol Pot - WANT TO GET IN and


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(2) 'Expertise Summary on the Subversive Group called 'Scientology' '
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(5) '(rev 2.0) How to get rid of l. ron hubbard and 'Scientology'
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(6) 'Medical Doctors Can Seriously Damage Your Health'
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Copyright 2007 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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