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Old April 19th 04, 03:45 PM
Sam Sloan
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Default World Women's Chess Championship "Crisis"

Very interesting. I know a little bit about this situation because I
have visited Georgia three times and have been to both Tbilisi and

There is a near state of civil war going on right now between Tbilisi
and Batumi. The leader of each has been accused of plotting the
assassination of the other.

Now, this has spilled over into chess. The Woman's World Chess
Championship, one of those Kirsan knock-out events, was supposed to
have been held in Tbilisi. However, Tbilisi could not come up with the
money, so Batumi has offered to host it instead. Batumi has one of the
world's most energetic chess organizers.

However, because of the state of near civil war, Tbilisi objects to
the holding of the event in Batumi. "TBILISI. April 17 (Interfax) -
Georgia's Culture and Sports Minister Giorgi Gabashvili said on
Saturday that a women's world chess championship planned for next
month in Batumi would have to be canceled because of "the crime
situation in Ajaria."

However, the chess players disagree. They say that there is no crime
problem in Batumi. They feel perfectly safe there. Georgia's leading
grandmasters, Azmaiparashvili and Gaprindashvili, have held a press
conference stating that.

Batumi is located in Ajaria. One point which confused me at first
concerns the fact that Ajaria is a different place from Abkhazia.
Abkhazia, where Sukhumi is located, is a complete break-away province
which has its own passports, government and customs check-points.
Ajaria on the other hand still considers itself to be part of Georgia.

Sam Sloan
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Old April 19th 04, 05:26 PM
Chess One
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Default World Women's Chess Championship "Crisis"

Don, Please note that the Gentleman named as #2 in the Government at

is also President of the Russian Chess federation. Confusingly TASS has
pasted the same photo image onto his and another name in the new Government.

"KidDon" wrote in message
See links:

I note that there is a slight apprehension about the venue "a dangerous and
hardly predictable situation now exists in Adzharia, illicit armed units are
active there, the opposition is being persecuted and journalists are being

Perhaps the alternative site of Libya will win out, or I make another
suggestion below.

Commenting on the above Ilyumzhinov said "This is an interior affair of the
Georgian chess federation,"

Whom I must presume have their own para-military chess police.

Ignoring all of this, Interior Minister Jemal Gogitidze said there were no
armed groups at all in the autonomous republic! And it was all politics!

Maybe for security reasons the USCF should offer to host the event in

Phil Innes

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Old April 19th 04, 08:36 PM
Angelo DePalma
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Default World Women's Chess Championship "Crisis"

FIDE should hold both championships in downtown Faluja. They can hire
Qadaffi, a couple of Iranian ayatollas, and North Korea's Il (the only world
leader, to my knowledge, whose last name is a homonym for his state of mind)
as arbiters. The closing ceremony will be fantastic -- people blowing
themselves up and stuff. Just think of the $$ FIDE will save in prizes after
all the participants are dead.

"KidDon" wrote in message
See links:

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