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Goran Tomic
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Default Bond's first mission

Bond's first mission

In middle of eighties I visited London in purpose to see Museums, Zoo
garden, and some other places. On some tube station I saw strong chess
player who played against travelers. He won blitz games several tourists. I
was interested to play. First game I won. Second game was draw and that
master told me to come another day to chess club, but I have never went on
it. About month ago, after returning in Yugoslavia I told my chess friends
what happened. They thought it would have been better I went to chess club
because it could be to useful and I could find honorary job in chess. But at
that time I made some experiments with staphylococcus aureus in institute
and I didn't want to change my life. I dealt with genetics' of those
bacteria and used viruses for transfer genes from one type to another. That
was my master's work in Belgrade's university. Those experiments were
fantastic. Mutations, recombinations, transductions, plasmids...I produced
several types of Staphylococcus which were resistant to all antibiotics
which were used against such infectious. I was delighted. I often brought
several types in test tube in my inner pocket. So, I didn't regret because
some friends thought that I missed chance to go on west like chess player. I
thought that only a few people in England could make living from chess. And
I knew that some chess player could be killed there. Today, I'm sure that I
was right. There are many similarity chess an science. Joy of revelation
some science discovery is very similar joy when I look some chess player
played by chess giants, like Capablanca, Alekhine or Fischer. Alekhine,
chess genius has enormous greed to play chess.
He prepared for return on chess scene. But tournament organizer sent him
telegraph: We are regret but you cant' play on tournament because
participation on Nazi tournaments. West chess federations were decisive and
without mercy. But ray of hope suddenly came from Moskva. Telegram from
Mikhail Botvinnik. He wrote: I'm sorry because war suppressed our match. Her
is my invitation for match. I'm waiting your response about time and place.
Moscow, 4. February, 1946. Mikhail Botvinnik.
Old champion started to prepare. Hotel Palace in Estoril (outside Lisbon).
Good place for prepare. And better to die.

I cite:
Long a favored haunt of the rich and famous and a well-known nest of spies
during WWII. The casino in Estoril was famous as a place to hatch plots
during WWII; it was also the largest casino in Europe at the time. British
writers like John le Carré and Graham Greene wrote about the place.
Ian Fleming from a Playboy interview.: "I remember one occasion on which I
very much wanted to win. I was on my way to America with the Director of
Naval Intelligence, Admiral Godfrey. We were in Estoril in Portugal, and
while we were waiting for transport, we killed some time in the casino.
While there, I recognised some German agents, and I thought it would be a
brilliant coup to play with them, break them, take their money. Instead, of
course, they took mine." At least a little of the James Bond character was
based on the life of its creator who was noted for his glamorous lifestyle
(including a fair number of female companions). The character is also
believed to have been inspired by several of Fleming's contemporaries in
British Intelligence during World War Two . The famous Estoril Casino in
Estoril Portugal is credited as the birthplace of Bond. The Casino was a
home away from home for many spies operating during World War II with
Portugal operating as a neutral ground during the conflict. Fleming was
inspired by the atmosphere at the Casino where much of Europe's royalty
mingled openly with many of the world's covert agencies.

Some say Alekhine did not choke, but died of a stroke or heart attack.

I cite: Dr. Antonio Ferreira, later denied that Alekhine died by choking or
even a heart attack. The doctor told his friends that Alekhine had actually
been shot and murdered. The doctor said that the Portuguese government put
pressure on him to complete the death certificate to show that Alekhine died
of a heart attack and not murdered to avoid any controversy. There is
speculation that Alekhine was murdered by a French Resistance secret death
squad who targeted French citizens who collaborated with the German Nazis.

Anyway, Bond's first mission was very successful.

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