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Old October 23rd 05, 11:03 PM
Edward Labate
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Dear Chess Players,
Please, please, please...any chessplayer reading this...please
forward this email to as many chessplayers, chess clubs, institutions,
organizations, etc. I've already contacted almost every National CHESS
Federation possible, but some Federations emails don't seem to be
current or something. Thank you in advance for your assistance. LINDA
'HUSSEIN' GRIFFIN will only understand force.

In December 2004, I entered into an agreement with Linda Griffin (Ken
Smith's ex-wife, divorced in 1983) to purchase chess Digest including
all publishing's a copy of the BILL OF SALE along with
Linda's Griffin acceptance of it...

"Edward, this is agreeable with me. I will print it and sign it and fed
ex with other stuff to you now. Linda P.S.When would you like my
banking information?


Chess Digest, Inc. a Texas corporation (Seller) in exchange for $8,000
cash and a second cash payment upon (TOTAL SHIPMENT and RECEIPT)
first shipment of books, $20,000 cash and a Promissory Note for a
minimum of *$40,000 (*Amount subject to increase upon verification,
assessment and appraisal of inventory contents and their value as
performed by Mr. Labate and his staff) payable over 25 months,(27
MONTHS minimum with monthly payments of $1,500.00 MINIMUM, payable on
or before the 20th of each month, beginning 06.20.2005 and continuing
until the *PROMISSORY NOTE is satisfied.) the receipt of both such
items of consideration being acknowledged, hereby sells, transfers, and
assigns to Edward Labate of Orange, Calif. (Buyer) the assets described
in the attached Exhibit "A", along with:

1. Full publishing rights to the list of publications described in
the attached Exhibit "B".
2. Full rights to the "Chess Digest" name, Internet domain, and
related logos and trademarks.
3. Full rights to the contents and electronic files associated with
the Seller's Web site and catalog.
4. Copies of all electronic files and paper copies associated with
Seller's current Web site,publication manuscripts, catalog, Internet
domain, related logos, trademarks and promotional literature.
5. Records of Sellers, vendors and suppliers, including
contacts,addresses, and phone numbers.
6. Copies of Seller's contracts and working agreements with vendors
and suppliers, including credit terms, where
7. Permission to utilize Ken Smith's name as part of Sellers personal
8. Seller's complete customer list in electronic format, if available,
including names, addresses, phone numbers
and sales histories.
9. Any and all storage and shelving units currently housing Seller;s
10. (In the event of legal action being brought against either party,
all reasonable legal fees will be reimbursed
to prevailing party.)

Seller warrants and represents that it is the owner of the assets being
transferred under this Bill of Sale, subject to no liens or

Date: ____________________________
December 22, 2004



Linda Smith Griffin"

CHESS DIGEST transaction has fallen apart, and is headed for
LITIGATION. The terms on the BILL OF SALE stated that labatechess
needed to transfer $8,000.00 to LINDA GRIFFIN, Ken Smith's ex-wife, to
pay for the complete warehouse of books that are currently housed in
the CHESSBASE WAREHOUSE in ARDMORE, ALABAMA, to be packaged and trucked
to Southern California, and then up-on arrival we were to wire
additional $$$, in addition to monthly payments. During our
negotiations, she kept stressing how she needed the money for
I of course queried..."If you're giving the money to your children, are
you going to have the $$ to move the books from Ardmore???" she assured
me in fact that she would use every penny of the $8,000.00 to ship me
the books.

Here's the original Dec. 18, 2004 email...

----- Original Message -----

From: james griffin To:

Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2004 2:56 PM

Subject: If you're giving the money to your children, are you going
to have the $$ to move the books from Ardmore???

"Edward, I am not giving the money to my children, just will enable
me to give them a better Christmas." I will use the money to move the
books." Thank you, Linda"

We not only wired the $8,000.00 to CHESS DIGEST/LINDA GRIFFIN, we
advanced three additional payments totaling $10,000 and advanced an
additional $4307.00 in FEDEX fees. But unfortunately, even our good
faith has not only gone unrewarded, but has made Mrs. Griffin even
greedier, assuming that was possible. Less than 10% was shipped, and
she has broken off all communications and has ordered that nothing
further be shipped to me.

What's even monstrously comical, she wants an additional agreement from
me, requiring more terms, and more $$, even though I've already
fulfilled and exceeded what I agreed to do in the original agreement,
wherein, she has failed to live up to her part of the agreement: To
empty out the complete CHESS DIGEST inventory of over 89,700 books,
currently housed in the CHESSBASE WAREHOUSE in ARDMORE, ALABAMA, and
ship to me!!

LINDA 'HUSSEIN' GRIFFIN: Linda Griffin is just like Hussein. He was
only willing to negotiate when he was caught in that rat hole. Griffin
is no different...she'll be caught in the rat hole, and will only do
what a court forces her to do. She obviously can't be trusted to even
do what she wrote up and signed. She's had seven months to do what's
right, and she won't. Until she sees process servers, bank levies, and
liens on everything she owns, she won't do what's right.

Rather than admit the errors of her ways, and just ship the DAMN
books as per the Bill Of Sale, she's now claims I've cheated her,
yet can't seem to provide one shred of evidence except to fabricate a
statement I've never made. If the books were here, I'd be paying. Well,
they're not here, and I received an email on June 22 demanding I send
her my first payment as per the 'BILL OF SALE' overlooking one rry to bother
you...detail...over 90% of the Inventory has yet to arrive!!!

LINDA 'HUSSEIN' GRIFFIN needs to be the sniveling
lowlife that she is...and then hear her squealing for mercy...and there
won't be any!!


However, as I've noted in all my new ebay auctions, we've picked up the
void by reaching an agreement with YASSER SEIRAWAN and INSIDE CHESS for
the complete and total inventory of over 30,068 books and 7200 TASC
CDs, and those,31,000 items have already in California, and are
HERE!! our office/warehouse @ 1038 N. Tustin Ave.; Suite 364
Orange, CA 92867-5958, unlike CHESS DIGEST, where the INVENTORY is
still stuck in the CHESSBASE WAREHOUSE in ARDMORE, ALABAMA, awaiting a
court date!!

And just recently, CHESSBASE USA released a statement offering to ship
CHESS DIGEST products knowing full well that the total CHESS DIGEST
inventory is owned by me...and then pretending never to have heard of a
change of ownership, even though they assisted on some of the earlier
boxing up and shipping of the cases I received...what's even funnier is
that Chryl Maddox actually typed up some of the inventory sheets that
were shipped to me!!!

Those of you that would like to send LINDA 'HUSSEIN' GRIFFIN your
thoughts on the above, please contact her @
. Thank you

Thank you so much for your time and interest!
If you have any questions at all, PLEASE...feel free to call me, (714)
The very Best Wishes to YOU and YOURS

Edward Labate
National Chess Master
c/o 1038 N. Tustin Ave.; Suite 364
Orange, CA 92867-5958
(714) 998-4006

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