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Default KG Variation

I am out of my book at move 7, and Black didn't play well, but what is this variation, and what should black do instead?

White: Chess One 2202
Black: Barclays 1747
Correspondence game, Jan 2015

The 'wisdom' about playing the King's Gambit is 'never back down', so here is the 'kitchen sink' attack, an unofficial variation, and, to mix metaphors, welcome to the Wild West.

1. e4 e5
2. f4 exf4
3. Nf3 f5
4. e5 g5
5. d4 g4
6. Bxf4 gxf3

And there it is, a knight sacrifice for 'only' strategic advantage, but it does give me, the White player, a lot of initiative, another 14 moves of it, or at least, having come to the end of my book knowledge with the next move, I certainly hoped so!

7. Qxf3 h5
8. Bc4 Ne7

Otherwise Bxg8 Rxg8, Qxh5+ is grim for black. OTOH he hasn't developed his Queen and this allows White a few more developing moves.

9. Nc3 Ng6
10. O-O c6

White's play is suspect, is it better to play Qe3 somewhere in this sequence in order to get in Bg5?

11. Rae1 Bb4
12. d5 c5

If you are up material you should try to exchange pieces, on the other hand in this scenario you will be trading your only active pieces to do so. The sacrificed Knight is at this stage of the game equal to all Black's queenside of inactive Rook, Knight and Bishop. The thing to do is to keep pushing, never back down, so...

13. e6 d6

Even so, White's breakthrough play must be decisive in order to win and if only the f4 bishop was not in the way, the Queen could invade decisively, so how to move it without losing a tempo allowing Black to consolidate. Sacrifice it, but first, the other white bishop gets into the action... and I ask the reader to believe that this is a calculated variation.

Bb5+ Kf8

Giving back the piece here with Knight or Bishop to d7 would also incur Bxd6 and then Qxf5. Black has been too passive earlier and can't find enough piece protection for the King.

15. Bxd6+ Qxd6
16. Qxf5+ Kg7
17. Qf7+ Kh6
18. Rf6 Kg5
19. Rxg6+ Kh4
20. Qf6#
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