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Default Mike Goodall Teaches Chess

"Sam Sloan" wrote in message

Mike Goodall wrote: "Most chess teachers are frauds who don't want to
be exposed."

"I know several veteran chess teachers who are 1400 at best. Why can't
a 1400 teach an 800? For the same reason an 8th grader can't teach a
1st grader. I know some "teachers" stay just a chapter ahead of their
students, but they're doing their students a disservice.

Yea, some don't even have experience at being a bouncer at one of Sam's Free
Sex orgies. Go figure.


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Old August 2nd 03, 12:46 PM
Spam Scone
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Default Mike Goodall Teaches Chess

(Joechess145) wrote in message ...
I have known of plenty of unqualified chess teachers. I remember an 1100 player
who was looking to me for referrals so that he could find more students. I know
he had some students, but I shudder to think what they were learning from him.

I know of at least three unqualified chess teachers in the
Philadelphia area. One was a B player who asked Dan Heisman for a
recommendation. When Dan turned the fellow down, on the grounds that
Dan couldn't recommend him since he had never seen him teach chess,
this B player launched a smear campaign against Dan and his son Delen.
Me too, since I published a six move Caro-Kann the fellow had lost.

The other two unqualified teachers were a 1400 player who claimed he
"thought like an expert" and bragged about a "lifetime plus score"
against NM Danny Benjamin (the games were played when Benjamin was 8
years old), and an unrated player (800 strength tops) who taught
little kids that chess clubs were bad places filled with unfriendly

When I edited Chess Horizons, I would periodically get phone calls from some
guy looking for a job. When I asked him about his ability he said that he was
no longer a USCF member, but his rating had been in the 1200 range.

I know of a much worse example, but describing his operation might identify him
too easily. Since my understanding is that he actually makes money through
institutionalized chess instruction, he might actually have a reason to sue if
I caused him to lose income.

I'm not sure that one has to be an expert to teach absolute beginners. An A
player is better than most of the chess playing population. Being in the top
14% is what, at least a standard deviation beyond the norm? I don't think that
top actors, or singers, or athletes, or other top professionals usually teach,
they perform the profession at which they excel. I believe that there is a
larger market for chess instruction than can be handled by IMs and GMs.


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