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Default Garry's views on chess, now and then

'Chess organisers made wrong moves'
By M. Satya Narayan, Senior Reporter
Published: May 25, 2008, 00:11

Abu Dhabi: Garry Kasparov said that chess failed to cash in on the famous
rivalry between him and Anatoly Karpov in the '80s and '90s of the last
century to catapult it into a modern and professional sport.

"Great rivalries help push sport like the [Mohammad] Ali-Foreman [George]
duel in boxing and the [Bjorn] Borg-McEnroe [John] one in tennis. Likewise,
there was a momentum in chess during the '80s but the game's organisers
failed to use it to spread the game's popularity," Kasparov told Gulf News
on the sidelines of a lecture assignment.

"The Fischer-Spassky rivalry presented another chance but unfortunately
nothing happened. Today, chess is in a much worse situation as the other
sports have all progressed and left this sport far behind," said the man who
was rated world number one for almost two decades.

Wish Vishy the best

Vladimir Kramnik, who deposed Kasparov in 2000, is back to challenge current
world champion Viswanathan Anand later this October. On the clash, Kasparov
said: "Kramnik is a difficult player and is very solid. He never loses and
will prove to be a difficult rival to Anand."

Kasparov, who defeated Anand to keep the World Championship title in 1995,
said: "I am happy Vishy won the world championship. He always deserved to
win it. I will be happy if he keeps it after his match with Kramnik for he
deserves it."


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Default Garry's views on chess, now and then

I think GK misrepresented the situation with his
comparison of chess -- a board game -- to "sports", like
tennis or boxing.

A tennis match can be interesting to the casual spectator,
who can easily follow the ball, note the lines and runs at a
ball which cannot be reached, etc. But in order to get
anything out of watching a chess game, you need to be
able to visualize what is going on; you need to know the
rules, how all the various pieces move, and even discern
whose turn it is-- which is not always obvious.

Believe it or not, a lot of Americans do not know how to
play chess! They can recognize a chess set as such,
and they are familiar with certain terms, such as match,
game, and checkmate, but they do not know how the
pieces move and *require* a commentator to explain
who is winning and why. This is not like boxing, where
anyone can see that the reason one man is losing is
that he keeps getting hit-- in the gut, then in the head.

Mr. Kasparov stated that "nothing happened" when
the alleged rivalry between GMs Spassky and Fischer
came to a head; but this is another misrepresentation,
probably designed to dismiss the Big One in favor of
his own, very real rivalry with AK. A self-promoting lie,
like so many others we have seen over the years. In
fact, USCF membership increased dramatically as a
result of BF's ascendancy to the throne, and even the
mainstream media went bonkers for a little while over

Reading the title of this thread, I was expecting a
recounting of GK's dramatically changing views over
time; instead we just got a broad swipe at chess
politicians. All I can say is this: does GK really
believe that chess players have already forgotten
his own failed attempts in this area? His childish
handling of the GMA's election of Jan Timman
instead of him, resulting in total collapse-- thanks
to GK himself? Wow. I know we sub-2800 mere
mortals are weak... but not THAT weak.

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Default Garry's views on chess, now and then

Tell me how to create Chess awareness among people.

Write a nice Article which I will post at GetClub So that people get
aware how to play Chess.

Can you suggest how more people be attracted towards Chess?


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