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The real motivation behind most of chess politics: BEING IN THE CLIQUE

The fundamental motivation behind most chess politicians is to strive
for a group or clique of people to belong to. Most of the flip flop of
positions (lies, illegal and corrupt business deals) come from a need
of broke, unsuccessful failures in life, to feel POWERFUL and a sense

In other words, Chess becomes a like a church. At all levels, there is
a need for constant elections and subdivision of various ranks and
titles. Losers can't help the desire to form cliques and oppress
people who they feel don't belong to their clique.

Some politicians are in it for money. Bill Goicberg, USCF President, is
a good exception to this rule. Goichberg makes money off chess, and
corruptly uses his position to drive out the competition. Why do you
think I am leaving the US? When Goichberg dies, so will 1/3 to of
USCF tournament activity. Nobody is going to jump into his shoes.

Some politicians are just chess players. They are clueless.

In the end, you have a bunch of failure running an unpopular

You wonder why Chess won't ever get anywhere. The answer is the
leadership is immature, unsuccessful, failures in life, who live for
being a "weekend warrior" to go vote in that Delegate's meeting.
Many of these Delegates actually believe that they are members of
Congress, and they need psychiatric help. Chesspalyers lack the ability
to differentiate between the Board of Delegates and the US Congress.

Most of these people making the decisions have nowhere else to go. No
other clique will accept such broke losers.

As a result, the only people who really get ahead have MONEY and use
MONEY as their weapon to win chess elections. In real politics,
politicians raise money. In chess politics, all of the money comes from
individual running for office.

I believe that the results of the FIDE election and the state of the
USCF in their web censorship demonstrate that Chess will never be a
real sport. Generally, the best players suffer from extreme problems
with an inflated ego, and are unable to deal with the rest of the

Until you get your politicians and grandmasters a little more normal
when compared to the rest of the world, chess will never get anywhere.
In fact, I am going to use my money to hurt chess because ST Kitts and
Nevis is barred for the World Chess Championship.

Marcus Roberts
Charleston Chess Association, LLC
St Kitts and Nevis
The West Indies

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