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Sam Sloan
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Default Stan Booz is number one !!!

Stan Booz is number one !!!

Stan Booz is now the number one suspect to be the "Fake Sam Sloan"
that is clogging up the chess newsgroups with dozens of postings every

Here are a few things of which we can be reasonably certain about the
Fake Sam Sloan.

1. He is now or has in the past been a frequent poster to the chess

2. He is a chess player who knows the personalities involved and can
comment reasonably intelligently on chess issues from time to time.

3. Based on his IP Address, probably lives in a small town in South
Eastern Pennsylvania.

4. He constantly makes sexual references or sexually suggestive

5. He does not like Sam Sloan

6. He dislikes Ray Gordon or else he is Ray Gordon or else he often
mentions Ray Gordon to throw us off the scent.

Now, taking the first three items above, there are five people who
fit. They a

1. Eric Johnson
2. Andrew Zito
3. Neil Brennen
4. Ray Gordon
5. Stan Booz

However, I feel that we can easily eliminate persons 1, 2 and 3
because of item number 4. Eric Johnson has not posted to any of the
public group for years, so it is definitely not him. This is not the
style of Andrew Zito. Neil Brennen I feel cannot be eliminated
entirely, but it is not his style and I do not see him doing this.

That leaves Ray Gordon and Stan Booz. For a long time, I have felt
that it was Ray Gordon. That is because I never even considered Stan

There are now possibly two different fake Sam Sloans. One posts as
and first posted on June 28 and last posted on
December 17. The other posted for the first time on December 18, 2005
and posts as

The famous chess politics grudge match between Bill Brock and Sam
Sloan took place on June 26, 2005. It was the night before this match
that the Fake Sam Sloan started posting. Stan Booz was one of the
spectators who watched the match. So was Ray Gordon. During the match,
the Fake Sam Sloan posted as "Sam Sloan"

This one was almost certainly Ray Gordon, because a few days earlier
he sometimes he used the Ray Gordon signature of "Four FREE books on
how to get laid by beautiful women" . The first time he posted as Sam
Sloan was in June 25, the eve of the Grudge Match. He continued to
post that way until June 28.

However, that Fake Sam Sloan had a different writing style than the
current Fake Sam Sloan. It seems likely to be a different person.

and have very similar styles.
It seems certain that it is the same person because there has been no
overlap, but it could be two different people.

Stan Booz has posted under two different addresses. For several years,
he posted at "StanB"

He stopped posting from that address on July 9. Then, starting the
same day, July 9, he started posting as "Catalan"

The last posting from this address was August 11, 2005.

The case for Ray Gordon being the fake Sam Sloan is strong. The First
Fake Sam Sloan posted from June 25 to June 28. The Next Fake Sam Sloan
posted from June 28 to December 17. The third Fake Sam Sloan posted
from December 18 to the present.

On the other hand it is difficult to explain the absence of Stan Booz
from recent postings. The USCF Delegates meeting took place on August
13 and 14. Stan Booz stopped posting on August 11. Clearly there is a

Any opinions?

Sam Sloan

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