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Default JohnnyCheckmates Input

JesseEddleman: On one hand I'm sorry to hear that
JesseEddleman: On the other hand it's good not to associate yourself
with things you don't approve of
JesseEddleman: I've noticed the levels of tension rising in that area
of things
JesseEddleman: Please stay in touch
JohnnyCheckmate(*): it's clear Joel's incompetence with regards to
chess and the promotion and organization thereof has fully manifested
itself in terms of the current leadership and their policies of
fiefdoms and backroom dealings
JesseEddleman: I agree
JohnnyCheckmate(*): these guys are paralyzed with lack of imagination
JesseEddleman: Is the "PR team" what's supposed to make up for this?
JesseEddleman: It just seems that way
JohnnyCheckmate(*): well I'll admit that Truong had access to a
potential bonanza of master contacts and Susan in particular, but I
don't know if its because of paralysis on part of the bosses, or
because of lack of action by Truong, that these resources never fully
came to fruition
JesseEddleman: Ah
JohnnyCheckmate(*): but we've lost a lot of potential
JesseEddleman: Yeah
JesseEddleman: The potential was always there
JesseEddleman: And it seems now when they finally decide to act is
shortly after the potential has faded
JohnnyCheckmate(*): I don't know the story yet, if Paul pulled out, or
if he was asked to leave. If I know him, he made demands, and Joel
refused to give in
JesseEddleman: Yeah
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he probably demanded removal of djud and the
Barbaravilliers/playwaycool team
JesseEddleman: Wow
JohnnyCheckmate(*): just speculating
JesseEddleman: I understand
JesseEddleman: It just makes a few things come into perspective that
didn't make sense before
JohnnyCheckmate(*): you can see they are grooming playwaycool to be
some kind of online chess politician
JesseEddleman: I wasn't aware of this
JohnnyCheckmate(*): what djud and alrightnow don't realize is the
barbara team is likely planning to have playway REPLACE djud and
JesseEddleman: I don't understand why all of this is happening
JesseEddleman: I mean, I'm missing something simple
JohnnyCheckmate(*): since I fall afoul of the playway clique, my time
is likely also short
JesseEddleman: I see
JohnnyCheckmate(*): it's typical chess, where those who don't truly
love the game, become politicians
JesseEddleman: I'm trying to figure some of this out for myself
JohnnyCheckmate(*): it's just an avanue for them to be important, if it
wasn't chess they'd be doing it at the PTA or the bowling league
JesseEddleman: Ahhhh
JesseEddleman: I thought there was something IMPORTANT behind it :-P
JohnnyCheckmate(*): unfortunately world chess, and the USCF is also
like this
JesseEddleman: Yes
JohnnyCheckmate(*): that's why USCF has been failing and this server,
JohnnyCheckmate(*): non chess savvy people in charge
JesseEddleman: I agree
JesseEddleman: I mean, I know I'm much younger and don't have near the
experience in things of that nature
JesseEddleman: But I'm just trying to figure things out
JesseEddleman: So I know which side of things I need to appear to be on
whenever the proverbial poo hits the fan, so I can continue my ideas
with the prize events
JohnnyCheckmate(*): indeed
JohnnyCheckmate(*): kiss the right asses
JesseEddleman: Well it's not so much kissing the right asses as it's to
avoid ****ing off the wrong asses
JesseEddleman: Sure I'll kiss ass for it
JohnnyCheckmate(*): maybe a little of both
JesseEddleman: What I've learned is that if you kiss the right asses,
you don't have to kiss much ass at all
JohnnyCheckmate(*): Im sure even certain people who are allies here
will side with the current because I have this nasty habit of plain
JesseEddleman: The only reason I'm still on this server is because I
know eventually it's going to go so far down it will hit bedrock and I
might get a chance to be an admin
JesseEddleman: I was up in the staff ranks for a while
JohnnyCheckmate(*): lol
JesseEddleman: Level 40 TM trainer, SR trainer
JesseEddleman: Stuff like that
JohnnyCheckmate(*): ok, well we have some former problem people and
some computerabusers on staff, so Im sure you won't have a problem
JesseEddleman: Hehe
JesseEddleman: Oh I know
JohnnyCheckmate(*): maybe SolomonL is the next admin, the way things
have been going
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and Promaterial is probably being groomed
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and maybe Bigh0usemaster
JohnnyCheckmate(*): Bug
JesseEddleman: I was banned for a while back for some stuff I had on a
personal website
JohnnyCheckmate(*): your crime is nothing compared to some on staff
JesseEddleman: Hehe I know
JesseEddleman: After that I was the little green trouble maker
JesseEddleman: And now I'm making my way back up through the ranks
JesseEddleman: "PR team" and all
JohnnyCheckmate(*): what does that team consist of now, just you?
JesseEddleman: Nobody knows
JesseEddleman: Nobody knows anything
JesseEddleman: If you ask, all you get is you'll have to ask CT
JesseEddleman: But CT is no longer an admin
JesseEddleman: ICM was the supposed leader
JesseEddleman: But everyone figured ICM was Truong, and I believe
Truong is in Montreal for the event there
JohnnyCheckmate(*): well ICM and CT are no longer admins
JesseEddleman: Oh I see
JohnnyCheckmate(*): no further word has been given
JohnnyCheckmate(*): so make a proposal and maybe you can be made senior
admin, heading the PR dept
JesseEddleman: Heeeeeeeeey
JohnnyCheckmate(*): heh
JesseEddleman: That's a damn good idea
JohnnyCheckmate(*): remember : within chaos lies opportunity
JesseEddleman: Oh yeah
JesseEddleman: World Open 2003, round 4
JesseEddleman: Down a piece
JesseEddleman: I throw down another piece Nd5-e3
JesseEddleman: Chaos
JesseEddleman: Pwnt
JesseEddleman: Etc
JohnnyCheckmate(*): that theory works in politics, chess, and war
JesseEddleman: I guess I should be a little aggressive with this one
JesseEddleman: So I'm trying to figure out
JohnnyCheckmate(*): it wouldn't hurt, and can only help, methinks
JesseEddleman: If I kiss PWC and Barbara ass
JohnnyCheckmate(*): right
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and djud
JesseEddleman: Well me and djud are good
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and aurora
JohnnyCheckmate(*): barb's husband
JesseEddleman: Yeah aurora is barbara's husband or whatever
JesseEddleman: lol yeah
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and anyone you see on their teams
JesseEddleman: Okay
JohnnyCheckmate(*): because theyre clubs
JesseEddleman: I'm assuming XPlayer333 was a Truong ass kisser
JesseEddleman: I just got that vibe, I might be wrong
JesseEddleman: I'm trying to figure out how the admins and staff group
JohnnyCheckmate(*): well we have the Barb,aurora,playway group, who
djud seems to like
JesseEddleman: Okay
JohnnyCheckmate(*): MrS, Doom, superpanda are more nuetral, but MrS is
like a 1700 in charge of Doom and plwayway for computerabuse
JesseEddleman: Yeah I've seen that
JohnnyCheckmate(*): Doom often agreed with truong, but keeps his mouth
JesseEddleman: Okay
JohnnyCheckmate(*): I have been refused entry to computerabuse because
I don't use programs to detect cheaters, and kicked off adjudicate
because playway doesn't like me
JohnnyCheckmate(*): flat out
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he admitted it
JesseEddleman: Wow
JohnnyCheckmate(*): it's not good to side with me because I have been
arrogant and patronizing to many of these incompetent admins
JesseEddleman: Well most of them are incompetent
JohnnyCheckmate(*): true
JohnnyCheckmate(*): my plain speaking again, heh
JohnnyCheckmate(*): just yesterday I told MrS he was lazy for not
refunding points to computerabuse victims
JesseEddleman: Hehe
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he was offended
JesseEddleman: Well I don't even consider the server as a serious thing
JohnnyCheckmate(*): there was a debate, and when my point seemed
irrefutable, he got quiet, like he always does when he loses an
JesseEddleman: I play some standard on here, yeah, but I can just as
easily play somewhere else
JesseEddleman: *nod*
JesseEddleman: I've had a lot of past dealings with MrS
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he fights like hell but when I win, he just
JesseEddleman: He's been like that with me also
JesseEddleman: But with him being an admin, and me not being an admin,
it's hard to argue
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he loves to fight, he just hates to lose
JesseEddleman: I'm just using the server as a place to get a little
experience with organizing events, etc
JesseEddleman: I know this server is going to crash and burn, it's
JesseEddleman: Growth has been at a stand-still for too long, and the
politics just get worse and worse
JohnnyCheckmate(*): well happy to tell ya what I have observed with
these people, just keep in mind the info is from someone who is likely
short-time here, heh
JesseEddleman: Hehe
JesseEddleman: Thank you
JohnnyCheckmate(*): I suspect with truong gone, I am not the least
JohnnyCheckmate(*): sorry I am NOW the least popular
JesseEddleman: Hehe
JesseEddleman: Only because you do what you should
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and say, maybe, what I shouldn't
JesseEddleman: What was Truong's role on the server anyway?
JesseEddleman: I mean, was he just providing funds and using it as his
little playground or what
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he was head of the 'new' PR dept, but formerly part
of adjudicate and computerabuse, but in recent months he has just been
admin without portfolio, likely kept on merely because the server owed
Susan money
JesseEddleman: Ah I see
JesseEddleman: I've known about his past history on chess servers
JesseEddleman: Well, I've known about him before I even came to USCL
JohnnyCheckmate(*): I worked with him at aol server, too, when that was
JohnnyCheckmate(*): he always seems to need a screen name with a rating
of 2600+ and a record of 185-0-1 and such
JesseEddleman: Yeah
JohnnyCheckmate(*): and truth be told, he has had suspicions of
computercheating, rating manipulation, and abuse of adjudicate status,
adjudicating his own games
JesseEddleman: I've known about that too
JesseEddleman: I about the thing with the Polgar - Gulko match also
JohnnyCheckmate(*): yes one must be aware that his style of dealings
would have potential to carry into OTB as well
JohnnyCheckmate(*): I'm not bashing him, I have met him IRL and I go
back years with him online, but it's best to know who it is youre
dealing with. He still knows many influencial people and has great
weight that he can bring to bear for chess good
JesseEddleman: Yes
JesseEddleman: I'm just trying to get better acquainted with what I'm
going to be dealing with
JohnnyCheckmate(*): I made a Truong style dupe, 'BagdadBob'
JohnnyCheckmate(*): heh
JohnnyCheckmate(*): was going to do with it the way Truong does
JesseEddleman: Oh really lol
JesseEddleman: I see that lol
JesseEddleman: Do you know where Arclight and shadowthecat fall?
JohnnyCheckmate(*): as far as I can tell they are more neutral
JohnnyCheckmate(*): as is mubi
JesseEddleman: That's what I've been thinking
JesseEddleman: I know mubishop from back in the day
JohnnyCheckmate(*): some people CAN just do their jobs and not get
involved, they are examples
JesseEddleman: Well see I'm kinda unsure how to go from here
JesseEddleman: It was Truong that was going to give me the "PR team"
job, and it was also him that set my staff royal
JohnnyCheckmate(*): well make a proposal, with what you intend to do
for PR for the server
JohnnyCheckmate(*): this may be an opportunity to make a difference,
and who knows, help the server
JesseEddleman: I've got an idea
JesseEddleman: I'm gonna ask XP when I should expect to receive
information about the PR team
JohnnyCheckmate(*): sure, but meanwhile draw up a proposal, a couple
pages, on what you would do for PR, and better yet, what PR
responsibilities might be
JesseEddleman: I believe he was one of the 4 or 5 that led the
individual teams within the PR thing
JesseEddleman: I'll seriously think about that
JesseEddleman: I'm not sure if that would be beyond the time or scope I
have for what I'm doing
JesseEddleman: But I will seriously think about it
JesseEddleman: I might just try to be a component of the team
JesseEddleman: Try to get a more-or-less independent role
JohnnyCheckmate(*): well, hey, good luck, gotta run for now. BBL
JesseEddleman: Alright man, thank you
JesseEddleman: Have a good one

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Double duh!

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Grow up!

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DonaldDuck wrote:
Grow up!

Hey Truong, don't tell me to grow up. You're the one banning everyone
on USCL because we don't kiss your ass. POOR BABY.

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Duh - Used to express something deemed obvious, especially a
self-evident remark,.Sounds about right

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JohnnyCheckmate prides himself on being honest with people but never
expressed these views to the faces of the people he discusses in this

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ICC rules
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