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Default Who leaked this to Parr?

We received this message from an insider. You can either take it with a grain
of salt or as the gospel truth, but my source will never be revealed.

This move to Crossville at this time and such notice is basically a disaster.

The offer from Liberty is not only on the table, but there are offers from
Lindsborg, Kansas; Erik Anderson said he wants to put in an offer; Ellenville,
New York continues to offer its former library building. The truth is very

There was absolutely no need to sell the USCF headquarters in New Windsor once
the books and equipment was out-sourced to Hanon Russell. In fact, with that
gone, the basement could have been rented out with adequate rent to provide
income, while the rest of the staff would do very nicely in the upper part of
the building. When that deal was done, basically the USCF was in the black.

This entire idea of selling the building was done by the board majority and
move to Crossville so that Beatriz Marinello could oust Bill Goichberg and take
over the ED position, as he has no desire whatsoever to move to Tennessee.
Moreover, the offers from other places are all better than the deal offered by

The basic thing about Liberty is that the man who owns it is a multibillionaire
whose estate abuts the former hospital site. He just wants to make sure the
land is not developed to his detriment, which is why he is offering it to the
USCF, a not for profit company with a view that the land won’t be developed
adversely. The Liberty site is not only big enough for the USCF but the parts
that do need work can provide tournament space for more than a 100 people, if
the USCF wants to run tournaments there.

The town of Ellenville in the Catskills also has offered the USCF its old
library building in the middle of town, and that building too comes at a song
and would be sufficient for the organization.

The USCF ought to be located in a major city or very close to it, New York,
Boston, Chicago, LA, etc.. However, even if that is not necessary, it ought to
have a location that is good for it financially, and there is no reason to
assume that Crossville is good. In fact, right now, the USCF people who have
gone there say that even the temporary space that is there for the USCF is
inadequate. One must remember that the USCF has to build a building there in
Crossville for itself, and one wonders why it is so important to do that.

Lindsborg, Kansas, the new chess center in the US, offered a better deal to the
USCF to relocate there. They were quite miffed at the way its offer was
pooh-poohed. The obvious thing to do is to put it up for bid again with some
kind of transparent criteria for what is needed for acceptance and then let the
delegates decide. That was never done.

In fact, the Crossville bid was accepted and then rejected. The deed to the
site where the USCF was supposed to go was literally mailed back to the
bidders. It was only after a threat of a lawsuit from Crossville that Beatriz
Marinello, Tim Hanke, Liz Shaunghnessy, and Steve Schutt started up again, with
semi-soft support from Randy Bauer.

Because Beatriz has been stealthily and now openly attempting to take the
ED’s position from Goichberg, Crossville has become of great concern once
again. The problem, of course, is the Bill has been a terrific ED, while
Beatriz is manifestly unqualified for the post. Nevertheless, she continues her
relentless effort to redo the organization. One particularly irking fact is
that her intent is to get rid of as many employees of the organization as

She told Frank Brady and others that she thought it would be wise to get rid of
everyone and start all over again, needless to say with the implication that
the new employees would be hers. When Beatriz was an employee, scholastic
coordinator, she felt humiliated at the way things went for her, including the
fact that she was immensely unpopular there. She wants her revenge.

The conduct of Beatriz and board majority is nothing less than a major scandal.
The lawsuit that Sam Sloan has put forth has a very good chance of success in
the sense that it is unlikely to be dismissed. There are too many trialable
facts to be determined, and I can’t see how these allegations of fiduciary
misconduct can be examined without discovery and a trial. If that were to
happen, of course that would take months and months, probably long enough to
see Beatriz removed from the board simply because she might not get re-elected.
In truth, if Sloan gets even a temporary restraining order, that alone might
cause the end of the move.

Beatriz has demanded that Goicberg leave by December 31st. On what basis can
she do that? She is moving as fast as she can to move to Crossville as well,
even though it appears that she herself doesn’t want to move there and that
as ED she might want to operate out of Florida, an absurdity. Of course, there
is no reason for her to get the job , unless something is done that is simply
against the rules.

So anyway, the short answer is that Crossville is not worth it by any stretch
of the imagination. In fact, once the lease is up on the present location, the
USCF could buy a cheap building in Newburgh or rent space for practically
nothing there as well and avoid the costs of a major move. Logistically, the
move to Crossville is going to be a nightmare on such short notice. It will
take months and months for employees to be replaced and be trained, assuming
that there is anyone to train them.
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"FIDE has made its decision. Players who refuse to be drug tested will not be
able to play chess." -- Dr. Press, co-founder of the FIDE Medical Commission.
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We received this message from an insider. You can either take it with a grain
of salt or as the gospel truth, but my source will never be revealed.


Give Fred F. Prentice my best.

Wayne Praeder

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