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Default The Polgar Stench

The stench of fear. From chessdiscussion today. A rehash of complaints
from the past year but no factual answers from Her Highness. Why all
this public rehash? Is Susie afraid of something happening at the
annual meeting in Dallas? Isolation of Trolgar and a recall?
"Unfortunately, this has happened for years. I have heard many similar
stories from colleagues of mine such as GMs Alburt, Evans, Seirawan,
etc. The only difference is the USCF no longer has a strong control
(monopoly) of chess news. Many of us can reach out to a lot more people
across this country and around the world than the USCF website and Chess

Unless these problematic chess politicians will start to conduct
themselves properly and start to do what is best for the USCF, I will
continue to speak out and let all members know what goes on behind the
scene. What I have stated so far is just the tip of the iceberg. The
USCF will not survive unless positive changes are being made ASAP.

I ran for the board to change the USCF for the better. It is my
fiduciary duty to stop this kind of unethical, vicious and destructive
behavior which severely harms the welfare of this federation. It is
clear that none of them can dispute what I brought up because they know
that I will introduce the evidence to prove what I said the moment they
deny it. They know that plenty of evidence is located in the
confidential binfo.

Instead of working together to save the USCF, some board members work
behind the scene to try to destroy people who are against what they are
doing to maintain power and the status quo. They will continue to waste
members' money instead of admitting and apologizing for their conduct.

If everything is as what they claimed then I have these questions:

- Why are they so afraid to have all the evidence presented to an
INDEPENDENT expert instead of using their own highly paid person?
- Why did they refuse to go with the first expert who gave them a
negative opinion?
- Why are they so afraid to allow our own experts verify the data in
spite of many requests since last September?
- Why did their own expert not ask to examine the data?
- Why are they so afraid to release all information for all members to
see if they feel that everything they did was proper, fair and there was
no hanky panky?
- Why did Bill Goichberg hide the investigation from the other six board
members and why did he refuse to recuse himself in the committee once
this fact came out?
- Why did Bill Goichberg continue to defend the contractors after
receiving legal opinions about the blatant violation of the NDAs?

I would also like to challenge all board members to deny that:

- There was a 5-0 vote for the USCF highly paid expert to contact the
Chubb, the insurance company, to try to cancel our coverage to defend
the Sloan lawsuit.
- They had knowledge that Jerry Hanken received confidential and legal
information and he used this information to negotiate with Sam Sloan.
- Their highly paid expert asked permission to investigate bogus charges
that my husband and I abused our children, etc.

They claimed that they followed their fiduciary duties. Are the above
actions following the fiduciary duties?

Best wishes,"
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