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Default Another Alarie Snit

From the USCF Issues Forum:

by DACP on Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:22 pm #122176

Brian Mottershead wrote:
Donna Alarie poses as an independent, but she was allied with this group
[Dubeck], before she started working with Muradian and some of the
Polgar people.

Alarie replies:
I am continually amazed at how people who are so smart have no problem
in ascribing things to me of which they are clueless.

[clueless has become Donna's favorite term to belittle those who call
her on issues]

I'll be clear just so people understand. My philosophy of USCF matches
up quite a bit with Mr. Dubeck's. He promotes long-term preservation of
assets for the organization so the organization can survive for the
long-term. He is particularly concerned about the life membership assets
because that is the backbone of this organization - not just in terms of
money set aside but in terms of the same members who have cared enough
about this organization in order to invest it in the long-term.
Obviously. We're talking about a bequest from one of them. Of all the
members of USCF, Mr. Dubeck probably has the strongest understanding of
USCF's financial picture in my opinion as well as one of the most
esteemed opinions by other members and our discussions are usually about
those boring things called the financial statements. Also, I appreciate
the history lessons from him as to how this organization has gotten to
where it is today in efforts to understand that and not repeat some
mistakes that have been made in the past and to figure out where USCF
can go in the future. Those who don't care about the history are
destined to repeat it.

[It appears Mottershead was correct in his assessment of Ms. Alarie and

My philosophy also matches up quite a bit with Mr. Goichberg. I respect
the fact that he has done phenomenal things with tournament organization
and in my opinion is the undisputed leader in tournament chess. Since I
am an active chessplayer, CCA events is one of the first series of
events I will look at before deciding where to play because they are the
ones with the consistent history of being professionally run, paying
prizes as advertised, and in decent locations. I consider his
tournaments to be a form to be emulated and appreciated. He cares very
much about the tournament organizers and rated chess in the USA and I
appreciate that.

[This avoids the issue of Ms. Alarie's position on Goitchberg's running
of the USCF, particularly as to finances]

My philosophy also matches up with Sevan Muradian who is running events
on a consistent basis in order to promote norms which is something that
I have talked to Alex Relyea about doing in the New England area and
have often talked to Sevan about that possibility of trying to develop a
symbiotic relationship so to that we could promote each others events.
I've also had many discussions with Sevan regarding USCF's financials
and yes, these have extended to questions which I'm sure the answers go
back to Ms. Polgar and Mr. Truong. Just because some members of the EB
didn't value my opinion on the Finance Committee does not mean that I no
longer have opinions or that I should withhold them from others.

[I think knowingly using Mr. Muradian as a contuit to Polgar and Truong
to achieve her financial agenda is a more accurate reflection of the
situation as described to me by Ms. Alarie]

My philosophy also matches up with Ms. Polgar. While others consistently
berate her, I have seen what she has done for Scholastic Chess and her
efforts in college chess. I have downloaded her lessons for teaching
chess to kids and see quite a bit of merit in some of the exercises. In
my personal opinion, chess would have been better off if she had stayed
in that arena.

[Well, here is an example of losing ones moral compass. Who else did or
does good while doing not so good things? John Gotti gave to charity
and put on marvelous July 4th parties in Brooklyn every year. The
President of FIDE is another example by some Russian journalist's
accounts. You get what I mean, no doubt]

It seems to be that some individuals believe that the only way to build
things up is to tear others down. At some point, there has to be a
substitute. If one is going to tear down, let's hear what that
individual proposes to build up in its place. It's one thing to say that
you don't like another idea, but the chessplayers and members really are
getting tired of hearing about how horrible someone else is or all about
their ulterior motives. We'd like to hear about what can be done to make
chess stronger and fun again - that's why we got involved - it's because
we thought we could make a difference, we thought our efforts to do the
right things would be appreciated and we thought that USCF and chess
would be better because of our involvement.

[It didn't seem to me that Mr. Motterhead was tearing Ms. Alarie
down--just stating a fairly informed opinion of Ms. Alarie's political
position within the USCF--fairly accurate, too]

Mr. Redman has put up a solid proposal. I'm not sure whether I agree
with it or not, but you know, it's a proposal which has a basis in
business principles. I'd like to hear more of those sorts of things and
less about what someone "thinks" he knows.

[Thinks he knows? ****y, ****y. Oops!]

Donna Alarie
Massachusetts Delegate
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