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Default USCF Binfos Emerging

BINFO (Part 1)

The big issue: Is Joel Channing an "arrogant man," or is Beatriz
Marinello one of those women who run amok a la a Malay villager when
given a bit of authority?

BINFO's are emerging, often redacted like FBI documents released under

BINFO 200600525
Date 2005-10-15
From Beatchess

Status Standard Release
Release Date 2006-02-08
Subject Constructive Criticims

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Constructive Criticims
From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 22:56:44 EDT
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]xx, USCF
BINFO System, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected] Joel: My reply is

In a message dated 10/15/2005 6:46:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,


The fact is that you are creating ill will and confusion.

You now repeat yourself about not having seen financial information
that was projected by me, in writing, to be available in November. Was
there something else you wanted other than what I promised? Did you
ask the ED? me? anyone? or are you just grandstanding?

BM: I have asked for the financial information to Bill Hall a few times
over the phone. In your report, I did not notice a time table to
provide financial information to the Board.

What the hell do I have to do any more than you do with regard to
moving Publications? We're just now getting resumes for editor, which
may influence how we look at locating Publications, but I'm only one
director of six. Maybe you think I'm the ED.

BM: If you read my e-mail carefully, you will see that I am referring
to the Board as a whole not as you personally. It seems you took this
comment personally.

I think membership issues should be addressed by the best and brightest
in a strategic planning session. Bill Goichberg already has a plan
that involves lowering dues. I've asked him to wait until we see what
our real financial picture is before addressing that idea. The
solution may involve business experience, but knowledge of chess and
the demographics of the membership, together with experience in running
large membership organizations are key ingredients required in the
formulation of a plan. If I were doing this on my own I'd hire experts
(like all the rest of this board) and have a strategic planning session
after I verified my finances. What is your idea?

BM: Back in the 1940s and 1950s, golfers were not making that much
money. What changed? Corporate sponsorship, local charity tie-ins,
and TV coverage all came together to make an enormous difference. Golf
got outside of his own small backyard into a much larger venue. More
people from all walks of life became involved.
The chess community needs to do the same. Expansion must take place
vis-a-vis alliances with other groups. This requires promotion and

I thought we'd end up addressing the magazine and the website together
-- that was also Paul Hoffman's recommendation. Bill Goichberg and
Greg Shahade met him.

BM: I only saw one e-mail from Bill Goichberg with a very brief note
about the meeting.

I ran for the position of director and accepted the job of vice
president of finance. I'm almost done working with the ED on
establishing fiscal controls, a critical first step. I'm considering
some other ideas for projects, one of which I included in my proposed
agenda, and with the concurrence of a majority of the board, there are
many other things I'd like to be involved in.


You obviously don't know much about how successful businesses really
I am not the ED, nor am I the president of this organization. I'm one
of six directors, who are supposed to establish policy and oversee
execution by the ED and staff. We're years behind and we need a
cohesive board to create a plan and instead you want to play the blame

BM: Since you know so much about successful businesses, probably you
will demonstrate your abilities at the next Delegate's meeting in
Chicago. I have been very successful in all the projects and jobs that
I ever have been involved with. I just dedicated my life to an
activity far less lucrative than yours. Do not full yourself, you have
a lot to learn here.

Your approach is a very political one, to make yourself look better by
somehow positing that the director of finance, not the ED, not the
president, and not the board should give this organization a sense of
direction. Strategic planning by knowledgeable teams creates direction
and I've participated in and run strategic planning sessions many
times, both in my business and in government. A sense of direction can
never be created by caviling loners.

BM: A sense of direction emanates from a process, which is lacking in
this Board. Things have been so disorganized that even motions that we
passed by objections procedures have not been recorder.

Even though I'm sure that your decision to stay on the Board after you
announced your resignation was made by you alone, you also know I
really tried hard to get you to stay on. And now I find myself sorry
for having made the effort. Given your disingenuous attitude, I don't
see how you and I will be able to work together comfortably.

Joel Channing

BM: Well, I am here to stay and complete my term in the board. If you
find my present so unpleasant, you can resign if you wish. You arrogant

Beatriz Marinello

BINFO 200601127
Date 2006-02-13
From joel

Status Standard Release
Release Date 2006-02-21
Subject Crossville Land Purchase

To: "Bill Hall" [email protected]
Subject: Crossville Land Purchase
From: "Joel Channing" [email protected]
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 08:28:30 -0500
Cc: "Robert Tanner" [email protected], "Joel Channing"
[email protected], "Don Schultz" [email protected], "Bill
Goichberg" [email protected], "Beatriz Marinello"
[email protected], "Greg Shahade" [email protected], "USCF
Importance: Normal Bill,

At our last board meeting in Crossville, Harry Sabine promised to give
us a letter clearly explaining how our right to sell the building and
the land was not restricted in any way other than the zoning and any
other normal criteria for the transfer of property. Please add to the
agenda for discussion the fact that, despite repeated requests on your
part, we have not yet received the letter.

Thank you,


No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267.15.6/257 - Release Date:

attachment: winmail.dat

BINFO 200601054
Date 2006-02-09
From Chessoffice

Status Standard Release
Release Date 2006-02-17
Subject Stop OPEN Meetings . . well not exactly!

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
USCF BINFO System, [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Stop OPEN Meetings . . well not exactly!
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 21:10:31 EST
Cc: [email protected] In a message dated 2/9/2006 5:26:59 PM Eastern
Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

Most can. I do feel we need open meeting times at EB meetings simply as
an outreach to membership. This would only serve to further attacks of
secrecy and I don't want to see this Board get the wrong reputation.
Also, do we not have to vote on all motions proposed at an EB meeting
in open session?

Bill Hall
Executive Director
United StatesChess Federation
P.O. Box3967
Crossville, TN38557-3967
Phone: (931) 787-1234
Fax: (931) 787-1200

I agree. Saying we have no open meetings will get us attacked, and
often at an open meeting a spectator makes a useful suggestion.

We should try to handle as much noncontroversial material as possible
by email, but we need the flexibility offered by having various
options: open and closed meetings, open and closed email discussions,
email votes, conference calls, objections procedures.

Bill Goichberg

From: Joel Channing [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 3:14 PM
To: [email protected]; USCF BINFO System; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Stop OPEN Meetings . . well not exactly!

Regarding open items, what does it matter if they are brought up
"whenever" and we continue to communicate asynchronously just like
we're doing now, and then any member can make a motion whenever they
think everyone's ready to vote? In other words why can't most, if not
all, open items be handled without meetings?


-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 11:58 PM
To: USCF BINFO System; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Stop OPEN Meetings . . well not exactly!
Dear EB:

I have a suggestion for which I would like to hear your comments.

First the rational for what I suggest.

* Our quarterly meetings take a long time and often many of us have
conflicts making it hard for us all to get together for a full weekend.

* Our BINFO system apparently has some technical difficulties in
getting it to work with a reasonable response time.

So I suggest:

1) We no longer hold open board sessions. What!!?? Crazy? Maybe not,
read on.

2) Our quarterly meetings would then be confidential only except for
information presentations to the Board. Limiting the topics to
confidential should enable these meetings to be complete in one day and
save us a good bit of money. The Internet really does improve
efficiency and reduce costs so let's take advantage of it.

3) All open Board agenda items be done through an Internet meeting
consisting of exchanging emails over say a week or so. One week after
the conclusion of the one-week-email-meeting all the meeting emails can
be forwarded to members subscribing to the binfo service for a small
fee that would pay the cost of the BINFO system.

The quarterly EB newsletter would simply be a summary and a
documentation of certain things like motions, Board member expenses

A big side advantage is that we would not have to examine emails for
open release as, just as everything in an open single site location is
open to the membership, so would all the emails exchanged in the open
email meeting.

Comments please - and if you think it is a dumb idea, don't be shy in
saying so.


Barring substantial disinterest by you, I place the above as a proposal
for discussion at our Feb 17 and 18 Board meeting in Parsippany.

BINFO 200601043
Date 2006-02-09
From Beatchess

Status Standard Release
Release Date 2006-02-17
Subject B &E Concessions

To: [email protected], [email protected], USCF BINFO System,
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected]
Subject: B &E Concessions
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 18:57:21 EST I am strongly supporting Bill Hall's
approach in making this business decision as transparent and fair as

Beatriz Marinello

In a message dated 2/9/2006 10:23:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
[email protected] writes:

Bill G and I discussed this a few days ago and he was of the opinion
that the Board should consider the question of whether to consider bids
packaged for the year or only for each individual tournament, and that
selecting the best bid should be left to the ED. We have an open call
for bids on the website with a Feb. 21 deadline. If we invite Malcolm
then we also have to invite Rochester which requested such a
presentation e few weeks ago. Also, we would need to make the offer to
any bidders showing interest prior to the meeting and announce the
opportunity now on the web. This will get complicated and I recommend
against it.

Bill Hall
Executive Director
United StatesChess Federation
P.O. Box3967
Crossville, TN38557-3967
Phone: (931) 787-1234
Fax: (931) 787-1200

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 7:15 AM
To: USCF BINFO System; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: B &E Concessions

Dear EB People:

I am placing Malcolm Pein's bid for B and E concessions on the agenda
for our meeting in Parsippany.

I think the first decision is whether we will consider open bidding for
all concessions as a possibility. I certainly think we should consider
it and that discussion can be done in open session.

The second consideration is that if we choose to consider that
possibility, how do we proceed? decide on Malcolm's bid on its own
merits? Or invite others to bid as well?

At this point ,it is not clear what approach is best since we don't
know the details of minimum guarantees etc.

One new development is that Chess4Less (Malcolm's US store) just bought
out Chessco (Bob Long's B and E business).

Don Schultz

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Default USCF Binfos Emerging

Interesting. I gave it five stars. Parr's stuff is always pretty good

Old Haasie

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Default USCF Binfos Emerging

Thanks for posting the above, Mr. Parr. And theses bumbling board
members want me to renew my membership? Yeah right.

Arrogant, yes. A month or so ago I thought Channing might have
something positive to add to the uscf. His snide little 'post with the
big boys' comment to gordon in another thread raised an eyebrow.

Going to a moderated forum of the crooked uscf is ludicrous if one
wants the truth on how the uscf is managed.
Usenet is very easy to moderate. Read what you want. Don't read what
you don't want. Ignore the garbage.

Methinks Schultz, Channing, Nolan, et al must have other motives for
wanting everyone to go to a forum they moderate. And since $$ is the
issue with most of the uscf's problems, it only stands to reason that
there must be money to be made for those 'in the inner circle'.

Having such a beautiful game 'rated' by such an inept group is
disheartening. Providing a rating system is really the only thing the
uscf does for the majority of members.

But, with or without the uscf, chess will survive and does survive in
the US.

Hopefully some of these clowns check in to rgcp now and then to see
some of the recent postings by Mr. Rubin and klg. "Common sense"
comments by both, imo. Common sense may fly over the heads of those in
charge of the uscf. It certainly appears to have done so through the
years. Board members come, board members go --- same ol' merde. Is
there a common thread/person? What/who is the problem?

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Default USCF Binfos Emerging

Bull ****. Wayne Praeder doesn't exist. You talk the talk but you don't
walk the walk. What have you done for chess?

I should be elected long ago. I'm the best candidate for change.

Sam Sloan

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Default USCF Binfos Emerging

i agree.

wrote in message
Interesting. I gave it five stars. Parr's stuff is always pretty good

Old Haasie

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Default USCF Binfos Emerging

Mr Channing

As you might be aware of, your organization has banned me from
directing chess tournaments in the United States. The FIDE Delegates
accredit the national affiliates. You wrote


"You obviously don't know much about how successful businesses really
Function. I am not the ED, nor am I the president of this organization.
I'm one
of six directors, who are supposed to establish policy and oversee
execution by the ED and staff"

This is not true. You are a member of the Executive Committee of Board
of Delegates. You act on behalf of the Delegates and subject to the
authority of the Board of Delegates. You serve at the pleasure of the
Delegates, as they write the bylaws. You overstate your legal power,
and understate the authority of the Delegates as YOUR BOSS.

Your failure to understand your own legal function gives great concern
in some in FIDE about the continued relationship with the United States
in the format that now exists. It is difficult for me to characterize
the US chess "democratic" with Chess NAZI's like Mike Nolan banning
people from directing Chess tournaments. You appear part of a brutal
chess dictatorship, with little understanding of your own powers.

I don't think you have enough money to call yourself successful and
justify your ignorance for your powers and your role as a director of
an Illinois not for Profit Corporation. Your comments are worthy of
discussion in the FIDE General Assembly.


Marcus Roberts
Permanent Delegate of St Kitts and Nevis to FIDE

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