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Old May 6th 05, 03:01 PM
Taylor Kingston
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Default A nice game of chess.

Forgive me, a late night meandering. I do this for my nieces on
occasion. I left whose move it is as irrelevant as possible.
This is posted:

atl.general,alt.chess,,rec .games.chess.computers,

Strictly speaking, this belongs on, IMO.
Before commenting on the position, I would make a friendly suggestion
that you become better acquainted with chess notation. The position as
you give it below is impossible; for example you have many squares
occupied by two pieces and the two kings next to each other. Although
you give algebraic designations for the squares, it appears you are
numbering Black's ranks from his side of the board. This is done in the
moribund descriptive notation (e.g. 1.P-K4 P-K4 2.N-KB3 N-QB3), but not
in algebraic. Thus when you say "Black a-1 rook" I assume you mean
Black has a rook on a8.
Based on that assumption, I translate your position as follows:
Black: Ke8, Qh6, Ra8, Rh8, Bb8, Bf7, Nd6, Ne5, a6, b7, c6, d5, e6, f6,
g7, h7.
White: Kd1, Qc3, Ra1, Rh1, Bc4, Bf2, Nc1, a5, b2, c2, d3, e2, f3, g4,
Or in Forsyth notation:

Assuming I have the position correct, I would say that if this is an
actual game position, it looks like a game between two beginners. As to
who is winning, with best play Black should win no matter who is to
move. Black is already a piece ahead (or is a white knight missing from
your given position?), and if Black is to move he wins another piece
with 1...dxc4.

A-3 Pawn
a-1 rook
b-2 pawn
b-1 bishop
c-3 pawn
d-4 pawn
d-3 knight
e4 Knight
e3 pawn
e1 king
f3 pawn
f2 bishop
g2 pawn
h3 queen
h2 pawn
h1 rook

A-5 Pawn
b2 pawn
c4 bishop
c3 queen
c2 pawn
c1 knight
d3 pawn
d1 king
e2 pawn
f3 pawn
f2 bishop
g4 pawn
h2 pawn
h1 rook

(I love chess, teaching, and challenges.)

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