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Old May 20th 04, 08:02 AM
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Default The Tale of the USCF Pencils

There it was.
Right in the spreadsheet, Item P982, US Chess Pencils, Cost per Unit $.20.

USCF's cost for pencils was $.20 cents.
Having purchased thousands of pencils myself over the years, that seemed just a
bit high.
So there I was in my google search.
It was desperately hard. I typed in "pencils" and up sprang,
"Personalized Pencils As low as 0.09 cents each
Save a lot of money with us!"
As you can see, this was very difficult to track down!

Of course, you could not expect USCF management to care about a little thing
like pencils. After all, they were only spending $.20 each, but maybe there
was another explanation as to why they would waste say $1000 on a $2000
When you are rolling in money, there is no reason to tighten your belt or look
for the best deal.
Perhaps a specialty pencil company sprang up suddenly and lo and behold it had
a connection to a long time friend of the federation.
Why not give him the business so he can give USCF the business.
Or perhaps someone suggested the USCF do business with a certain company where
somebody had a brother in law.

I don't know and it looks like the EB would rather hide behind the obfuscations
of people like Mike (look out for the lightning) Nolan who never met a conflict
of interest that he could not fog over.

Now maybe, USCF just innocently paid double the going rate for its pencils, but
when this happens multiple times with multiple products and USCF is losing its
shirt (Hall of Fame $25 wholesale), well perhaps some questions should be

With the LMA long gone except for USCF's empty promise to pay... someday...
without a payment schedule, without an interest rate, without a snowball's
chance in hell that it will ever happen, or even the least amount of
recognition that repayment is due by the current crop of candidates, maybe some
time ago human nature took over and people discovered they could make a few
bucks at USCF's expense on a something like pencils or Hall of Fame polo shirts
or House of the Middleman Chess sets. After all, USCF's national anthem is
"let's put this thing behind us" which beat out our Insiders chorus singing
"all fer me and nuttin fer you".

The assumption is no one will care for fear of rocking the boat. After all,
they might lose their committee assignments. Satan is actually overbooked from
all the chess player politicians who sold their souls so cheaply.

Follow the money.


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Old May 21st 04, 02:31 AM
The Masked Bishop
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Default The Tale of the USCF Pencils

They are a special unique pencil design, carved in the shape of a
chess knight copyrighted by the House of Pencils.

Personally designed by Frank "Drop-Ship" Camarretta, the prototype of
which was loving carved in scrimshaw, of which salty Frank is also a
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