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Sam Sloan
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Default More lies on Fischer

The main problem with this story is that Peter Nemenyi was not Bobby's
Father. Peter Nemenyi was Bobby's half brother. Peter Nemenyi was born
on 14 April 1927. Thus, he was 6 years old in 1933, as the article
states. Bobby's father was Paul Nemenyi who, according to this
article, had disappeared by 1933.

Other aspects to this story I find to be reasonable, except for the
obvious error in date. It says that Fischer played Spassky in
Reykjavik in 1968, whereas he actually played the match against
Spassky in 1972. However, Fischer did play famous games against
Spassky in the 1960s, which Fischer lost, so she might be referring to
one of those games.

I find the story to be credible and possibly true, but of course
verification is lacking.

Sam Sloan

On 29 Jul 2003 22:37:19 -0700, (Todd E.
Flambers) wrote:

Yesterday I came across this article from "The Independent Newspaper"
and even translated it into English. If you want to know, how
"truthful" Russian journalists are, how "carefully" they check the
information and how "well" they know chess history, don't miss it!

Secret Story of Bobby Fischer

The independent newspaper

This April frau Rosa Skaruppe celebrated her 90th birthday. But the
dweller of Swiss resourt town Interlaken is still vigorous, with
sparking eyes. She even drank a couple of glasses with our tourist
company. Frau Rosa told me an amazing story how in fascist Germany
she has rescued from death the father of the chess genius Bobby

It happened in the summer of 1933. Not far from this time frau Rosa
came in Germany from Zwitserland. Being fond of socialist ideas from
her youth she found the adherents from International Socialist Union
of struggle and together with them tried to organize resistance to
Nazi dictatorship. One of the actions she participated in was the
rescue of Jewish children whose parents were sent into concentration
camps after Hitler had come to power. In Giessen socialists organized
an "underground" kindergarten. But soon Nazists took the kindergarten
under the control, and the workers had to take children in their
houses. In Kassel they could hardly receive permission to it, the
kindergarten was guarded by Nazist all day round, childred were not
allowed to leave it " up to the conforming order ".

The boy taken by Rosa, was named Peter Nemenyi. At that time he was
six. His parents had been arrested at the beginning of 1933, and
since then nothing had been heard from them. In April, 1933 the Rosa
brought Peter in the house of her parents in Wintertour, east
Switzerland. During the two months Peter spent with Rosa and her
family, the boy managed to amaze everybody with his skill to solve
complex mathematical problems, sometimes too difficult even for

Once Peter's grandmother came to see them from Budapest the
grandmother Петера. She stayed
with them a few days and persuaded them to let Peter go with her to
Hungary. Rose and her senior comrades from the League, however,
insisted on leaving Peter in Switzerland. They were convinced, that
Nazists sooner or later occupy Hungary too. They also had great
doubts regarding the future of Switzerland and decided to send Peter
in great Britain and then in the USA. Since then Rose has never seen
him. Only many years later she learnt that Peter had become a famous
scientist and at the end of forties got married to Regina Fischer, a
feminist activist and they gave birth to a son Bobby, who took his
mother's family name after his parents divorsed. Twenty years had
passed, before frau Rosa occasionally saw young Bobby Fischer on TV,
playing the match for a chess crown with Spassky in Reykjavic. It was
already in 1968.

"When I saw him on the TV-screen, for some reason at once felt, that
he would become a winner," - Rosa recollected. . -" I do not know why,
but it happened ". But that most surprising, frau Rosa did not know at
the time that Bobby Fischer is the same person with Bobby, a son of
regina and Peter Nemenyi. She learnt about it later, from the
relatives of the same coherent , that in far 1934 has taken away the
boy from Wintertour in London, and then in New York.

After that she did not get any new information on Fischer : the man,
writing her from America, died. So any further information about the
eccentic ex-king of chess frau Rosa learned casually from the reports
of MASS-MEDIA. She has not heard anything new about Fischer for the
last 20 years. All she knows is that Bobby leads a secretive life in
different countries.

Now that is all. I certainly asked frau Rosa and her relatives if
anybody ever wrote about it. No, they said that it was family stoty
and nobody spread about it. Just a journalist from Moscow came, asked
for something special and the hosts remembered this usual but at the
same time amazing story. As a persistent reporter i wanted to get as
much proof as possible and they send me a few pictures with children
and their kindergarten-teachers, but there were no big photos and frau
Rosa could not remember, which of the boys was a future father of the
chess genius.

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