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Default How it all Started

ICM(H): I like to be early
ICM(H): who else?
Sainsott: JE
ICM(H): JE is here
Sainsott: k
TheOffspring: You can always be early, but never
XPlayer333: waiting for more to respond, ICM
ICM(H): ah
Holo: I thought you had to be SR to be on the PR team
TheOffspring: nope
sport0: im a cucumber
ICM(H): noname is invited
NoNameSoul: sounds green
ICM(H): Anyone else?
XPlayer333: not yet
XPlayer333: DarthSmeger
TheOffspring: is this going to be an interactive
conference...or a sorta dictate listen thing?
ICM(H): darth has been invited
sport0: darth declined
sport0: brb
ICM(H): Listen first
ICM(H): then Q&A later
TheOffspring: sounds good
goforthedraw: sounds like a plan
ICM(H): Skwer has been invited
ICM(H): dvd has been invited
dvdlpz: hey
TheOffspring: wow...lotta competition
ICM(H): Hello
AmsterDoom: darth Declines ?
ICM(H): no idea
sport0: amster for president
AmsterDoom: ok. i will ban him :-p
sport0: if he aint here by now lets go
ChessTactics: 10 more minutes
XPlayer333: ICM, invite yny please
sport0: CAn i get a encore do u want more brooklyn boy
wit da brooklyn boys.l.dum de dum
ICM(H): Welcome yny
TheOffspring: jz
sport0: whose fresher than sport0, riddle me that
dvdlpz: Yny
ChessTactics: Anyone else XP?
Yny: wait guys i have a toruney with a GM going on
Yny: "tb j 31"
XPlayer333: not that I know of, no one else has
reponded to my tells in 5 and 48
ICM(H): OK yny
ICM(H): Play
sport0: soccer
ICM(H): and leave this conference on
ICM(H): You will read it when you are done
Yny: i need one more player
sport0: =;
ChessTactics: Anyone else?
ICM(H): If not we can start
sport0: no lets get this show on the road
ICM(H): Welcome everyone
Skwerly: hi
ICM(H): Let me introduce to you my partners in crime
ICM(H): Amsterdoom
ICM(H): XPlayer333
ICM(H): Goforthedraw
goforthedraw: -)
sport0: the fantastic 4......
ICM(H): and ChessTatics
sport0: i mean 5
sport0: what's the order of command?
ICM(H): None
ICM(H): They all work together
sport0: o ok;
goforthedraw: I have to work with you 4?
goforthedraw: thas it
goforthedraw: I quit
ICM(H): In the next month or so, I will be in and out
due to my travel
ICM(H): So I ask them to help me out a lot
Skwerly: ok
sport0: i c, kinda like what gftd did lol
ICM(H): ChessTactics, would you like to start?
ChessTactics: Sure, thanks
ChessTactics: Welcome
ChessTactics: As you can see
ChessTactics: This is the most diverse team on the
ChessTactics: We have admins
ChessTactics: titled players
ChessTactics: TMs
ChessTactics: SRs
ChessTactics: Even just regular members
Sainsott: and Peasants
NoNameSoul: I am not
sport0: lol it's like the United Nations
ChessTactics: You do not need to have knowledge of all
commands of the server
ChessTactics: What we ask is very simple
goforthedraw: thats good... cause I barely know how to
sign on
ChessTactics: DaveMikeW?
sport0: mine does it automatically
XPlayer333: yes please
sport0: gftd, u can do that
ChessTactics: Let me continue
ChessTactics: In 2005
DaveMikeW: haev we started yet?
AmsterDoom: lol
Holo: sssh
ChessTactics: Just now
AmsterDoom: yes
goforthedraw: down in front!
dvdlpz: :P
sport0: shut ur damn pie hole
ChessTactics: In 2005, we would like to head the
server into a new direction
ChessTactics: Guys, hold on please
ChessTactics: The server had many problems in the past
as you know
DaveMikeW: like?
goforthedraw: some guy named shawn... :-p
ChessTactics: It was not running as smooth as we like
ChessTactics: No insults please
goforthedraw: O:-)
ChessTactics: We have a very good interface
DaveMikeW: the best
Holo: for sure.
ChessTactics: We should do better than we have been
sport0: I knoow!!
DaveMikeW: you mean, advertising?
sport0: yes!!!!!
ChessTactics: 1 sec
ChessTactics: Q&A after
sport0: Public relations...PR
sport0: ill shut up now
ChessTactics: What we want to do is to make this
server shine
ChessTactics: internally
ChessTactics: and externally
ChessTactics: We want ALL members to be able to come
and enjoy
ChessTactics: Without worry about abusers, trouble
makers, problems
ChessTactics: And we want people to enjoy their time
ChessTactics: have a good impression
ChessTactics: and tell others
ChessTactics: In addition
ChessTactics: There are many websites
ChessTactics: chess or game related
ChessTactics: We can promote our server with good
ChessTactics: We can recruit members
ChessTactics: titled players
ChessTactics: etc.
ChessTactics: Another word
ChessTactics: you are the face and voice of Chess-Live
ChessTactics: In the last few days
ChessTactics: We had some problems
ChessTactics: We had some trouble makers stirring
Yny: i can bring new titled players for sure
ChessTactics: As PR, it is our job to make sure ch 4
and all other channels pleasant
sport0: stirring problems?
ChessTactics: Pleasant means no insults
ChessTactics: attacks
ChessTactics: name calling
goforthedraw: let him finish all
ChessTactics: provoking each other
ChessTactics: gossips
ChessTactics: rumors
DaveMikeW: so basicaly, we're going ot be as nice as
ChessTactics: etc.
ChessTactics: Nice but FUN
ChessTactics: Have fun
ChessTactics: enjoy
ChessTactics: But without the nonsense
ChessTactics: For example
ChessTactics: Player A thinks he is better than player
ChessTactics: But he cannot beat player B
ChessTactics: so he starts name calling
ChessTactics: accusation of cheating
ChessTactics: etc.
ChessTactics: We want to stop that
goforthedraw: yeah, stop calling me names skwerly!
sport0: what can we do to stop that?
dvdlpz: :P
ChessTactics: I will explain in a second
Skwerly: lol
sport0: ahhh
Yny: can isay something?
ChessTactics: Some members think that just because
they pay $$ for membership
ChessTactics: They can insult and attack anyone they
ChessTactics: The problem is we have few trouble
DaveMikeW: IT's like the blue guys are in control, adn
the greens are pawns
ChessTactics: yes
sport0: well the greens dont pay
ChessTactics: If they treat green bad
goforthedraw: But we need to be careful, because even
if there are annoying members, we want them to pay
ChessTactics: they don't join
DaveMikeW: some do actually
DaveMikeW: basics
ChessTactics: It does not matter
ChessTactics: we are nice to everyone
ChessTactics: Even ICC people or other servers
sport0: hahhaha
ChessTactics: We should show people why we are better
DaveMikeW: shh sport
ChessTactics: and not turn to insults
sport0: lo siento
ChessTactics: What we do is simple
ChessTactics: When any of you see problems in ch 4
ChessTactics: or other channels
ChessTactics: Don't get involved publicly
ChessTactics: Send tells
ChessTactics: Try to difuse the problems
Sainsott: good idea
ChessTactics: privately
Skwerly: I like that
sport0: chesstactic
ChessTactics: Try to make peace not war
sport0: didnt u just describe the SR's job?
ChessTactics: Part of it
ChessTactics: But we also do this externally
ChessTactics: Not only on this server
ChessTactics: SRs also helps with commands
ChessTactics: on the server
ChessTactics: we are only involved in the atmosphere
of the server
ChessTactics: If you know an answer in ch 3
ChessTactics: help
ChessTactics: If not no problem
dangab: Hey all, sorry I'm late
ChessTactics: But the main thing is we want to create
the FRIENDLY atmosphere
ChessTactics: welcome dangab
Sainsott: is this for PR also to help with question in
chat 3?
ChessTactics: Not needed
ChessTactics: If you can yes
Sainsott: k
ChessTactics: But not required
ChessTactics: Our main goal is to make the server
ChessTactics: SRs' job is to assist members
ChessTactics: More technical
ChessTactics: Our goal is to make sure people want to
come back
ChessTactics: and bring friends
ChessTactics: and say positively about our server
ChessTactics: And you can do that outside of the
server too
ChessTactics: not just on here
ChessTactics: Questions? 1 by 1 please
JesseEddleman: Yeah I have a question
ChessTactics: Go
sport0: me too
ChessTactics: JE fist
JesseEddleman: Why did you pick me, ain't I like
Satan's kid or something?
Yny: ok i have one
ChessTactics: Jesse
JesseEddleman: Yes?
ChessTactics: I don't care what you did in the past
sport0: because we love u
ICM(H): Neither do I
DaveMikeW: lol
JesseEddleman: Okay, cool deal.
AmsterDoom: lol
ICM(H): We give everyone a fair chance
ICM(H): without baggage
goforthedraw: except me... cause that would be bad
ChessTactics: Here is your chance to prove others
goforthedraw: wow, lots of people just got booted
Holo: yes
Holo: CL froze
ChessTactics: Sport, you next
sport0: im booted next?
ChessTactics: then yny
dangab: lol
sport0: my questions?
ChessTactics: Ask you Q?
goforthedraw: I got booted
Skwerly: we should go in order of conference window
sport0: yea lol thought u ewre kicking people
sport0: ok
Holo: I would ask a question but I lost the log of
what was going on so I missed it
sport0: question is are we expected to go on other
servers to promote chess live?
ChessTactics: We will send you the log
Holo: ok
ChessTactics: If you want to sport, fine
ChessTactics: If you don't, np
ChessTactics: BUT BUT BUT
sport0: i dont want to, i wanna be involved in
recruting titleds
Yny: i wan to say somethin gbut is not the place for
saying it
sport0: and gettin our name out to websites and gettin
sport0: so we can get some more money
sport0: stuff like that
ChessTactics: I don't want anyone going to other
servers and say they are garbage and we are the only
good one
sport0: like I have some pretty good ideas
sport0: at least i think I do
dangab: We don't want to violate any other servers
Holo: ok so are we given assignments on what to do
ChessTactics: Yes
goforthedraw: I am interested if we have any power to
try and set up alliances with other servers....
DaveMikeW: I went to 2 other servers
DaveMikeW: and they kicked me out
ChessTactics: You can gftd
ChessTactics: But do it right
ChessTactics: and nicely
sport0: yea GFTD
sport0: me tooo
ChessTactics: No knocking any server
ChessTactics: No knocking anyone
goforthedraw: is this like fight club.... The first
rule of PR is, you don't talk about PR
ChessTactics: You don't talk bad
Holo: so what exactly do we have to do?
ChessTactics: We help keep the climate of ch 4
ChessTactics: and if people start to do dumb things
Holo: aren't SR/Admins for that?
ChessTactics: we send them tells trying to difuse it
ChessTactics: They do that too
goforthedraw: The second rule of PR is, you don't talk
about PR
sport0: its like vegas
ChessTactics: What does that mean gftd?
sport0: what happens in PR stays in PR
ChessTactics: Yes
goforthedraw: lol, its from the movie fight club
ChessTactics: ah
sport0: lol
ChessTactics: We recuit members and titled players
ChessTactics: You can recruit from anywhere you want
JesseEddleman: So I'm taking it we don't get a tag.
ChessTactics: But just remember to be professional and
ChessTactics: You will
ChessTactics: We are working on that
Holo: I heard this team would be small, 5 - 10 members
sport0: snazzy a tag
sport0: hahaha soemone asked me what a PR tag was
sport0: were u testing them out today?
goforthedraw: Holo, I plan to run a team, for certain
tasks, and my team will be small
ICM(H): Holo, I will see how many
TheOffspring: wow...i missed alot haha
ICM(H): Don't worry
goforthedraw: but the overall size of the PR team will
ICM(H): You will get a log
sport0: lol
Holo: ok, I was just wondering. So everybody in this
room will be in PR?
XPlayer333: We could give PR team a (B) tag
TheOffspring: no i have the conference
ICM(H): Not yet holo
TheOffspring: just have to scroll up
Sainsott: b is for blind i believe
TheOffspring: (B) is blind :-)
sport0: lol
XPlayer333: yes it is
goforthedraw: hes a little slow
Holo: is all the 'lecturing' done and we are in the
final question phase?
dangab: Somone locked my blind account :-\
ChessTactics: questions?
Skwerly: I have one
goforthedraw: there are bugs with them dangab
ChessTactics: go sk
Skwerly: Ok
Skwerly: i understand what you meant when you said to
try and quell probs in tells
Skwerly: however
Skwerly: if no admins are on and it gets bad, there is
no proof the SR's ever tried to quiet the situation.
is that a problem?
Sainsott: I have a question, Who are the people who
are going to be on the new (PR) team?
Skwerly: in main
goforthedraw: save the conversation
ChessTactics: yes
TheOffspring: i cant believe that
Skwerly: yea, there is that i guess
ChessTactics: We are not as strict Sk
ChessTactics: Our job is to be the mediator
ChessTactics: peace keeper
ChessTactics: and not police
Skwerly: right
Skwerly: ok
ChessTactics: SR and Admins are police
TheOffspring: have you chosen who will be on the team?
Skwerly: thank you.
ICM(H): TO, no
goforthedraw: the last thing you want people to think
a PR member is is police
ChessTactics: yes
Yny: well
Skwerly: last is about sanctions
Yny: i owuld liek to say something
ChessTactics: yes
ChessTactics: yny go
Yny: no no
Skwerly: i've never muzzled anyone but felt it
necessary at times
Yny: but in a special forum not here
Skwerly: what is the rule on those?
ChessTactics: OK
ChessTactics: we can speak after yny
Yny: ok
ChessTactics: You may have to do that as ST sk
ChessTactics: SR
Skwerly: ok
ChessTactics: But try to mediate first
Skwerly: right
TheOffspring: when will the team be assembled?
XPlayer333: t yny yes?
XPlayer333: mistell
ChessTactics: What we will not tolerate is to have
members insulting members, titled players, admins,
Holo: that should be covered in your SR training
skwerly, the sanctions and all that
ChessTactics: So we keep our eyes out to help keep
peace in ch 4
ChessTactics: and recruit more people
ChessTactics: spread good words about our server
Skwerly: yes, holo, but as a LAST resort.....was just
wondering if it was kinda bad to do
ChessTactics: That is our task
DaveMikeW: how exactloy do we recuit people
ChessTactics: Easy
ChessTactics: People meet people online
ChessTactics: in various forums
Yny: well as i said CT
ChessTactics: servers
goforthedraw: I recruit a lot of people at OTB
ChessTactics: Introduce to them our servers
Yny: can u recruit a special forum i wanna say couple
of things
goforthedraw: most have never even heard of us
ChessTactics: Yes
ChessTactics: yny
ChessTactics: Any forum you wish
TheOffspring: when will a team be plced together?
ChessTactics: TO, soon
ChessTactics: Guys
ChessTactics: The idea is not to get a tag
TheOffspring: and how would you be able to pick from
this group of people?
ChessTactics: The idea is to help the server
TheOffspring: Yes.
Sainsott: Who are the people that will be on the PR
JesseEddleman: I asked about the tag because some
previous comments were confusing me, but I'm straight
Holo: so basically, keep the peace internally, spread
the word externally.
Holo: correct?
ChessTactics: yes
ChessTactics: perfect holo
TheOffspring: simple
Sainsott: Thats sounds like our new Mato
sport0: lol
Sainsott: or how ever you spell it
ChessTactics: Sainsott, ICM will notify you soon
Sainsott: sure
ChessTactics: Motto
Sainsott: ok
sport0: sport0 wants to be on
Holo: I'm not sure if we need a Mato. that sounds like
some kinda sushi and I'm not sure everybody here is a
fan of sushi
ChessTactics: We keep peace here and promote
Sainsott: english is my 5th language
sport0: english is my first
Skwerly: Well, just for the record I am interested in
being on a PR team. I have already brought a few
members in.
ChessTactics: Good
ChessTactics: Anymore question?
DaveMikeW: Yahoo chess a good place to recruit?
ChessTactics: no
dangab: I believe everyone in this confferance is
DaveMikeW: howcome?
ChessTactics: They are out of control
ChessTactics: Lots of cheaters
Skwerly: yes
DaveMikeW: aren't all servers/
Skwerly: yahoo and pogo iffy
DaveMikeW: besies us i mean
ChessTactics: yahoo and pogo are the lowest quality
Skwerly: ha ha ya
TheOffspring: we can recruit from ICC :-D
Skwerly: nobody monitoring at all
ChessTactics: yes
Skwerly: yes
ChessTactics: but be nice
ChessTactics: remember that
ChessTactics: Always be nice
ChessTactics: no attacking them
XPlayer333: Try your local chess club as well, maybe
when you go to a tourney and meet someone
ChessTactics: yes
Holo: but I thought any recruiting, nice or not, would
violate their EULA
dangab: TO last time I tried that.....
Sainsott: There are two ways of looking at the yahoo
situation. 1 there are cheaters. and 2 there are alot
of people who hate cheaters and would want to relocate
Skwerly: yes Xplayer, that's where i've found a bunch
of recruits
ChessTactics: I will give you an example
ChessTactics: In the last few days
ChessTactics: there are 4-5 members here
ChessTactics: who caused trouble
ChessTactics: spreading lies, rumors
Skwerly: don't i know it
DaveMikeW: who?
ChessTactics: insulting titled players, admins,
ChessTactics: etc.
dangab: No need to name names.
ChessTactics: Many of them were banned
ChessTactics: The new no tolerance policy
DaveMikeW: was PR started as a result of this?
ChessTactics: no
Holo: we have a new policy?
ChessTactics: Basically we will not give people
warnings for 3 years
Skwerly: ha ha
ChessTactics: Abuse will crack down on trouble makers
ChessTactics: Our job is to keep the spirit good
Holo: ok does this effect SR's, are the rules for us
using sanctions different now?
ChessTactics: and please
ChessTactics: No discussing politics
ChessTactics: sex
ChessTactics: religions
ChessTactics: etc.
sport0: what?
Skwerly: right
ChessTactics: that is the beginning of war
DaveMikeW: what about the debate channal?
Skwerly: yep
DaveMikeW: #190
ChessTactics: Debate ch is fine
Sainsott: what about drugs and alchohol
ChessTactics: but not in 4
DaveMikeW: ok
dangab: :-\
ChessTactics: No
Sainsott: i seen someone talking about being
ChessTactics: No drugs
AmsterDoom: CH 190 is for that kind of debates
ChessTactics: yes
ChessTactics: Clean stuff in 4
dangab: When the final release of 5 comes out will 190
be named?
ChessTactics: No idea
ChessTactics: we will take care of it at that time
Sainsott: is that a date for a new version?
Holo: so my question about SR's and sanctions?
Sainsott: there*
ChessTactics: Repeat please holo?
goforthedraw: SRs should try to never sanction holo
ChessTactics: yes
goforthedraw: I was an admin for over 2 years
goforthedraw: and I sanctioned maybe 3 times
JesseEddleman: goforthedraw: I was a SR for over 2
ChessTactics: And by the way
ChessTactics: We will have admins whose job is too
dangab: If I may ask a question:
goforthedraw: yeah, SR
Skwerly: JC lol
goforthedraw: I'm trippin
ChessTactics: And you know that the trouble makers
will attack them
dangab: Part of the complaints I get from a lot of
people when I suggest to them to stop discussing
troublesome topics that are bound esclate is that
there is no place to discuss them apart form ch 4.
ChessTactics: So our job is to defend them
ChessTactics: and help them
ChessTactics: ch 190
Skwerly: oh, but there is
dangab: non royal
Skwerly: i tell em open a conference
ChessTactics: yes
Sainsott: CT that is a good idea to have one or two
people who just do Muting. so they will not be
attacking certain admins
Holo: ok so new no tolerance policy
Sainsott: or w/e
Holo: but SR's still should never sanction
Holo: or almost never or w/e
ChessTactics: So again, a few admins will do sanction
ChessTactics: our job is to protect them
Sainsott: Good idea CT
JesseEddleman: Be careful with the word never.
ChessTactics: assist them
ChessTactics: OK?
ChessTactics: Thanks everyone
DaveMikeW: ok
DaveMikeW: i might have later questions
ChessTactics: Let's make 2005 a bang
JesseEddleman: So what's the dill, pickles?
ChessTactics: By the way
dangab: focusing the magnifying glass might light the
ant on fire....
ChessTactics: If you want to have a log
Skwerly: log?
ChessTactics: mess Xplayer333 or goforthedraw
Sainsott: ?
Skwerly: oh
Skwerly: nm
ChessTactics: log of this meeting
goforthedraw: don't mess me
Sainsott: of this conference?
Skwerly: log of this conferance
Sainsott: k
goforthedraw: I got booyed
goforthedraw: *booted
ChessTactics: OK
goforthedraw: I only have 1 part of it
ChessTactics: Xp333
ChessTactics: or me then
goforthedraw: but if you want that, I got ya
ChessTactics: Mess me and send me your e-mail

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