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Default It looks like the USCF election for Delegates has been cancelled

With no election of Delegates, Mike Nolan gets to continue his
abssolute rule without any checks or balances

In sum, the mistake on the ballot is so big that either the USCF will
have to forget about holding a delegate election this year, or it will
have to mail the ballot again, at an estimated cost of $25,000.

The ballot mistake was ON PURPOSE. The USCF figured I was going to buy
out all of the Delegates in Florida, so they sabotaged the ballot. The
idea is to try to show me how expensive it is to buy up memberships to
try to become a USCF Delegate. Nobody worth any money would want the
liability of being a director for an organization of corrupt child
molesters. However, this is all some people live for, so any act is ok
to protect the current group of people from trying to force their views

on 90,000 people. The USCF has just cancelled the election on purpose.

Marcus Roberts is such a threat to Chess, the USCF decided to quit
holding elections. After all, articles about me have been deleted from
the USCF web site authored by executive committee candidate Mr. Sam
Sloan. Susan Polgar has stated that "Marcus Roberts" is bad for chess.
At least I don't strip naked like Susan for FIDE Drug tests. I never
imagined I am such a threat that the USCF Delegate Mike Nolan (the
Chess Nazi) deletes anything posted about me on the USCF web site, and
the election of Delegates is cancelled.

When will anyone in the USCF consider changing the board of delegates
to have more of an open model of governance? These ballot elections are

going to bankrupt the corporation. Beyond the expense of the ballot and

the litigation Sam is about to possibly file it appears to me that this

election for Delegates has no purpose. Why do we need to spend all of
this money on a body which most people consider irrevalant? The social
need to identiy those in the clique and out of the clique appears more
important to some MENSA types that they prefer to abolish elections
themselves. After all, this is not the first ballot error. These ballot

problems are INTENTIONAL, LAZY, SLOPPY, work of CROOKS.

Nobody ever objected to the voting power of the Delegates be divided
into States. My ideas in the early 1990's were to open up the
Delegates to interested chess players to allow non voting rights as
they have in the FIDE General Assembly. Membership and voting are two
entirely different concepts, yet these American chessplayers lack the
intellect to solve their own problems.

This social clique will not yield power, at all costs. Dumb broke
failures are stealing from the corporation at every opportunity. 3,000
dollar cash checks are just handed out when anyone in the clique needs
money to go on a European vacation. Come on, a mail ballot election in
a 90,000 member organization with a 1 to 2 percent turnout is not an
election. If you can't get a 10% turnout, then the election needs to
be VOIDED and a new system of government created. If you can't get 10%,

the United States needs a new system. This will never work.

Let's just forget about who is a USCF Delegate and who is not a USCF
Delegate, open up the membership on the Board of Delegates to all Life
members who meet certain criteria, and set up a rules committee to
handle the Advance Delegate Motions, and run the Delegates more like
the US House of Representatives. In my model, being a Delegate would be

less powerful than a delegate today. Not all delegates would
necessarily have time to speak, the meetings would be longer and more
bureaucratic, but at least the USCF would have a partial democratic
government, as opposed to the corrupt, dishonest rule of the current
..JUNTA in power.

Without a fair election for USCF Delegates, Mike Nolan is free to

The idea of Mike Nolan being a volunteer for Chess is a joke.

The USCF is a disgraceful organization, all for personal benefit of the

rather broke snob clique in power.

I support a lawsuit against the USCF to force a new election of

Marcus Roberts

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Default It looks like the USCF election for Delegates has been cancelled


What an idiot.

- Mike Petersen

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