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the Pushed Pawn
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Default Report on the Crossville, Tennessee MOVE by Andrew Zito

Andrew Zito
P.O.Box 1615
Altoona, Pa 16603

universally copyrighted 2005 Andrew Zito All Rights Reserved

Doctor Brady as the issue arose I have prepared this report on Crossville

Crossville Tennessee's population was listed by as 8,981
whereas the Sperling Best Guide listed it as 34,631 which I interprete as
indicative of the metro area as a whole (small town's have metro and
greater metro areas just like NYC).

The website stated that:

"Reports show that during 2003 property crime levels in the Crossville area
were higher than Tennessee's average. The same data shows violent crime
levels to be higher than the Tennessee average."

Which I generally find supported by the information on the website
and the statistics generally that are available.

Racially Crossville Tennessee is seemingly a white area of Tennessee with
over 97% of the population being white and insignificant proportions of
blacks hispanics asian indians etc. indicated by Sperling.

I have referenced Crossville Tennessee in Sperling's Best places guide and Wikipedia and included
them fully in the footnotes below.

Though the crime rates listed of 3.0 violent crime 2.0 property crime are
significantly lower than the crime rates of New York City from my experience
in small towns (I live in Altoona Pa 16602) that often is due to the factor
that crimes go unreported or are under reported as personal matters between
private parties. The fact is that crime in small town America has become a
regular staple pb the evening news (perhaps merely for ratings) but is quite
evident as Altoona is known for the hard drug traffic in heroin perhaps
cocaine, meth-amphedimine and prescription drugs. Though generally the
violent crime rates for the South compared to the north are 50% higher
regarding violent crimes and 100% higher in property crimes (

The FBI goes on to state that:

"The South
The South, with 35.8 percent of the country's inhabitants, was the region
with the most population. Accordingly, it also had the highest volume of
Crime Index offenses, an estimated 41.1 percent. This was a 0.1 percent rise
in offenses compared to the 2001. The rate of Crime Index offenses per
100,000 individuals in the Southern region was 4,721.9, the highest
estimated rate among the regions. (See Tables 3 and 4.)"

Where here Crossville Tennessee is equal to many areas in the north such as
New York and Pennsylvania, and so they are relatively lower crime rates when
compared to the North and New York City in particular, they are also
disportionately higher when compared to other communities in the South

Though many of these problems have been hyped by local agencies in attempts
to gain greater funding the issue exists. There were in Google specificly
referencing"Crossville Tennessee", and "meth labs" 701 references, 62 for
"illegal drug", 52 "illegal drugs", 766 "heroin, 739 for crime, 520 murder,
592 alcoholism, (don't forget this is a small rural area of 34,631) and
these Goggle postings represent 1-2 per 100 people.

On Education:
(excerpted from Sperling

Crossville Tennessee 38557

High school graduates 70.8% 62.9% 80.4%
College degree - 2 year 3.8% 4.1% 8.2%
College degree - 4 year 6.8% 10.5% 14.9%
Graduate degree 4.5% 5.2% 7.0%
Expenditures per student $3,924 $3,954 $5,896
Students per teacher n/a n/a 16.0
Students per librarian 787 789 934
Students per guidance counselor 664 671 560

New York City 10038 Lower East Side

Education zip 10038 County National
High school graduates 67.0% 79.3% 80.4%
College degree - 2 year 3.8% 5.7% 8.2%
College degree - 4 year 21.6% 29.5% 14.9%
Graduate degree 13.7% 23.6% 7.0%
Expenditures per student $7,389 $7,431 $5,896
Students per teacher 19.2 19.5 16.0
Students per librarian 1,486 1,479 934
Students per guidance counselor 596 600 560


There was also a much publized murder that hit the national news the
political opponent of a state senator was arrested for his murder.

"CROSSVILLE, Tennessee (AllPolitics, October 23) -- The political opponent
of state Sen. Tommy Burks, who was fatally shot earlier this week on his
Tennessee hog farm, was arrested Friday by the Cumberland County Sheriff's
Department and charged with first-degree murder.
Sheriff's deputies took Byron (Low Tax) Looper into custody outside his home
without incident.
"We feel real comfortable that we've got the right person," said Cumberland
County Sheriff Butch Burgess."

and other headlines excerpted from the Crossvilee Chronicle include Accused
shooter goes before Criminal Court A man charged with attempted first-degree
murder for allegedly shooting a sheriff's deputy who was dispatched to a
home in response to an E-911 call reporting a possible prowler, has a trial
scheduled for Jan. 5 in Cumberland County Criminal Court.

Officers searching for man who invaded home, assaulted three residents.

Generally real estate values are lower than the national average in price
and has a lower increased appreciation in value than areas in the north
where I can find good sized commercial buildings built in brick for less
than $100,000 whereas down there they offer the opportunity we spend
$300,000 so they can build us a place that probery will be at best frame.

In Conclusion:

From a business perspective I consider the local work force as drawn from an
uncertified pool that can be considered an under educated work force who
have more in common with football enthusists than chess players. The deal
regarding the building there is a bad one for I can as I stated I know of
several building of brick that cost less than they will charge for a new
frame one.


Crossville is 113 miles fron Nashville Tn, 325 from Memphis Tn, 195 Atlanta

There are no Amtrak stations in Crossville Tn and the closest is 192 miles
away in Altanta Georgia, or 325 in Memphis Tennessee.

There is a Greyhound station in Crossville Tennessee, but there are merely
buses that pass thru Crossville 931-484-5859 which doesn't answer its phone
at times an

It has a small commuter type airport its Chanber of Commerce states is 80
miles from Knoxville McGee-Tyson International Airport (TYS) and 100 miles
from Nashville International Airport meaning no regular commercial flights.

Though "The City of Crossville" promotes itself a as having "taken a
substantial pro-business approach to the attraction of new industry through
development of industrial property and sites", its taxation base is
repressive as it maintains a sales tax rate of "9.75%" that is almost
double the national average of 5.6%

Generally though there is some continued question as to crime in the area,
the pervausive issue is it being an almost completely white area indicative
of attiudes connected with racism. As a short term resident in Louisianna I
consider Crossville Tennessee's indicators (racial, economic and education)
as indicative of racial, political and social tendencies in the south that
send out the wrong image regarding the USCF as currnetly the most
unorganized segment of chess players are not white but non-white.

I strongly maintain that the USCF made a very bad decision regarding this
move and should immediately reconsider its move to Crossville Tennessee.

Andrew Zito
P.O.Box 1615
Altoona, Pa 16603

universally copyrighted 2005 Andrew Zito All Rights Reserved



Crossville, TN - 38557 neighborhood details

Demographics zip 38557 County National
Neighborhood type Small Town
Population 34,631 52,828 281,522,000
Pop. density 106.9 46.8 79.6
Percent male 48.0% 48.3% 49.1%
Percent female 52.0% 51.7% 50.9%
Median age 39.7 44.4 37.6
People per household 2.4 2.6 2.6
Percent married 63.2% 62.3% 58.3%
Percent single 36.8% 37.7% 41.6%
Median household income $30,486 $27,200 $41,994
Avg. income per capita $16,920 $17,595 $21,587
Crime zip 38557 County National
Violent crime risk index 3.0 2.0 3.0
Property crime risk index 2.0 2.0 3.2
Housing zip 38557 County National
Median home value $104,700 $106,900 $185,400
Median age of homes 19.0 14.1 27.8
Home appreciation 4.7% 4.5% 12.3%
Percent owning home 66.8% 70.0% 63.4%
Percent renting home 20.5% 16.9% 21.7%
Percent homes vacant 12.7% 13.1% 14.8%
Percent commuting by bus 0.4% 0.4% 2.0%
Percent commuting by carpool 12.6% 19.5% 14.6%
Percent commuting by auto 82.5% 73.0% 71.6%
Percent working at home 1.8% 3.5% 5.6%
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Neighborhood Details page 1 page 2
Crossville, TN - 38557 neighborhood details

Education zip 38557 County National
High school graduates 70.8% 62.9% 80.4%
College degree - 2 year 3.8% 4.1% 8.2%
College degree - 4 year 6.8% 10.5% 14.9%
Graduate degree 4.5% 5.2% 7.0%
Expenditures per student $3,924 $3,954 $5,896
Students per teacher n/a n/a 16.0
Students per librarian 787 789 934
Students per guidance counselor 664 671 560
Economy zip 38557 County National
Unemployment rate 4.8% 4.8% 5.4%
Recent Job Growth 2.2% 2.2% 1.8%
Future Job Growth 25.2% 20.4% 10.5%
Sales tax 9.750% 9.8% 5.6%
Income tax 0.0% 0.0% 5.0%
Cost of living index 81 81 100
Health zip 38557 County National
Air quality 72.0 72.0 47.9
Watershed quality 67.0 67.0 54.2
Physicians per capita 174.1 174.1 168.5
Health cost index 87.0 87.2 100.0
Superfund site index 82.0 80.0 70.7
UV index 4.5 4.5 4.3
Climate zip 38557 County National
Altitude 72 72 48
Rainfall (inches annually) 57.2 58.0 38.8
Snowfall (inches annually) 11.9 11.7 24.4
January avg. low temp. 26.0 25.1 21.6
July avg. high temp. 83.9 84.6 86.4
Days of precipitation annually 126 127 112
Days mostly sunny annually 208 208 205
Comfort index 47.0 47.0 44.2
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Crossville, Tennessee
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Crossville is a city located in Cumberland County, Tennessee. As of the 2000
census, the city had a total population of 8,981. It is the county seat of
Cumberland County.


Crossville is located at 35°57'15" North, 85°1'53" West
(35.954221, -85.031267)1. Crossville is approximately 30 miles east of
Cookeville and 70 miles west of Knoxville.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of
39.1 km˛ (15.1 mi˛). 38.2 km˛ (14.7 mi˛) of it is land and 0.9 km˛ (0.3 mi˛)
of it is water. The total area is 2.32% water.


As of the census2 of 2000, there are 8,981 people, 3,795 households, and
2,440 families residing in the city. The population density is 235.2/km˛
(609.2/mi˛). There are 4,268 housing units at an average density of
111.8/km˛ (289.5/mi˛). The racial makeup of the city is 97.02% White, 0.14%
African American, 0.23% Native American, 0.35% Asian, 0.04% Pacific
Islander, 1.04% from other races, and 1.18% from two or more races. 2.43% of
the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

There are 3,795 households out of which 27.4% have children under the age of
18 living with them, 45.2% are married couples living together, 15.5% have a
female householder with no husband present, and 35.7% are non-families.
31.3% of all households are made up of individuals and 13.1% have someone
living alone who is 65 years of age or older. The average household size is
2.25 and the average family size is 2.79.

In the city the population is spread out with 22.6% under the age of 18,
9.3% from 18 to 24, 26.5% from 25 to 44, 21.8% from 45 to 64, and 19.9% who
are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 38 years. For every 100
females there are 85.0 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there
are 81.5 males.

The median income for a household in the city is $25,796, and the median
income for a family is $33,207. Males have a median income of $26,735 versus
$20,217 for females. The per capita income for the city is $18,066. 24.6% of
the population and 21.7% of families are below the poverty line. Out of the
total population, 36.2% of those under the age of 18 and 20.6% of those 65
and older are living below the poverty line.

----- Original Message -----
From: robmtchl
Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 8:37 PM
Subject: [fide-chess] Problems in Crossville

--- In
, "Frank Brady" [email protected] wrote:
Dear All: I rarely, if ever, have posted on any of the chess news
groups, but I was astounded to read Larry Parr's revelations of
Crossville being one of the centers of drug activity in the South, if
not the United States. The USCF must reconsider the move to

and I hope that the Delegates at Phoenix not only discuss this matter,
but also move to immediately seek other quarters for our organization.
Please "google" Cumberland Plateau Crossville Drugs to read some of
the 10,000 references to the drug and crime problems in Crossville.

Dr. Frank Brady, International Arbiter of FIDE, and former member of
the USCF Executive Board

Dr. Brady,

I conducted a search as instructed. Unisg quotation marks to optmize
the googlr search and thereby getting hits on only articles that have
all the search words , this is what I had:
Your search - "Cumberland Plateau Crossville Drugs" - did not match any
But a search for "meth labs in New York" revealed this article:

"Boehlert, R-Oneida County, introduced a bill this week that would fund
a research program at the Environmental Protection Agency to determine
what chemicals are created in residential meth labs and study their
harmful health effects.

The congressman, who chairs the House Science Committee, said his bill
also asks the agency to create voluntary guidelines for the cleanup of
former meth labs in consultation with the National Institute of
Standards and Technology.

The number of known meth labs in New York skyrocketed from 2 to 73
between 1999 and 2003"


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Matt Nemmers
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"the Pushed Pawn" wrote in message
news:[email protected]


Email this to the USCF President, the ED, and the President of the United
States. They'll listen to you. They always do.

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