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Old March 15th 05, 05:26 AM
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Default Why does Kasparov retire?

David Richerby wrote:
Gunsberg wrote:
Morphy's ghost wrote:
Yep, and I don't think he'd have retired if he'd had a poor

showing at
Linares. He clearly wants to cement his claim to being the best
player ever.

The best way to "Cement" his claim would be challenge and defeat
Kramnik in a match of length.

There's the slight problem that Kramnik would have to accept such a
challenge and has shown no sign of doing so thus far.

Kramnik's title of World Champion is getting devalued by the week.
In a year or two (especially if his recent less than overwhelming form
continues) the title won't be worth much at all. So, IF Kasparov can
scare up some money, then Kramnik has a choice: 1) Stick by his
principles, and refuse to play Kasparov unless he qualifies from some
Candidate's Cycle that will probably never be organized , OR 2) adhere
to general principal, and accept a fat payday, that would leave him set
for the rest of his life...merely for **risking** his title against
Kasparov. If Kramnik were not to lose (through draw odds), he could
keep his title, and lay claim to be best in the world.

Frankly, Kasparv cracked against Kramnik, not the other way around.
If Kramnik is rational, he is probably about as concerned about the
prosepect of facing Anand, Topalov, or Adams--all of whom have
demonstrated that they can score against him. It's not like he has been
inviting any of them to cut to the head of the line, and play a direct
match for the title. However, if he can make more money from a match
against Kasparov, why not do it?


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Old March 15th 05, 01:12 PM
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Because Kramnik is a chicken?


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Old March 15th 05, 02:04 PM
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Tate rulez!

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