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Old October 26th 03, 08:15 PM
Chuck in Minot
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Default A wonderful E-mail game

Game: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 3:22 PM
Computer match game.

Thought some of you might enjoy a look at
this game between one of the toughest Chess
Computers ever made -vs- a modern top of the
line program ran on a top of the line PC. I
was proud to see how well my circa 1989 chess
computer did against one of the very top of the
line programs. It held its own, and was no
easy win, and it would have dragged out quite
a few more moves till it would have been over.

Interesting opening if I might say, you might have
to check your books as I had to in order to find
it. Play this one out, I think you will enjoy this
particular game.

I would like to see who can come up with the quickest
mate solution from the point I resigned.


Junior 8 Fidelity 2100
1. c4 Ng8-f6
2. Nc3 e6
3. e4 d5
4. e5 d4
5. e5xNf6 d4xNc3
6. f6 x g7 c3 x d2+
7. bc1 x d2 bf8 x g7
8. d1-c2 Nb8 - c6
9. Ng1-f3 d8 - e7
10. d2-c3 g7 x c3+ Check
11. c2 x c3 e7 - b4
12. Q x Q Nc6 x b4
13. e1-d2 h8- g8
14. a3 Nb4 - c6
15. f1-d3 g8 x g2
16. Ra1-g1 g2 x f2+ Check
17. d3-e2 Nc6 - a5
18. d2-e3 f2 x e2+ Check
19. e3 x e2 Na5 x c4
20. g1-g8+ e8 - d7
21. Rh1-c1 b7 - b5
22. g8-g7 d7 - e7
23. b2-b3 e7 - f6
24. g7 x h7 Nc4 - b6
25. c1 x c7 Bc8 - d7
26. h2-h3 f6 - e7
27. f3-g5 e7 - d6
28. c7-c1 f7 - f6
29. g5-f7+ d6 - d5
30. h7-h6 f6 - f5
31. c1-d1+ d5 - c6
32. h6-h7 c6 - c7
33. f7-e5 a8 - d8
34. h3-h4 c7 - c8
35. h4-h5 d7 - e8
36. d1-d8+ c8 - d8
37. h5-h6 b6 - d5
38. h7 x a7 e8 - h5+
39. e2 - e1 d5 - f6 Resign

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