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Default An Eade Bestiary


By Larry Parr

In what follows Jim Eade arrives on the scene -- and not a minute
too late. Whatever that may mean.

Mr. Eade is like the pendulum in the pit. He can never make up
his mind which side of the pit he wishes to be on. He just swings back and
forth, back and forth.

For this posting, Mr. Eade has donned the white coat of the
analyst. He assures readers that he does not now hate this writer's person,
just as he earlier assured readers here on rgcp and over at the FIDE Group that
he did not hate the persons of this writer and Larry Evans and Yasser Seirawan
(to whom he wrote f-you).

The Eadian pendulum is far above those strapped down beneath his
would-be snickersnee. We are barely able to see the blade, so obscurely does
it lurk in the lofty heights of the pit. In a hysterical letter to the editor
in the 2003 September Chess Life, he accuses a recent USCF candidate of
"libelous defamation." (Hint: the candidate is not named, but his initials are

But there are other times when the blade comes slicing down with
whooshes of rages. Indeed, even in the following, relatively benign personal
attack, Mr. Eade lets the whetted edge show.

There is the "Lappy Parr" with which he begins; and there is also
the sly innuendo that I, too, molest children at the end. (We knewt our demand
of proof against Mr. Sloan would soon lead to this innuendo.) He calls Don
Schultz and I "partners in crime." Too, Mr. Eade cannot resist opining that if
he were as bad as we, in this instance Mr. Sloan and myself, he would hope that
someone would murder him or us. If we were analysts in white coats, we might
conclude that Mr. Eade is having violent fantasies. But we are not analysts in
white coats, and we will assume that he is merely having some bad,
old-fashioned fun.

There are other times when Mr. Eade's mental pendulum swings to the
other side, and the hate drips from the blade. The following is a reposting of
my "Bestiary Eadiensis," an earlier compendium of the man's attacks on this
writer and GM Evans because we opposed the FIDE drug code that he supported
while denying that he supported it.


By Larry Parr

“Also, I do not scream.?—Jim Eade, in a
message to the FIDE Advisory Committee (June 23, 2002; 1:12 a.m.)

“Sorry Larry, you’re busted. Oh, and by the
way, I’m going to keep busting you. You’ve done enough damage. It’s
time for you to do something constructive, like drive your boss to
lunch.?—Jim Eade, in a rgcp posting (June 19; 9:20 p.m.)

Someone has certainly been screaming.

In a series of rgcp postings and messages to the FIDE Advisory
Committee from June 15 through June 23, 2002, Jim Eade provided us with a
sampler of his advocacy and the quality of his mind. I think it not unfair to
say that Mr. Eade has produced a standard of advocacy that will become
acceptable – if it is accepted.

Throughout the last many days, GM Larry Evans and I have refused to
address Mr. Eade’s person. Our subject has been his performance as the zonal
president for the U. S. zone in FIDE. Mr. Eade charged that GM Evans called
him “spineless? and accused him of taking bribes, but he proved unable to
adduce a single instance in which GM Evans ever mentioned his name in regard to
either subject. Mr. Eade charged me with calling him “GM Eade? and
“bum.? He proved unable to produce a single sentence in which I ever
addressed his person, including the instances he cited.

What follows is A Bestiary Eadiensis, a quotation-by-quotation
portrait of either a man who lost his self-control or, as Mr. Eade would
probably assert, a man in perfect control, who discusses issues and who does
not, say, hurl ad hominem abuse at opponents and innocent third parties. After
all, why would someone who is in-control attack individuals who have nothing to
do with disputed points? Right?

Readers will notice that Mr. Eade goes through three phases in what
follows: 1. He speaks of “disdain? for this writer and GM Larry Evans, an
emotionally satisfying stance in which he claims to be above intellectual
concourse with such as ourselves; 2. He casts aside the mask of disdain,
emitting evidently anguished spasms of loathing, contempt and despising; and 3.
He reassumes the mask of disdain, announcing that he will no longer read what
this writer and, perhaps, GM Evans have to say.

What may we conclude about the quality of Mr. Eade’s mind, judging
by what follows?


One of Mr. Eade’s favorite phrases is “worse than dishonest,? whatever
that may mean. He employed it often during the days from June 15 through June
22. The earliest mention that I found occurred in a message to the FIDE
Advisory Committee of June 15 (11:31 pm.): “Any committee member writing
that we [our FIDE “team?] have not lobbied for U. S. interests in FIDE is
being worse than dishonest.?

Mr. Eade moved swiftly to discuss the issues with this critic. Wrote
Mr. Eade in a message to the FIDE Advisory Committee, “Just as with the HofF
[Hall of Fame] opening, I can look past my personal disdain of individuals, if
we have to work together for the sake of the organization? (June 17, 2002;
12:01 p.m.).

Our FIDE zonal president reinforced his assertion of disdain on the
same day in another message to the Advisory Committee at 1:42 p.m., when I am
addressed in the second person: “I wish to have nothing whatsoever to do
with you ... At those times, we must act professionally. In my case, this
means that I must hide my disdain and be polite.?

Later in the same message, Mr. Eade caps his phase of disdain by
switching to the third person: “I cannot do justice to the level of disdain
that I feel for the man [myself], and it has nothing to do with chess. Maybe
it’s just me.?

Yet even at the height of Eadian disdainery, there were hints that our
zonal president was uncomfortable repeatedly stating his disdain even as he
engaged this writer and GM Evans in dispute. For, in the same message which
contained the two preceding avowals of aloof scorn, he also wrote: “Parr is
a propagandist of the worst kind .... Parr has no shame .... What’s worse,
some would say that you’ve [switching to the second person] been bought, and
the currency is access not money. Bought. Lock, stock, and barrell [sic].?

Mr. Eade never explained the charge behind his smear that I had been
bought – lock, stock and “barrell? [sic]. He never told us who the
“some? were who “would say? that I had been bought and for what
purpose. However, he did level the smear in another message of that very
active June 17th. In a message listed at 10:41 p.m., as Mr. Eade’s long
night wore on, he wrote: “I find it ironic indeed that Parr would be so
offended by the possibility of bribery in FIDE. I think he needs to look to
himself. Some believe that he has been bought as surely as anyone. Parr’s
currency is information and access. Give it to him and you’ve got him.?

Later, Mr. Eade would have me actually purchasing information, thereby
paying for what I have been bought off by! But no matter, never mind – as
was said of the philosophical dispute between Bishop Berkeley and David Hume.
Mr. Eade was rolling.

In the same message of 10:41 p.m., Mr. Eade slipped out of his disdain
mask. He wrote, “I just think he is despicable.?

In Mr. Eade’s second phase of despising, contempt and loathing, the
man took to the rgcp airwaves. One of his earliest dialogues, if that it quite
the word, involved an exchange that I have dated as June 17, at 11:15 p.m. And
here, Mr. Eade decided to help drag in his first third party:

STAN BOOZ: “Parr would give anything [to] give up his job as Dato’s
lackey and return from that mitey ******** he presently [sic] resides in.?

MR. EADE: “Watching him in Miami at the opening of the Hall of Fame,
one got the definite impression Parr was his man-servant.?

MR. BOOZ: “Did you know that they are trying to take away bin
Larry’s given right to wear a spedo at the beach??

MR. EADE: “Such a pretty picture you paint! Egad!?

The 17th of June was a heady time for Mr. Eade. In another rgcp
posting, which I have timed at 11:10 p.m., though it probably came later, Mr.
Eade added the category of contempt to his contumely along with an expressive

Wrote Mr. Eade, “In my opinion, he [myself] is a dishonest man. He
may say what he will from this point forward, but I will always hold him in
contempt.? Then, a bit later in the same message, he wrote of GM Evans and
myself, “I hold such people in contempt.?

In this posting of 11:10 p.m., Mr. Eade also reiterated his latest
political theme of linking this writer with Sam Sloan: “Sloan and Parr rail
on about bribes, but many consider them bought and paid for themselves. Their
currency is not always money [earlier it was “not money?; now it is “not
always money?] but more likely access and information.?

When leveling a smear, Mr. Eade needs to keep straight what he is
charging. In the initial smear, money was not the currency. Later, it became
a possible currency. In the initial smear, "some? were saying that I had
been bought. Later it became “many? saying so. And, of course, Mr. Eade
never bothered to back up the smear with a charge. Namely, who did the buying
– and when and for what?

Mr. Eade then confronted a dilemma of indecision. “I cannot figure
out,? he wrote in the same message, “which one of them [Mr. Sloan and
myself] is the worst human being.? A few words later, though, he seemed to
make up his mind. “What an a-hole,? he wrote of yours truly.

There followed in the same posting: “Parr was an unpopular kid, who
learned that it was easier to be obnoxious, because no one was going to like
him anyway [not even my dog Shep?]. He continued to be unpopular, but, as did
Sam Sloan, he realized the advantage of having a USA passport in his pocket.
Congrats guys! I hope you’re proud.?

Readers will notice Mr. Eade’s reference to “a USA passport.?
This remark was a prelude to a later attack on my wife, which was so obvious
that even one of Mr. Eade’s rgcp allies picked up on it.

Enter Larry Evans’ person.

Mr. Eade interspersed numerous references to GM Evans in his attacks on
this writer, but GM Evans did not come into his own as a target until the
morning of June 18. Perhaps dappled and drowsy from his ejaculations of
personal abuse spewed at this writer, Mr. Eade changed his aim.

In a message of 9:54 a.m., Mr. Eade wrote, “To see a bitter old man
hiding behind his keyboard in Reno refer to Doyle as spineless is simply too
much.? He continued, “In my view, this makes Evans a hypocrite as well as
a propagandist.?

That may have seemed pretty tough on a “bitter old man.? Indeed,
Mr. Eade’s ally, Tim Redman, was obviously embarrassed. He wrote a short
message stating that during his visit in Reno with Larry and his artist wife,
he had failed to divine bitterness.

On the same day of June 18, 2002, at 1:08 p.m., Mr. Eade made this gracious
amende honorable: “Evans can’t possibly believe what he wrote, unless he
is a very warped individual. Perhaps he isn’t lying. Perhaps he really is
so messed up as to believe what he wrote. If that is the case, well, I guess I
have to feel sorry for him.?

Mr. Eade’s touching commiseration did not last long. On June 20 at
10:17 a.m., he wrote, “He [Larry Evans] IS telling a lie, assuming he has any
brains whatsoever .... Unless he is a complete idiot, he knows what he wrote
isn’t an opinion, but rather a fabrication.?

By June 20, Mr. Eade had tossed aside his disdain completely in this
message of 11:03 a.m.: “How I interact with people like Parr and Evans is a
completely different issue .... I hold them in complete contempt [earlier, the
contempt has not been “complete?]. However, if as was the case with the
Hall of Fame opening, I needed to interact with them diplomatically, there
would be no question that I would observe all forms and be unfailing [sic]
polite.? Pace Mr. Eade, GM Evans was not at the Hall of Fame opening and
failed to benefit from Mr. Eade’s assiduous application of diplomatic

Still, as hostile as Mr. Eade was to GM Evans and Sam Sloan (whose
mail he still reads), he seemed especially miffed yet also vamped by this
writer’s person. He could not keep off the subject. The disdain had waned.

Wrote Mr. Eade in an rgcp posting of June 19 (9:20 p.m.), “Larry was
and is an unpleasant man. He pretends to himself that he has cultivated this
image. Just as many nerds [poor nerds, they get it again!] before him have,
and many will in the future.?

“I am not alone in considering Parr to be an Imperialist,? he wrote
in a stunning non-sequitur. “The whole English Boarding school for my
daughters thing is a tip off. He must wish he was born in an age where he
could’ve be [sic] called Sahib.? Never mind that this writer has a son and
a daughter, because Mr. Eade was rolling. Something obviously wrong was being
done to my “daughters? – and that was that.

And no wonder! There was also, by clear implication, something wrong
with my Thai wife. “Just as with Sloan, we imagine,? wrote Mr. Eade, “no
sane U.S. woman would give him the time of day. So, they went elsewhere waving
their passports. Oh, how attractive. How proud they must be!?

Someone has certainly been doing himself proud here.

Continued Mr. Eade, once again drawn to my image: “I know that Parr
has carefully crafted a self-image that allows him to look at himself in the
mirror, but the problem is that deep down he knows he’s a fraud .... He, like
Sam Sloan, is a bad human being posing as a dissident reformer in order to live
with themselves at night.?

By now, the loathing, contempt and despising had eclipsed the earlier
claimed disdain. More rgcp dialogue, if that is quite the word, seemed just
the thing. In a posting of June 20 (1:16 p.m.), a constant ally of Mr.
Eade’s vouchsafed the opinion about a British boarding school for my
children: “Now Jim, there is nothing wrong with wanting a good classical
education for your children.? Mr. Eade half relented on this evidently
important issue for him, “Granted. The British Board school item is merely a
clue, which must be seen in context.?

As for Mr. Eade’s suggestion about the nature of the woman I had
married, his ally wrote, “Jim, this is unworthy of you. I don’t believe
Parr went wife-hunting for Asian women. And this is as much a insult to Mrs.
Parr as Larry. She doesn’t deserve that.?

The next day, Mr. Eade’s spasm began to subside. The word
“disdain? reappeared. On June 21 at 2:23 p.m. on rgcp, Mr. Eade wrote
almost clinically, “You all know what I think of Parr’s personality.?
And lest anyone imagine that Mr. Eade had lost control of himself, he added
earlier that same morning at 10:28 a.m., “I don’t hate Parr. I hate what
he does.?


As for GM Evans, Mr. Eade also dropped the hate words. On June 24 at
11:41 a.m., he simply wrote, “Shame on you.?

Someone certainly has shame on him, all right.

But let us give Mr. Eade the final thought, if not the final word:
“Parr foams at the mouth.?

Someone has certainly been foaming, all right.

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