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The Historian
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Default Elson and Steinitz: NoMoreChess' disasterbase flames out again....

In December of 2004, my article on Jacob Elson in TN was published at
The Campbell Report.
It was immediately attacked by the NoMoreChess troll, who claimed I was
"hiding" the truth about Elson's playing strength. Much of the
"evidence" NoMoreChess presented had something to do with a Steinitz
game he found in an online disasterbase. Allegedly the disasterbase
claimed Jacob Elson lost in a simul, and to what passes for
NoMoreChess' brain that probably meant the Steinitz-Elson draw I
presented in my article was also from a simul. The NoMoreChess troll
concluded its postings with:

"As far as I know, the only "information" forthcomming (sic) from
that article is
the *assumption* by Neil Brennen that a columnist named Reichman (sic -
should be Reichhelm) would likely
have told his readers if a given game had been played in a simul. But
Neil is
the guy who claimed we were talking about just "ONE game" -- so this
apply to the disasterbase game, can it? The disasterbase game is the
which was claimed to have been a simul, not the game in that newspaper
But then, these are mere facts -- why cloud the issue with those? What
Neil is trying to say is that he doesn't have the answers, and he is
interested in finding them, either.

"Here is the "disasterbase" game, the game which Steinitz won easily:

1.e4 e6
2.e5 d5
3.ed cd
4.d4 d5 (yuck)
5.f4 Nf6
6.Nf3 Bd6
7.Bd4 O-O
8.O-O h6 (ahem)
9.Nc4 Bd7
10.Ne5 Nc6
11.Ne2 a6 (this is what I meant when I wrote "careless;" ...Nb4 was as
plain as
12.c3 Nh7
13.Ng3 f5
14.Nh5 Nf6
15.Nxf6+ Rxf6
16.Bd2 Bxe5
17.fxe5 Rf7
18.g4! g5 (suicidal) ef
20.Qh5 Qf8

My personal troll Philth Innes claimed NoMoreChess' trollings as proof
my article was "rejected by the chess community."

The reason I am bringing this up is that while at the White Collection
recently I accquired a complete run of the Philadelphia Times chess
column, edited by Gustavus Reichhelm. The game in question appears in
the February 25, 1883 column. It is indeed from a simul- played in New
York, not Philadelphia. Unfortunately for NoMoreChess, it is NOT Jacob
Elson who lost so easily, but JULIUS Elson, brother of Jacob. In other
words, once again NoMoreChess was arguing with evidence obtained
through rectal extraction. I await an apology from NoMoreChess and his
lickspittle Innes.

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