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Default Psychowa,CRuderman,Millchess, Truong

yeah the IP fits. More Truong, more lies LOL. Compare the IPs.I was
not banned by the owner. I made no racial slurs. I was cleared of any
murder charges.I neither used my husbands account or bragged about
it."She went as far as accusing people sleeping with each other"
I am not interested in who sleeps with whoever. Not a topic I
discussed. I fabricated no private conversations.
"He pushes people to be the best."
I had nothing but praise for my Support Department,(not from Truong )
although I give my excellent team all credit for the smooth functioning
of Support.
To sum up his post lies, lies and damned lies


I am an admin on CL since 2003. We were asked not to respond to the
trash by Barbara Villiers. So far, none of us did but enough is
enough. She kept on attacking people that had nothing to do with her
problems. She simply used any name that would cause the biggest
sensation to ruin the server that got banned her. Therefore, I will
post once to set the facts straight from the server.

- Mr. Truong never posted anything against Barbara. He did post one
supporting post for her. The CC has computers with Internet access for

members to play online. Many people have access to this Internet. A
member of the CC was insulted by Barbara. She made a racial slur (I
don't know it was intentional or unintentional) and he made one post
against her. When Mr. Truong found out, he was angry and immediately
shut off access to it to avoid future problems. This was explained to
Barbara by the owner of the server himself. This was also explain to
the staff. But as everyone can see here she just doesn't pay attention
to what anyone says. She will simply twist the truth to distort the
situation. She went on and on about it. That member had no idea what
Barbara's real name was. So he vented his frustration at her server
handle which was Barbara Villiers formally known as psychopath. Mr.
Truong is one of the most respected people and he has never used such
language in the 3 years I knew him. Yes, he is tough with that. He
demands that everyone behaves properly and use proper language. I
guess that is why he is successful. He pushes people to be the best.

- Barbara was personally banned by the owner of the company and not by
any admin. None of us have the authorization to do so. Most of the
admins on the server wrote to the owner asking him to remove her for
the past 12 months. She conducts herself on the server the same was
she does here. She is stubborn, rude, opinionated, and much more.
Everything has to be about her. God forbid if anyone disagrees with
her. She would eat them alive. She went on the server not long ago
bragging to everyone that she was proud to be arrested for murder
suspicion. She thought this was cool while we were all embarrassed
about it. She even said that she will sell the evidence on eBay. This
was not appropriate for a staff member. There were hundreds of other
incidents. The owner was one of the very few who wanted to keep her
around but eventually enough was enough and he banned her himself.

- After she was banned, she illegally used her husband's account to
make waves and that is why her husband was dismissed and banned as
well. He actually was a nice guy and now he does nothing but defends
her filth. The policy of the server is no one can use your account.
She of course would brag that she used her husband's account. She
could never shut up.

- Our server may not be the biggest. I am sure we are not the best.
But all of us try to do our best. All I can say is we all celebrated
after Barbara was banned. She created so many problems for everyone.
She stuck her nose into everyone's business and I am sure she does not
realize this but she is very rude. Her attitude is what that got her
fired and banned, not her performance as a worker. She simply can't
get along with anyone.

- She violated so many server policy and server rules, etc. She
offended too many people. She is bossy even though she is not. We
don't want her around. She even went as low as posting and fabricating

private dialogs with other people. She keeps on attacking people when
she knows it's not true and they don't even bother responding to her.
Who on earth would want someone like this as staff? Even when people
say our server is bad, we don't want her.

- Why does she want to attack Mr. Truong while he had nothing to do
with this? She knows that if she uses his name or GM Polgar, people
will react. Otherwise, no one would pay attention to what she says.
This is why she doesn't want to stop. She can't stand the fact
that he is successful and people respect him while they can't stand
her. She went as far as accusing people sleeping with each other?
This is the kind of trash and sleaze you can expect and not much more.
We got rid of her. I am sorry you have to deal with her now.

- By the way, Mr. Truong has done projects with all the servers
including playchess, wcn and others and not only this server.

Anyway, I am sorry to post this lengthy respond to the filth from
Barbara. I know it's not your business but I just want to set the
record straight for once. Thank you for reading and I won't post again

about this topic.

CL Admin
Chess TD

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