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Oreo Knight
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Default Back in the saddle again

I see a pattern , if you can call it that, to Sam's "madness": he
takes any topic, whether it be Tim Hanke's alection (and NOT his own)
or mundane things like enumerating website hits on photos of
prostitues and beats it to death through over-analysis to the point
that even a pope would be afflicted with thoughts of homicide. See an
old example below (of the latter example I gave).

In any case, move over Little Rascals (Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld and the
case of characters), looks like we could have Sloan and his right hand
(or do you prefer to use your left, Sam?) hoping to rule our country
in 2004.



Hits on photos of Japanese go-go and shogi girls

Because the photos of the Japanese go-go girls are only in my
SAMSLOAN.COM account and not in the other two accounts, it is easy to
see how many hits they received. (This is not true of other photos,
because now that I have three domain names, I have to go to each of
the three accounts and add up the totals).

Here is the daily list I receive from my internet service provider of
top-40 hits on JPG files in my SAMSLOAN.COM account for 24 hours
during May 8-9, 1998:

samsloan.jpg 243 hits
umezawa.jpg 188 hits
amen-ra.jpg 175 hits
hayash-2.jpg 135 hits
nazo0001.jpg 135 hits
shimizu1.jpg 127 hits
pattaya.jpg 125 hits
0423usui.jpg 125 hits
hein-1.jpg 118 hits
yamada01.jpg 116 hits
mika.jpg 101 hits
ajiki.jpg 98 hits
julinsey.jpg 96 hits
yamato02.jpg 87 hits
umezawa2.jpg 86 hits
umezawa3.jpg 56 hits
izumi.jpg 50 hits
daa.jpg 50 hits
inori.jpg 41 hits
gracen-p.jpg 38 hits
hosaka.jpg 37 hits
flowers4.jpg 37 hits
suchada.jpg 36 hits
di-acc.jpg 34 hits
izumi-2.jpg 33 hits
ogawa.jpg 33 hits
kaori-2.jpg 31 hits
kaori.jpg 30 hits
beecroft.jpg 30 hits
lim.jpg 29 hits
dicaprio.jpg 29 hits
crowned.jpg 28 hits
chizu.jpg 27 hits
taradaw2.jpg 27 hits
nakahara.jpg 26 hits
together.jpg 25 hits
machiko.jpg 20 hits
gracen-u.jpg 17 hits
diana-v.jpg 15 hits
honzag-c.jpg 14 hits

To look at any of the above photos, just hit for example.

Please note that although Umezawa was the second most popular JPG
photo yesterday on this domain name, other photos can be found under
all three domain names. The photo of the Princess of Amen-Ra is the
most popular over all three domain names. She got 168 in the
ISHIUS.COM domain name and 252 in the ISHIPRESS.COM domain name, for a
total of 595 in all three accounts.

Also, whores.jpg and whores-2.jpg are only in the ISHIUS.COM domain
name. whores.jpg got 169 hits and whores-2.jpg got 90 hits.

The Thai girl at pattaya.jpg received 52 hits in ISHIUS.COM and 0 hits
in ISHIPRESS.COM, because I no longer have an index in ISHIPRESS.COM,
to stop the hard transfer limit from being exceeded on that site.
Thus, pattaya.jpg received a total of 177 hits yesterday.

If I let my readers know that the girl at pattaya.jpg is an actual
working prostitute, she would become the grand champion of my web site
immediately, but I have no intention of telling my readers that, just
as I have no intention of advertising my photo of your old blow-buddy
Mara at mara8.jpg.

Julinsey got 57 + 96 + 20 for a total of 173 hits.

The shogi girls get more hits than the go-go girls, considering all
three domain names.

They got 125 plus 46 (and no hits on ISHIPRESS.COM because they are
not indexed there).

However, the shogi girls are all on the same page together, so they
cannot be compared with the go-go girls who each have their own
individual pages. (I still have not received the requested biography
of each shogi girl, which prevents me from giving each girl her own
individual page.)

This, of course, does not count Hayashiba who is also on tosupo.jpg,
tosupo-2.jpg, tosupo-3.jpg and tosupo-4.jpg. Hayashiba Naoko got 135
plus 2 plus 44 plus 55 plus 5 for a total of 240 hits on her picture.

The fact that Kaori is down at the bottom of the list merely reflects
the fact that my scans of her did not come out the first time, and, as
a result, I did not announce the pages with her photo on
and soc.culture.japan . On the other hand, it is noteworthy that Chizu
gets even less hits that Kaori although Chizu was announced on and soc.culture.japan and Kaori was not.

Eventually, after a week or two, the hits I get on each go-go girl may
start to reflect the popularity of that particular girl and the
publicity she receives from other news sources, and not just the order
or the way I present that particular girl.


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