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Old July 10th 03, 10:16 AM
Spam Scone
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Default CJA - CJA/Cramer Awards

(Chessdon) wrote in message ...
Regarding the suggestion for a petition to separate CJA from the Cramer
Committee because of the nominations for "Chess Journalist of the Year:"
Freedom of CJA and Cramer members to nominate anyone they choose, that is the
policy. So far as I know no one has ever been rejected whose name has been put
forth! Is the idea here to propose a policy to prevent someone from putting
forth a person's name in nomination?

Typical ChessDon straw man. No, the idea is to promote the best in
chess journalism. Not the Friends of ChessDon.

This year there are four nominees whose names were submitted to the President
of the "Chess Journalists of America" by CJA members. None of those submitting
the names were members of the Cramer Committee. The members of the Cramer
Committee chose to add no additional nominations. Yet this serves as a spark to
criticize the Cramer committee for the names of those nominated?? Sorry that
makes no sense.

Typical ChessDon water-muddying. Tamburro's letter states "...the
Cramer Committee has nominated..." ChessDon is now claiming the Cramer
Committee has NO SAY on who is nominated for the award! All the more
reason for CJA to walk away from the Cramer if they are choosing not
to fulfill their oversight role.

Even though the Chess-in-the-Schools has stopped funding cash stipends for the
Cramer awards, personal donations have allowed the Cramer Committee to continue
to give the Cramer winners and the CJA Chess Journalist of the Year, the well
liked green pyramid mementos. The discounted cost of the pyramids are about
$100 each. Furthermore, ongoing efforts to raise money continue. The goal of
the Cramer Committee is to raise enough money to grant a thousand dollars each
year to the Chess Journalist of the Year, the editor of the Best Chess State
Magazine, the author of the Best Chess Book and the writer of the Best Chess

Typical ChessDon empty promises.

My advice to the critics is to forget the petition and in the future nominate
your choices rather than criticize the choices of others.
Don Schultz,
Chair Cramer Awards Committee

My advice to the readers of this post is to ignore ChessDon, who,
after all, was one of the people who nominated Sam Sloan as Chess
Journalist of the Year in 2002, and sign a petition to have CJA drop
its connection to the Cramer Committee. Let ChessDon play his
political games outside the CJA.

Neil Brennen
chessnews at mindspring dot com
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Old July 10th 03, 10:25 PM
John Fernandez
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Default CJA - CJA/Cramer Awards

It seems that the CJA, in my view, is quickly becoming completely irrelevant as
an organization, and is really completely ignoring journalism, instead focusing
it's major effort towards history and state magazines. It says something when
most of the "working journalists" in the field aren't even CJA members.

John Fernandez
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Old July 11th 03, 12:16 PM
John Fernandez
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Default CJA - CJA/Cramer Awards

Subject: CJA - CJA/Cramer Awards
From: (Spam Scone)
Date: 7/11/2003 6:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time

(John Fernandez) wrote in message
So journalism isn't practiced in the field of historical writing, or
in state magazines?

Of course it is. I just think the bias is quite absurd. An enormous

majority of
people get their chess from either newspapers, magazines or Internet. By
continuing its focus on State Magazines and historical stuff, it's losing

on an even greater role in Chess Journalism.
John Fernandez

I don't understand the claim about the "focus". It's not odd that a
United States based chess journalist association devotes a portion of
its attention to state magazines. And the fact its a US group excludes
some foriegn writers. I would agree that CJA is behind on the

I don't see this "historical" focus you speak of. There are so few
working chess historians in the USA (Donaldson, Brennen, Hilbert,
Lahde, Townsend, O'Keefe, Pope, etc); I don't see any excessive focus
on chess history in CJA. Were there a functioning chess historians
association no doubt some of this "focus" would shift to the new

Neil Brennen
chessnews at mindspring dot com

Well, "Chess Journalists of America" seems, to me, to imply that it's about
American Journalists- but that doesn't seem to be too restrictive on what they

We seem to agree, otherwise. I think History is just as real journalism as
current events- if not more!

I just think the CJA has been embarassingly slow to move into the Internet age,
and when it has done so, it has done so in bizzare fashions.. last year's
focusing on The Chess Drum is strange given the plethora of sites out there (or
was this a case of the CJA looking for places that covered the USA
exclusively?!?!), and the new focus on Chess.FM this year.

John Fernandez

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Old July 11th 03, 03:06 PM
Doctor SBD
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Default CJA - CJA/Cramer Awards

Were there a functioning chess historians
association no doubt some of this "focus" would shift to the new

This is part of the problem in chess; we need academic groups involvaed in
chess. Chess Pedagogy, history, etc. We need to develop sciences of our
discipline that are not just for us, but the world as a whole.

After all, there are specialty scientific socities for everything else...

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