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Old March 23rd 05, 01:34 PM
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Default Politics and the Search for a new ED

Politics and the Search for a new ED!

Folks, there doesn't seem to be any politics at work here.

The search process for our next ED is going very well indeed.

It is being done in a professional and thoughtful way.

I'm proud to part of this fine effort and compliment my fellow EB
members especially Randy Bauer for their part in helping make this so.

On April 2, 3 at our Berkeley, California EB meeting, we will be
interviewing the four finalists for this position. Hopefully we will be
able to announce our choice shortly after that.

Don Schultz

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Old March 23rd 05, 03:56 PM
[email protected]
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I don't think so. It would be such a serious violation of the bylaws
that it could not be ignored.

I'm very concerned about Glenn Petersen who had a heart attack late
Monday afternoon. Glenn is in theintensive care unit of a hospital in
the New Windsor area. His condition is unclear.


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Old March 23rd 05, 06:38 PM
Mike Nolan
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Paul Rubin writes:

Folks, there doesn't seem to be any politics at work here.
The search process for our next ED is going very well indeed.
It is being done in a professional and thoughtful way.

Good god, I hope not, that's how they got Cavallo and De Feis. Why
not cut the crap this time and hire someone who can get the job done?

I thought Cavallo was hired using what C. Northcotte Parkinson called
the 'Chinese Short List' principle. That's when you draw up a list of
qualified candidates, and then someone says, "I think we can get Dr. Wu
to take the job", though his name isn't on that list.
Mike Nolan

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Old March 23rd 05, 07:21 PM
[email protected]
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Cavallo has detractors and supporters from both sides of the poltical
aisle. Fe also was highly qualified, a Harvard graduate, president of
the Cavallo Foundation for the handicapped etc. And unlike other EDs he
insisted on a condition where the day he was no longer wanted he would
leave and accept no buy out or severance from USCF. He did get into the
final five without going through the preliminaries because of his
application arriving at the eleventh hour and the last minute drop out
of one of the other finalists, a doctor from New England who apparently
was disgusted with all the crap and name calling on the Internet and
did not want to bepart of that scene. Beatriz worked under Mike and had
the highest praise for how hard and well he worked during the first
half of his term. BTW Mike's wife Leah, a five time champion on
Jeopardy, is in the playoffs to determine a challenger for Jeopardies
all time champion Ken Jennings in a 2 million dollar match. Leah won
$46,000 in the first round to determine the challenger by defeating two
other five time champions. i state the jeopardy matter simply as
itprobably is of interest to many of Mike's chess friends who follow
rgcp and obviously not because it gas any relevance to the ED selection

As for DeFeis, if you can't say something good best to say nothing. One
difference in the recruitment of Cavallo from that of Defeis was that
all of Cavallo's referneces and job history wwer checked and verified
and none of DeFeis was.

I'm convinced every member of our current Board is working to get the
best new ED we can, but I see the critics already getting set to shoot
down whoever is selected , however qualified. C'est la rgcp!.

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Old March 23rd 05, 09:03 PM
Mike Nolan
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"Randy Bauer" writes:

It is not true. Clear enough for you? They call it left field for a

But do you KNOW the reason? :-)

Here's the story. Before the Cubs played at Wrigley Field, they played
at the old West Side stands, a bit west of the current Loop.

There was no outfield fence there, just a big open field of grass,
at the other end of which was a mental hospital.

Occasionally the patients would wander out of the hospital, walk across
the grass, and wind up, wait for left field.
Mike Nolan, Certified Cubs Fan
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Old March 23rd 05, 09:58 PM
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This is the cause of the problem. The USCF rating system is a god damn
mess and this idiot is too busy posting on rgcp everyday. Mr. Insider,
you're the one who's in the left field. Sheesh

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Old March 24th 05, 12:45 AM
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I wish the EB success in the new ED hiring. Hopefully, they've scaled
down the salary along with the job. Cavallo, the only people who
thought he did a good job are ostriches, weasles and the like.

Cavallo had no office management experience, no books and equipment
experience and no magazine experience. He did not make my top three
out of the top five finalists. He was bright and funny and I liked him
personally, but he was also without question the most politicized ED in
the federation's history. That is entirely due to his misfortune of
having had Schultz as President.

During the Schultz/Cavallo administration operations lost money every
single year. The losses totaled something on the order of three
quarters of a million dollars. This was somewhat mitigated by the
stock market bubble which temporarily enriched the LMA during this
span, but the federation was impoverished by the end of their run.
Accounts payable and notes payable reached all time highs while
accounts receivable was artificially inflated. The US Closed
Championship got cancelled the very next year due to lack of funding.
(That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, but how can any sane
person ignore the obvious implication?)

In Schultz' outgoing message to the members in Chess Life he
characterized the federation's financial picture as "strong." The
members and the voters were systematically misled during this period by
both Schultz and Goichberg. I can't believe either has had the
audacity to run again. I take that back. I believe it. They nearly
ruined the federation by denying problems, while simultaneously
pointing fingers elsewhere. Their behavior was despicable.

The voters and members were also misled by the administrations of Bob
Smith and John McCrary. Redman was the only honest administration,
unfortunately it also suffered from incompetent management.

Marinello deserves high praise and our thanks. Tough decisions have
been made, competency has been restored and fiscal health regained.
I'm voting for Shaunessy, Bauer, Schutt and John. They are part of the
solution. Do NOT vote for anyone endorsed by Don Schultz. He is part
of the problem. I don't know Shahade well enough to endorse him, but I
do believe him when he says he is not running on a slate.

Look at this newsgroup! We have Parr and Sloan competing for who will
be the Jean Paul Marat of USCF politics. We have too many spammers,
and too many non-helpful anonymice. I'll offer to start a thread on a
moderated site like called USCF Politics. What do
people think? If reasonable people post there, and ignore r.g.c.p. it
will die its long overdue death. As Dorsch used to say, the signal to
noise ratio is too low.

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