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Old May 29th 05, 05:54 PM
Ray Gordon
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Default Summary of RICO Statute

Under RICO, having a third party do one's dirtywork doesn't absolve them
from liability.

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"Nomen Nescio" ] wrote in message
STATE Outpatient Commitment Criteria
Comparison with Inpatient Criteria
Consequences of Non-Compliance with Outpatient Commitment Order
Other Important Citations


50 7304

Court may order outpatient treatment for person who is "severely
mentally disabled" and in need of treatment upon a determination of
"clear and present danger," including serious bodily harm to others,
inability to care for self, creating a danger of death or serious
harm to self, attempted suicide, or self-mutilation.

50 7301(a)

A person is "severely mentally disabled" when, as a result of mental
illness, his capacity to exercise self-control, judgment and discretion
in the conduct of his affairs and social relations or to care for his
own personal needs is so lessened that he poses a "clear and present
danger" of harm to others or to himself.

Inpatient treatment shall be deemed appropriate only after full
consideration has been given to less restrictive alternatives.
Investigation of treatment alternatives shall include consideration
of the person's relationship to community and family, employment
possibilities, all community resources, and guardianship services.

50 7304(f)
50 7304(a)(2)

Where a petition is filed for a person already subject to involuntary
treatment, it shall be sufficient to represent, and upon hearing to
reestablish, that the conduct originally required in fact occurred,
and that his condition continues to evidence a clear and present
danger to himself or others. In such event, it shall not be necessary
to show the reoccurrence of dangerous conduct, either harmful or
debilitating, within the past 30 days.

50 7306(c)

Person subject to IOC may not be transferred to more restrictive
setting without a hearing.

50 7301(b)

Clear and present danger, defined.

50 7304(g) Initial commitment not to exceed 90 days, unless charged
with certain violent crimes.

50 7305(a)

Commitment may be extended for up to 180 days. If initial commitment
was for danger to self, inpatient commitment may only be extended
only if first released to less restrictive alternative.

Consideration of available resources may be factor in commitment

In re Victor, 665 A.2d 8 (Pa. 1995).


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Old May 29th 05, 07:48 PM
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On Sun, 29 May 2005 9:54:49 -0700, Ray Gordon wrote
(in message ):

Under RICO, having a third party do one's dirtywork doesn't absolve them
from liability.

Don't buy products from wannabe Internet ****- house "lawyers."

Isn't practicing law without a license illegal In Pennsy?

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Old May 29th 05, 08:26 PM
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Under RICO, having a third party do one's dirtywork doesn't absolve them
from liability.

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