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Default USCF to Hire Lawyer Concerning Sloan's posting of 3 Pictures by Paul Truong


Sam makes a very strong point: he certainly has
a right, if he is willing to pay, to tapes of the
Board meetings. Some of you out there who are on
Sam's side in this current battle will eventually gain
if you support him in this endeavour. One has to pry
open the minutes even of public meetings when dealing
with these characters and their cronies.

Yours, Larry Parr

Sam Sloan wrote:
On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:44:16 GMT, (Sam Sloan)

At 06:31 AM 8/20/2006 EDT,

I believe that Bill Hall will be speaking to our attorney on Monday
regarding what actions USCF can now take.

Bill Goichberg

Dear Bill Goichberg,

When Bill Hall speaks to your attorney, please be sure to have him
tell him that on July 28, 2006 Paul Truong posted the following under
the Subject Header: Issue: The USCF forums are out of control

ChessPromotion PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 4:24 pm

"I will add something else. I was the captain and manager of
the 2004 US Women's Olympiad team and the training squad. One of the
members was WGM Goletiani.

"Sloan knows here. He offered to help her when she just
arrived to America with only a suitcase. I think he helped her get a
Green Card.

"But one day when we were at the Kasparov vs. Machine event (a
few years later), she was hiding behind me when she saw Sloan. She
said I hope he does not see me and made a big face.

"I do not know what took place or what he said to her but she
was very uncomfortable seeing him. She reacted the same way as Susan
Polgar. They were both polite to him in public but they were both very
uncomfortable having him near them. So I had to come to them and said
OK ladies, we have to go.

"These are the cases where nothing happened (Thank God!). But
things did happen with other cases and Sloan was bragging about it to
everyone. He even had the pictures of all the girls on his website.
That's sick!"

The picture that Paul Truong now demands that I remove from my website
proves that the above statement by him is false, because the picture
was taken at the exact time and place where Truong above claims that
both Rusudan Goletiani and Susan Polgar were avoiding me and hiding
from me. From the picture, it is obvious that neither Goletiani, nor
her sister, whose home I had visited in the Republic of Georgia, nor
Susan were in any way avoiding me or hiding from me. Indeed they had
asked me to pose with them for this picture, which is how this picture
came to be taken.

During that period of time in question, I was in regular telephone
contact with Paul Truong and Susan Polgar. Paul was often calling me,
asking for help in his projects, much as I imagine he is now
contacting the other members of the Executive Board.

Paul asked me to post the pictures in question on my website. Even had
he not done so, I have the right to post the pictures anyway, as the
pictures themselves proves that his libelous and slanderous claims
about me are false.

On a related topic, Paul Truong has manufactured and sold a chess
calendar featuring a picture of Susan Polgar playing chess with Bobby
Fischer. Paul even sold $5,000 worth of these calendars to the USCF
under Frank Niro. Bobby Fischer never gave permission for Susan to
take this picture of him playing chess with her. Everybody who knows
anything about Bobby Fischer knows that he was outraged when he found
out about the picture. The picture was obviously taken
surreptitiously, perhaps through a keyhole in the Polgar home. Fischer
broke relations with Susan and with the entire Polgar family because
of this picture. Yet, Susan proudly displays this picture on her

Now that Bill Goichberg states that he is going to spend USCF
membership dues money to consult with a lawyer concerning the legally
frivolous issue of the picture of me with Susan Polgar, I would like
for Bill to explain why he refuses to consult with competent
independent legal counsel concerning the vastly more important issue
of whether we own the three acres of land and the building we built on
it in Crossville. We need to know whether we own the land and the
building free and clear or whether we are required to sell all or any
part of it back to the City of Crossville for one dollar. I have told
Bill many times that we need to consult INDEPENDENT legal counsel on
this important issue and that the City Attorney for the City of
Crossville clearly is not independent. The phone book is filled with
lawyers in Nashville who could be consulted on this matter, but Bill
has refused to do so, saying that he does not want to spend the money.

Bill is willing to spend dues members money to consult with lawyers
concerning a picture Paul Truong took of me with Susan Polgar, but he
is not willing to spend dues members money to find out whether we own
a building that we just spent $650,000 to build.

Do we have title insurance on that building? I will bet that we do

Regarding the fact that, as Bill admits, we have lost or misplaced the
contracts both with AF4C to hold the US Championship and the contracts
with Truong for chess lessons for the Woman's Team and for a chess
column by Susan Polgar, I am confident that I have quoted correctly
and accurately both what Bill Hall said in a closed session of the
board to the effect that very little from the USCF offices in New
Windsor ever reached Crossville, and Bill Goichberg's responses to
this statement. I am deeply disappointed in Bill for stating in public
the opposite of what he stated in private. Bill has done this before.
Bill told me in private while driving me to the bus station in
Newburgh in 2004 that Truong was demanding to be paid $50,000 (fifty
thousand dollars) for chess lessons for the woman's team, yet Bill
virtually demanded that I apologize to Truong for making a much weaker
statement recently. Naturally, I expected that after I was elected to
the board that I would be given the original documents, including the
contracts Truong signed with Niro plus Paul's letters demanding
$50,000 and the documents he submitted in support of his claims, so
that I can determine the true state of affairs. Now, I am told that

Since your public statements are vastly different from what you have
stated in private, I am hereby demanding that I be provided with a
copy of the videotape that Myron Lieberman made of the Executive Board
meeting. I am willing to pay all costs involved in making a copy of
the tape. I am confident that the tape will show that I am right and
you are wrong.

Regarding the move from New Windsor to Crossville, I have now
confirmed from an independent source that you are correct that Jay
Sabine and his team of high school students was NOT USED to move the
records from New Windsor to Crossville primarily because of fears that
one of the high school students would be injured and would sue. So, I
was wrong and you were correct about that.

What I have now been informed is that, as you say, an independent
moving company was in fact hired. Again, I was wrong and you are
correct. This independent moving company loaded up 300 to 400 boxes of
records from the Crossville Offices, put the boxes into trucks, and
drove the trucks off into the distance, never to be seen again. This
will be featured soon on Unsolved Mysteries.

It was clear from the remarks made by Bill Hall at the August 14, 2006
meeting of the Executive Board that the 300 to 400 boxes never reached
the new USCF Offices in Crossville. Indeed, the new USCF offices in
Crossville are less than half the size of the old offices in New
Windsor, so there is simply no space for 300 to 400 storage boxes.
What was in the boxes? Were they financial records or were they
overprinted Chess Lifes? Are they in a storage facility somewhere or
are they in a landfill? If in a landfill, where is a landfill? As Tim
Redman has pointed out in another posting, my shovel and lantern are

Kindly recall that I ran for election and was elected on my campaign
promise that I would put under a microscope and examine and publish
reports on why the USCF has lost nearly two million dollars in the
past seven years. I did not promise in my election campaign that I
would become close bosom buddies of the other members of the board,
that I would be a good team player or that I would cater to your every
whim. Rather, I promised that I would expose corruption in this
organization, if I could find it. That is the reason why I was
elected. That is also the reason that your two housemen finished last
in the election.

I am doing the job that I was elected to do. Will you do yours?

Sam Sloan

I am reviving the above thread from August 2006 to point out that none
of these issues have been resolved. The USCF still has not retained
legal counsel in Tennessee and has not resolved the question of
whether we have clear title to the land and the building in
Crossville. Also, the three pictures from the so-called Picturegate
Affair are still on my website.

Here are three photos:

I have reaised these issues in my recent lawsuit hoping finally to
bring them to a resolution.

Sam Sloan

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