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Default Allen Priest Claims that he is not a Goichberg Lackey, but he is

Over on the USCF Issues Forum Allen Priest vehemently protested the
statements made here that he suspended me at the behest of Goichberg.
Priest claims that he masde his three judgments to suspend me
independantly of Goichberg and therefore he is not Goichberg's toady.

However, everybody familiar with the views of Allen Priest knew the
moment that Goichberg appointed him as Chairman of the Forum Oversight
Committee that the purpose of the appointment was to ban me from
posting to the USCF Issues Forum where Goichberg considers me to be a
thorn in his side.

Thus, Allen Priest may think that he is not Goichberg's lackey, but he

Indeed in the short span of about two weeks since Allen Priest was
appointed Chairman he has unheald the suspensions of me. He even
suggested suspending me for one year until Tim Sawmiller politely
informed him that that would be illegal.

Going back, to the first meeting of the new Executive Board in Dallas
in August 2008, the former chairman Louis Blair asked for changes in
the rules such that if a forum member was sanctioned or suspended for
a post the moderators found to be a violation of the AUG, the forum
member could not be sanctioned or suspended again for the same
posting. In other words, a forum member could not be punished twice
for the same "crime".

The Goichberg board agreed to this very reasonable rule and it passed.
However, later Goichberg found out that the result of this change
would be that both Brian Lafferty and myself would be taken off the
moderator queue and allowed to post freely again, because we had both
been suspended more than once for the same supposedly objectionable
postings months ago.

For that reason, Goichberg "reinterpreted" rules in such as way as to
put myself and Lafferty back into the moderators queue again.

These incidents led Goichberg to make Allen Priest Chairman of the FOC
because he knew that Allen Priest would suspend Sam Sloan. This meant
that Professor Louis Blair would be outvoted by the new Goichberg

To his credit, Allen Priest has fulfilled his promise and done the job
that Allen Priest was appointed to do. One must always respect a
person who does the job he was hired to do.

Allen Priest is a 654 rated chess player (this is not a typo) who
first joined the USCF in 2003 and then only briefly. He has no
knowledge of the sordid history of this organization. Yet he spoke
most often and at far greater length than anybody else at the USCF
Delegates Meeting in Dallas, even though this was the first USCF
meeting he had ever attended and he had no idea of the issues he was
taking about.

Without ado, here is what the 654 rated Allen Priest has to say about

Sam Sloan

by Allen on Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:28 pm #129504
It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Sloan has accused me of
preventing his posting of material on this board. Specifically his
language would appear to be "I am blocked from posting this
information to the USCF Issues Forum by
Order of Allen Priest who was recently appointed Chairman of the Forum
Oversight Committee by Bill Goichberg."

Either through a lack of understanding of the process or through a
neglect of attention to the facts, Mr. Sloan has mis-stated the
process. The why that the forums work has been posted by one of the

Regardless of the reason Mr. Sloan has not posted corerct informaiton
Mr . Sloan was suspended from posting at the last week due to a level
2 sanction imposed by the Moderation Committee, not the Forum
Oversight Committee. That sanction went into effect when it was posted
in the announcements section of the Forums on February 19th. The MOC
is the only body that can impose sanctions. I am not a member of the
MOC and had nothing to do with imposing any sanctions on Mr. Sloan.

Mr. Sloan appealed the sanction to the FOC which voted 5-0 with an
additional member supporting a sanction but asking for a level 1
sanction and another not voting. I am the chair of the FOC

The L1 sanction suspends posting privileges for 3 days. The L2
sanction suspends posting for 1 week.

The sanction was imposed by the MOC due to a post made into the
moderation queue which was determined to be a violation of the AUG.
Had the MOC waited and accumulated several such postings they could
have imposed a level 4 sanction that would have suspended his posting
privileges for one year. You would have to ask them why they chose to
deal with Mr. Sloan in the manner they did.

EDITED - to correct sanction periods
Last edited by Allen on Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:48 pm, edited 1 time in

Postby tsawmiller on Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:43 pm #129506
Correction, a Level 2 sanction is only seven days.
Sam is eligible to return to Moderation Queue status no earlier than
Friday, February 26, 2009.

by Allen on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:54 am #129570
There is a further misstatment by Mr. Sloan. I was not appointed by
the president. I was appointed by a 6-0 vote of the EB as has been
previously posted in the Forums. The changes in the AUG, changes in
the FOC/MOC staff and clarification of the different roles of those
two bodies were also approved by the EB by that same vote as I
understand it.

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