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Old March 13th 05, 01:31 AM
HB Super Event
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GM Varuzhan Akobian
GM Alexander Beliavsky
GM Joel Benjamin
GM Pavel Blatny
GM Larry Christiansen
GM John Fedorowicz
GM Valerij Filippov
GM Alex Goldin
GM Dmitry Gurevich
GM Alexander Ivanov
GM Artur Jussupow
GM Gregory Kaidanov
GM Petr Kiriakov
GM Boris Kreiman
GM Sergey Kudrin
GM Joel Lautier
GM Anatoly Lein
GM Victor Mikhalevski
GM Vadim Milov
GM Alex Moiseenko
GM Alexander Motylev
GM Evgeniy Najer
GM Hikaru Nakamura
GM Igor Novikov
GM Alexander Onischuk
GM Milos Pavlovic
GM Gregory Serper
GM Miron Sher
GM Alex Stripunsky
GM Alex Wojtkiewicz
GM Leonid Yudasin
Tatev Abrahamyan
FM Robby Adamson
Victor Adler
Chouchanik Airapetian
Don C. Aldrich
Alfonso A. Almeida
Tom Babcock
Alex Balandin
FM Tom Bartell
John David Bartholomew
Dylan Bergstrom
Alex Betaneli
FM John D. Bick
Josh Bloomer
Jay Bonin
Carl Brando Boor
Braden Bournival
Thomas Braunlich
William Brock
Colin M. Brown
James L. Burden
Richard Carr
William Carroll
Michael Casella
Geoffrey Caveney
Scott Chadwick
Xiao Cheng
Albert Chow
John Curdo
Loal Davis
IM William John Donaldson
Josito C. Dondon
John G. Dowling
Jochen Ellrich
Bela Evans
Victor R. Feldberg
IM Igor Foygel
Charles Frey
Joshua Friedel
Swati Ghate
Wilson K. Gibbons
IM Mark Ginsburg
Namig Gouliev
Anthony Grueso
Carl Anderson Haessler
Tim A. Hanks
David J. Harris
Duane H. Hart
Eric Heiser
Scot Henderson
Ronald Henry
Ron Hermansen
Robert Hess
Nathan Hoover
IM Dean Joseph Ippolito
Tigran Ishkhanov
Bradley D. Johnson
Robert K. Johnson
Craig Jones
Lawrence C. Kaufman
Raymond S. Kaufman
Melikset Khachiyan
Keaton F. Kiewra
Lorand Bela Kis
Jake Kleiman
Shinya Kojima
IM Danny Kopec
Jesse Kraai
Mike Krain
Andrey Krasnov
Mark Kurtzman
Michael Langer
Fabio LaRota
Edward Emmanuel Laurin
Eric Lawson
Andrew C. Lee
David Levine
Wenliang Li
Vladimir Lipman
Daniel Ludwig
Todd Lunna
Nicholas Lusher
Dana Mackenzie
Gregory Markzon
Andranik Matikozyan
Thomas McGrath
Batbold Miagmarsuren
Todd Q. Miller
Lev Milman
Vadim Milov
Evelyn Moncayo
Movses Movsisyan
Stephen A. Muhammad
Igor Novikov
Osemekhian Omoifo
Todd Partington
Alexander Pelekhaty
Jeff Pennig
IM Eugene Perelshteyn
Mark Anthony Pinto
Avraam Pismennyy
Robert Plunkett
Klaus Pohl
Philipp Ponomarev
Harold Poustie
Boris Privman
David Pruess
Constancio Pucio
Asif Ur Rehman Qureshi
Artem E. Ratchkovski
Batbaatar Ravdan
Ray Shay Robson
Norman Rodgers
Lamont Rogers
Robert James Rowley II
Paul Saint Amand
Rico Salimbagat
Andres Santalla
Paulo Santos
Justin Sarkar
FM Eric Schiller
IM Dmitry Schneider
FM Igor Schneider
Kurt Schneider
IM Greg Shahade
WIM Jennifer Shahade
Siyuan Shen
Macon Shibut
Shivkumar Shivaji
Yury Shulman
Gary Simms
Jimmy Simonse
Ronald Simpson
Melandro Singson
IM Leonid Sokolin
Jeff Spyrison
Jerome Starks
Floyd R. Stauffer
Floyd R. Stauffer
Alessandro Steinfl
Zoran Stojanosvski
IM Timothy Taylor
Henry L. Terrie
Rejean Tremblay
Todd Trower
Lutsaikhan Tsetsenjav
Batchimeg Tuvshintugs
Cary Utterberg
Jan M. Van De Mortel
Daniel W. Voje
IM Mladen Vucic
Brian Wall
Kevin M. Wasiluk
FM Sunil Weeramantry
David Wei-Liang Howell
Muliadi Widjaja
Elvin Wilson
Eduard A. Zelkind
Dmitry Zilberstein
IM Mikhail Zlotnikov

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Old March 13th 05, 12:35 PM
HB Super Event
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P.O. Box 21303, Eagan, MN 55121
3750 Pilot Knob Road, Eagan, MN 55122
(651) 452-9800 (651) 452-3504 fax
For further information, contact:
Roy Wallace, The Wallace Group, 651-452-9800
Brian Molohon, HB Foundation, 651-209-3067 HB Global Chess Challenge
Hold for release 9/17, 3:30 p.m.


More than 4,000 players from around the world expected to participate
in the
HB Global Chess Challenge, with its $500,000 prize fund

A new international chess tournament has been announced for May 2005 in
Minneapolis that will attract more players and have larger cash prizes
than any open chess competition ever held. Called the HB Global Chess
Challenge, the event is expected to set new standards for the world of
chess in player satisfaction and being "fan friendly," while the
winners will receive cash prizes that more than double any previously
awarded in open competitions.

Endorsed by the U.S. Chess Federation and the Association of Chess
Professionals, the HB Global Chess Challenge is sponsored by the
nonprofit HB Foundation, which focuses on bringing the benefits of
chess to children in the schools and through community programs.
Organizing the major event is Maurice Ashley, the first and only
African American Grandmaster and the head of Generation Chess.

"An event like the HB Global Chess Challenge has been the dream of
players for years, a tournament that will offer very substantial cash
prizes and be 'fan friendly' for both the professional and amateur,"
said Ashley.

The executive director of the Minnesota-based HB Foundation, Brian
Molohon, said the $500,000 prize fund for the tournament has already
been guaranteed and is not dependent on revenues from registrations.

"We are proud to be making chess history and most pleased that we will
be helping to build awareness of how children benefit from chess," said
Molohon, as plans were disclosed in a news conference at the Mall of
America. "We believe our role in staging this historic event will help
provide a platform for promoting the cognitive and academic benefits
that children and youth gain from learning and playing chess."

Joining in the announcement was Randy Bauer, a member of the U.S. Chess
Federation (USCF) executive board and budget director for the State of
Iowa. "The federation is really excited about this event. It certainly
will attract new interest in the game," he said. Welcoming the
foundation's interest in carrying the message to youth, Bauer said he
"certainly can attest to how these opportunities are helpful to kids in
school and something they can be involved in all their lives."

Beatriz Marinello, president of the USCF, has said, "This tournament is
a fantastic idea. This is a very, very positive and encouraging
initiative that could do a lot for chess in the U.S."

The tournament, to be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, is
expected to draw thousands of competitors from around the world,
shattering all previous records for participation in a chess
tournament. Grandmaster Ashley calls the HB tourney "a massive step
forward for chess," explaining that more than 300 players will receive
cash prizes for their winning performances.

The HB Global Chess Challenge will have multiple side events, including
a children's chess competition on the Saturday of tournament week. In
addition, this historic chess event will include lectures, simultaneous
exhibitions, autograph signings by leading grandmasters, live game
analysis of the top boards, musical entertainment, silent and live
auctions, drawings, and gift memberships in the U.S. Chess Federation.
In addition, there will be a chess competition for children on the
Saturday of tournament week.

"The whole world of chess needs to get behind this effort," says
Ashley, who will be providing some ESPN-style commentary at the event.
"The HB tournament gives us all a chance to come together and play the
game we love in a way that respects all chess players, and it will help
kids. How can you beat that?"

The entire Twin Cities area is prepared to welcome the visiting chess
competitors, and the array of restaurants, sporting events, theaters,
music venues and shops are sure to please, said Molohon, adding that
visits to the Mall of America, the nation's largest shopping center,
are also planned.

"The entire area will be ready to welcome our visiting chess players,
throwing the doors wide open to welcome the participants and their
families." said Molohon.

In urging wide participation in the HB Global Chess Challenge, Ashley
says "there will never again be another first. This is the tournament
that you will be telling your grandkids about."
# # #

For more information, visit

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