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Default For George, the Trolgar Acolyte

George, Trolgar supporter extraordinaire on the USCF Issues Forum,
bemoans the legal expenses the USCF is suffering due to the Trolgar
legal actions. Some suggestions for George to do that might help.

I suggest that you do four things, George.

1. Tell Susan to drop her Lubbock action which is frivolous in the
extreme. Parenthetically, once the USCF prevails in that action, the
USCF (and other defendants as well) can commence an action against Susan
for malicious prosecution and recover money for the legal costs and
other consequential damages flowing from her action.

2. In the California action, tell Susan to be honest and admit the
wrongdoing she knows she has done, take the consequences and move on.
Parenthetically again, one of the USCF's causes of action provides for
statutory damages of $1 million. That will help the USCF bottom line.

3. Tell Susan and Paul to resign from the board now to save the USCF the
legal fees needed to pay for the Illinois action to remove them from the
board for cause.

4. In the meantime, buy lots of stuff from USCF Sales and ask Susan to
request of her friend Hannon that he quickly pay what becomes due and
owing to the USCF.
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Default For George, the Trolgar Acolyte

Originally Posted by George
I refuse to take sides in the legal proceedings. I do
not want any finger pointing in this thread. OK lets proceed.

We have 2 factions sitting as members of the EB fighting with each
other and costing the membership to pay huge lawyer fees for them to
fight each other. I found this statement on the internet. It does
not matter who said it. I want to look at the statement itself.

According to what I read, the USCF spent about $180,000 in
legal fees so far this fiscal year without a single trial yet. Once
these cases get to trial, the legal costs will likely go above
The above would be over the first 7 months of the fiscal year. Well
that is what I presume. I do not know if the above it true but it
does come from a member of the EB so it carries some weight.

Here is what I want to discuss. Imagine a thought experiment.
Einstein did thought experiments. Anyway. Imagine that the lawsuits
ended immediately and we were offered the $180,000 as a refund but
each side gets half. I use half as a central compromise. remember no
taking sides here. So the USCF would immediately have $90,000 more in
the bank and no future costs for the lawsuits. Of course if the USCF
had been smart and not got started on the lawsuits in the first place
we would have $180,000 more cash in the bank right now today. Well
and good that a few people on these forums enjoy fighting and the
membership pays $180,000 for them to fight. If these members want to
fight then let them pay out of their own personal pockets. The USCF
should not be paying for fighting.

I have stated my position several times on this forum. I want an
immediate end to the spending on lawyers. I want a neutral dropping
of all lawsuits. NO MORE FIGHTING. I want a return to promoting
chess. I am NOT HAPPY with losing my Life Membership paper copy of
Chess Life so lawyers can live the rich life on $180,000 of the
membership assets.

I do NOT give a flying ping pong ball who is right or wrong in the
fights. I want an end to the childish fighting. I want people to
love each other.

I will not support Susan in fighting with the USCF. I will not
support those who fight against Susan. I will support those who will
work for an immediate end to the war. I will support those who
recognize and work toward ending giving one more penny to lawyers.
The assets and money that the USCF has is intended for promoting chess
in America NOT for helping lawyers to live a life of luxury.

I feel it is a breach of feduciary responsibility to continue the
lawsuits. It is proper service to USCF to find a solution to the
fighting and end the fighting.

It is NOT acceptable to blame either side for the spending of the
money in this thread. Trying to assign blame is keeping the fighting
going. We need to simply make the decision to settle the issues. We
need to tuck in our ego and get back to chess.

I am here to point out that $180,000 over 7 months is not acceptable.
We have no right to blow the Life Membership assets. We are opening
ourself to a lawsuit by the Life Membership. It will never end if we
keep fighting. The end of the war comes when people stop fighting.

I invite all candidates to EB next election to join with me in running
on a campaign to end the lawsuits.
Hey. I have a great idea of how we can settle this entire matter

Susan and Truong resign from the board and agree to pay back half, or
$90,000, of the attorney's fees that they have cost the USCF.

How about it George?

Sam Sloan
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