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Old July 16th 03, 11:10 PM
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Default Crossville to Dallas is One Day's Drive

News on July 14 says USCF is moving to Crossville for sure. Gov of Tn says

Russell Miller
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Old July 17th 03, 05:46 PM
Mr. Hat
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Default Crossville to Dallas is One Day's Drive

In my opinion I don't see what the big issue is with a majority of
people about the whole relocation thing. I mean, aside from not
getting to say "it's on the east coast" (a statment of arguably
egotistical significance), this transfer is not going to either (i)
change anything about the very lives/state of material existence of
the individual members, or (ii)contribute to some momentous and
historical event such as downfall of chess in modern civilization as
we now know it. It's easier to bit and nitpick than to move on, so
let's grow up and try to live up to the burden of the latter. The
self-important sort of attitude becomes quite tiring to observe after

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Old July 17th 03, 05:57 PM
Mr. Hat
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Default Crossville to Dallas is One Day's Drive

Bruce Draney wrote in message ...
Chris Kantack wrote:

In article ,
The USCF has had an extremely difficult time finding skilled personnel
being located within 1 hour of New York City. How the hell are they
going to find skilled personnel in backwater, tennessee, population

It should not be difficult to find decent office staff in a community the
size of Crossville. The problem with being so close to NYC is that the
labor rates need to be significantly higher in order for people to be able
to afford to live within an hour's drive of work.


First a couple points he

a) Where they are now is owned free and clear. The only "rent"
is that fictional transfer of funds from LMA to operations
which the current administration has made a mockery of anyway
by borrowing far more than that to pay bills, meet payroll and
secure lines of credit necessary to rebuild the B&E business
which the previous administration more or less destroyed to
cut costs. Even if USCF gets free rent for two years, it will
NOT be saving money on rent.

b) Crossville is NOT convenient for educated and talented workers
and in my opinion having primarily Knoxville (a college town)
as the only metropolitan area to draw from, USCF will continue
to have problems getting and keeping decent people.

This is pathetic. Your arrogance is nauseating.

c) Years ago when I raised the COL issue for New Windsor I was
told that the COL in New Windsor was not comparable to NYC,
but I'm willing to bet that in Crossville we'll save some on
expected salaries, but salaries have always been notoriously
low for years. In my opinion the inability to draw and keep
good people at USCF is systemic and not geographic. USCF pays
poorly and no one in their right mind can believe that in
Crossville that workers will flock to get high paying jobs at
USCF from the local area. They may "flock", but the USCF
can't afford to pay people in New Windsor, so how will they
afford them in Crossville, unless USCF hopes to get skilled
workers and keep them in Crossville at $8.00/hour.

d) Utilities. I have no info, but I suspect that utilities
in Crossville will be higher in the summer but lower in the
winter compared to New Windsor. I don't see utilities as an
area of significant impact, particularly if 2,000 adults per
year continue to flee the organization.

Utilities = no impact whatsoever.

e) What is going to get better in Crossville? Service? TLA's?
Quality of Chess Life? Speed of getting things rated?
Shipping? Travel? Shipping might be cheaper, but simply
moving doesn't appear that it will make a significant impact
upon USCF's bottom line.

f) Payroll. The primary reasons for moving both appear to be
related to payroll. USCF cannot afford so many employees,
yet it cannot do the work or provide even decent service
due to technological impairment without a bloated payroll.
I hate to say this but this move appears to me to primarily be
a polite way of getting rid of some long term employees who
won't want to move at this point in their lives and replacing
them with cheaper, younger workers in order to cut payroll

g) Cash flow. This in my opinion is the 2nd reason they're
doing this. They can buy some time by selling the land
and the building and living rent free for a time somewhere
else. This is one last gigantic gamble by Niro, Camaratta
and McCrary that if they can get some desperately needed
cash to pay down their credit lines and make their payroll,
they'll be saved by some miracle in the future, like the
greatest year in B&E sales ever, or a sudden halt to the
decline of adult membership flight, or even the death of
some wealthy patron who loves chess and donates $5M to
USCF out of the goodness of his heart.

h) It's a shot and it beats bankruptcy. This may be USCF's
last chance to survive as a viable organization. If the USCF
can truly net $500K on its land and building it will keep it
out of receivorship for awhile longer while it's leaders
desperately look for some way to keep the ship afloat a little
longer. This seems to me as THE number one reason for going
through this. The other alternatives are so repugnant that
this seemed like the best option. If I really thought USCF
was on the road to recovery and that moving to Crossville
would help, in these other areas I've mentioned, I'd believe
the move was a good idea, but as far as I'm concerned if the
best deal they could get was a year's free rent and some
coupons for 10 free breakfasts at Cracker Barrel and a pass to
Dolly Parton's museum, then we're in sad, sad shape.

If our organization has so many money problems, then why hasn't anyone
bothered to try to actually do anything about it at the grassroots
level? We belong to this organization, so we shouldn't sit and
complain about what we aren't really in the midst of and therefore can
only generate weak hypotheses regarding what is happening and why it
is wrong and it's subsequent consequences.

Also, you're right! I think I'd much prefer a guided walking tour of
the underground subway slums inhabited by cart-pushing street people!
Wow, I hadn't even THOUGHT of this!

i) The only other choice in my opinion was to sell off Chess Life
and let some third party produce it at a profit (if that is
possible), or severely cut back services (hard to believe this
would be possible given the current level of service). Stay
tuned though, because if we lose another 2,000-3,000 adults
each year for the next couple years, we'll be right back where
we are now with even fewer options.

In conclusion the move to Crossville has all the looks of a huge
gamble built out of desperation. It is further evidence that the USCF
has no clue about why it continues to have so many problems nor does it
seem to have any clue about how to go about solving its many problems
with real long lasting and sensible solutions. The USCF continues to
practice the "Don't ask, don't tell." philosophy. Don't ask the members
why their dissatisfied and don't tell anyone why we continue to do
everything wrong.

Why wait to be asked? Being proactive is much more respectable.

Best Regards,


You know, there is a lot of bitching by everyone but as I persist, I
don't exactly see anyone making proactive moves to *DO* anything or
contribute to the prosperity of the organization. Armchair organizers
should shut up.
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