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Old August 9th 03, 06:53 PM
George John
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Default Where Shall We Meet?

"RSHaas" wrote in message
Where shall we meet to seriously plan the design and formation of the next
national chess federation? Seriously, folks... we should start now.


We can meet here.

Question #1: should the next national chess federation be a not-for-profit
or for-profit?

My answer: a not-for-profit

Question #2: if it's a not-for profit, can it and should it be a 501(c)(3)
or should it continue like the USCF as a 501(c)(4)?

My answer: I would like it to be a 501(c)(3) if possible because that way
individual donations would be tax-deductible and might make the organization
more attractive for donors. However, a 501(c)(3) may be too limited in its
mission. I simply don't know.

Question #3: Should the organization be membership based?

My answer: I don't know for certain. I think my answer is yes though.

Question #4: What should the primary mission or missions of the
organization be? Please keep in mind that "mission creep" has caused
trouble for other organizations.

My answer: I see ratings and the regulation of rules, the resolution of
rule disputes, and TD certification to be the basic missions. I would also
like to see a central source of information, primarily supported by an easy
to use Website, which supports the promotion of chess in the United States.
This information would be useful to those who are seeking venues for playing
chess both OTB and online. It would help people find chess clubs and
tournaments. It would help those who are interesting in improving their
chess, and those who are interested in starting or improving a chess club,
and those who might want to hold tournaments.

Question #5: Should this organization be in the B&E business?

My answer: only if the members demand it and will subsidize it OR it makes
a REAL profit that is used to support those part of the mission which are
not profitable.

Question #6: should this organization be tech-savvy?

My answer: YES! It's a good way to keep costs down and customer
satisfaction up.

Question #7: should this organization have a Board of Delegates?

My answer: I think the answer is no. A BOD strikes me as an unnecessary
expense (there is an interesting counter argument to this, though, which I
recently heard. Can you guess what it is?), and I question the value of a
governing body that meets only 2 days a year. If the organization is
membership based, I think an annual membership meeting is desirable, but I
don't know what it's structure would be.

Question #8: should this organization publish a magazine?

My answer: I don't know. If the membership demands it, the answer is yes.

Other are welcomed to add to this list and provide their own answers to the
questions I posed.


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Old August 9th 03, 07:47 PM
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Default Where Shall We Meet?

Question #4: What should the primary mission or missions of the
organization be? Please keep in mind that "mission creep" has caused
trouble for other organizations.


Is this in line with what you are suggesting?

Focus Areas: Regulate chess in America: The USCF is the national governing body
for chess in the United States and thus maintains rules of play, standards,
ratings, as well as the highest principles of amateurism and sportsmanship that
provides participative leadership in the international arena. We encourage the
expansion of opportunities for meaningful participation by handicapped
individuals in all chess competition.

Possible Associated Programs: Rules Administration, TD Certification, Chess
Ratings, Chess Standards, Chess Scholarships

Focus Areas: Further chess development and literacy: The USCF is a
not-for-profit membership organization devoted to expanding the role of chess
in American society by advancing the development of chess as a means of
healthful recreation and mental fitness. We encourage the study and knowledge
of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art and enjoyment, but also as a
means for the improvement of society.

Possible Associated Programs: Chess Literacy, Chess Library/Repository, Chess
Magazine, Chess Information Publishing, Chess Education

Wayne Praeder

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Old August 9th 03, 08:36 PM
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Default Where Shall We Meet?

That's all very nice, Wayne. But this thread is intended to accumulate
ideas for a new chess federation which may or may not have the same or similar
missions as the USCF.
As of yesterday, I fell into the camp that believes the USCF is going to
fail sooner or later. Previously I had thought for a long time that it might
fail.. but now my operating assumption is that it will fail. Therefore, I
believe it is in the best interests of American chess in general to seriously
plan the development of a successor chess federation. We shouldn't wait for
the USCF to fail... because in that kind of emergency atmosphere the main
recovery effort will come from the core of USCF traditionalists who'll only
attempt to put back into place the broken but still familiar pieces that
insufficient to support the whole.
Now is the time to start thinking...and thinking hard. (RSHaas)
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Old August 10th 03, 12:56 AM
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Default Where Shall We Meet?

"Sorry, you don't own this thread or this newsgroup. If you want to post
about centralized revenue gifting for local OTB tournament organizers, their
districting, and no magazines have at it, but let others have conversations on
this topic also." (Wayne Prader)
No, of course I don't own the thread. I merely invited others to post ideas
for a new federation. You popped in with some USCF rah-rah. We all know that
drill. How 'bout popping in with something unique for once.
Meanwhile.. this thread is still short but notice that I have not yet
painted my favorite scheme onto this canvas. I think I'll lay off that scheme
until others have made some good contributions.

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Old August 10th 03, 04:14 AM
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Default USCF TNG

Only by changing how we think can we change deeply embedded policies and
practices. Only by changing how we interact can shared visions, shared
understandings, and new capacities for coordinated action be established.
[Peter Senge]


Perhaps a version of the standard organization self assessment questions would
help shed light on what the new organization needs to be. Question seven is
usually the key.

1. The current mission of the organization is to....Do you believe the mission
should be revisited? Why or why not?

2. What do you see as the most significant challenges to the organization in
the coming years?

3. What are the most significant opportunities?

4. In your view, what are the organizations primary and supporting
stakeholders, how will they change, and what do they value?

5. What needs to be learned from current and potential members in order to
better align the organization with their needs and wishes?

6. How does the organization measure success? Is the organization successful?
Why or why not?

7. What should be the organization's results in changed lives?

8. What programs should be strengthened, considered for abandonment, analyzed,
or added?

9. Are there internal systems that should be assessed for potential

10. Should the mission be changed?
If the present mission should be affirmed, why is that?
If the mission should be revised, what do you recommend?

11. What makes the organization unique? Are there true innovations the
organization should consider?

12. If it were up to you to set the organization's overarching goals for the
future, what would they be? How will these goals advance the mission?

Wayne Praeder

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