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Default Another drinking and playing chess experiment

Hi guys,

Been drinking heavily and playing ICC. My trial account was rated
1523 based on 47 games, mostly 4 4.

I played 4 blitz games at each 0.02 BAL. It usually took about 40
minutes to play these games, since after every second game I had to
pee. So a purist will say that by the time I played the forth game at
each particular blood alcohol level it was really lower by about 0.007
given that I was metabolizing the alcohol as I was playing.

By the time I had gotton up to 0.06 My rating was 1517. Dead solid.
A few wins and a few losses and not very many draws (12 intoxicated
games at this point).

By the time I had gotton up to 0.08 my rating was 1509. By the time I
finished the forth game at the 0.08 level I estimate that because of
time elapsed my BAL was actually 0.073.

The next 4 games at the 0.10 level ended up at a rating of 1455. A
definite drop. I asked myself if I may be losing because I expected
to lose at this level. So I had only a small drink to bring myself
back up to 0.10 and played another 4 games, really trying hard to gain
a few points back. I ended up at 1486, so at least at the 0.10 BAL
level it seems that you can compensate a little.

The next level was 0.12, and I dropped quickly at this point. I had 2
mouse-slips in the next 4 games. Now yes, a mouseslip would indeed ba
a part of the alcohol experience, but I was hoping my rating to be
based on cerebral intoxication and not muscle movement impairment. My
rating was now 1457. Being a lightweight I felt a little nausated
dring these games and took a brief timeout to go to the bathroom in
case I puked (which I didn't), so these 4 games took 60 minutes or so,
and thus my BAL was about 0.11.

I then drank to bring myself up to 0.13 (actually at the time I
thought I was at 0.14 but my calculations were wrong, screwing them up
because my calculator kept moving around). I played 4 games and
scored 1-3, bringing my rating down to 1439.

I then tempted vomiting fate and went up to 0.16 (but because of the
error was really at 0.15). I tried damn hard to win and I actually
got some results! 3-1 and the rating up to 1463. During these 4
games I reduced my time limit to 3 and 0, since I realized that as I
progressed in intoxication I would start moving very quickly and
instantly, just reacting. 2 of those games I won on time. It seems
easier to win when drunk by playing faster time controls.

So what's the upshot? Drinking brings down your game buy to a
surprisingly small degree. I got to 0.15 and my rating only went down
60 points.
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