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Default re : Questions for Nudists :

Dear Sam,
It is very sweet to spend your
hollyday in a private beach or
private camping with "no textil".
Just try it !
The "naturists" are not sexual deviants,
you must know that, and also not an other
So the only rule is to respected other, never making vidéo
or photo and never forced children.
"Naturism" is very seriously as you writte, but before
making this "way of live your hollidays" it is necessary
to have a work, hollidays and monay : So many people hav'nt
this choice :
wen (a french psycholog)

"Sam Sloan" a écrit dans le message de
Questions for Nudists

I will be conducting a TV interview today of two nudists. It will be
broadcast on cable TV and it will be posted later on Google Video. To
find it, go to and search for Hardfire.

I need to think of good questions to ask the nudists. In the first
place, I am aware that nudists take their nudism very seriously. It is
like a religion with them. Indeed, one of the questions I intend to
ask is what is their religion. I am aware of the expression, "I am a
Nudist Buddhist". I know that nudists are more likely to be Buddhists
than any other religion, so I will ask them about this.

One thing I will not ask is anything to do with sex. I am well aware
that at nudists resorts NO SEX IS ALLOWED. More than that, even
downward glances are not allowed. The eyes must be kept at eye-level.

I would like to hear suggestions as to other questions to ask. Please
understand that I intend to make this a very serious interview. I do
not want to hear any jokes and especially I do not want to hear any
inappropriate sexual references.

Here are a few questions I intend to ask. I would like to hear your

1. What is your philosophy? For example, is it sunshine and health? Is
it born free and wild? What is it exactly?

2. I am aware that there are divisions and factionalism among nudists.
Can you describe these divisions and tell us what division you belong

3. As far as I know, there are two kinds of Nudists: the Nudists and
the Naturalists. Is this correct and which kind are you?

4. It so happens that I knew one of the big wheels in the nudism
movement: Ed Lange. He died in 1995. Have you ever heard of him and do
you have any opinion about him? He was a member of the Naturalist

5. I am aware that at nudists resorts, you are not allowed to glance
down and must keep your eyes at eye-level. What is your opinion of

6. We used to have a nude beach right here in New York City. It was in
Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways. I believe that nudism is no longer
allowed but is still sometimes practiced there. Have you ever been
there and what do you think about this?

7. Is not Fire Island off the coast of Long Island also a nudist area?

8. I have learned that nudists resorts now have a "no smoking" rule.
What is your opinion of that?

9. Sex at nudists resorts is absolutely forbidden, and yet sex is part
of life. How do you reconcile this?

10. Many nudists resorts are not entirely nudists but are clothing
optional. How do feel about that? Is that a violation of your

OK. That is all I can think of right now. Can anybody suggest any more

Sam Sloan

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