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Default Sam vs. Ramitha Sai Ravishankar

Here is my game against a 12-year-old girl from India. I do not take games against 12-year-old girls from India lightly especially after the result of a 13-year-old girl from India in the US Woman's Championship where she defeated three woman grandmasters.

In this game I had a bad position for a long time but struggled out. When I finally reached what seemed to me a winning position on move 45 she offered me a draw. I told her it is impolite to offer a draw when you obviously have a lost position against a much higher rated player. As it turned out, although I seemed to be winning I could not and still cannot find a way to win this game. See if you can find one. Perhaps 55. Kg4 instead of 55. g6 might do it.

After the game she said that she had missed 65. ... Rg5+ winning my queen for a rook. However, that was actually my plan to sacrifice my queen for a rook because my rook plus two pawns might be able to go for a touchdown.

[Event "US Amateur Championship East"]
[Site "Morristown NJ USA"]
[Date "2014.05.24"]
[Round "01"]
[White "Sloan, Sam"]
[Black "Ravishankar, Ramitha Sai"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.g4 d5 2.Bg2 c6 3.h3 e5 4.e4 d4 5.d3 Be6 6.f4 exf4 7.Bxf4 Bd6 8.Qd2 Bxf4 9..Qxf4 Ne7 10.Nf3 Ng6 11.Qg3 c5 12.O-O Nc6 13.Nbd2 Qb6 14.Nc4 Bxc4 15.dxc4 h6 16.b3 O-O-O 17.a4 Rhe8 18.Rae1 f6 19.Nd2 Nge5 20.Rf5 Nf7 21.Rd5 Nb4 22.Rxd8+ Qxd8 23.c3 dxc3 24.Qxc3 Nd3 25.Re3 Nf4 26.Bf1 Nd6 27.e5 Qe7 28.Qa5 b6 29.Qc3 fxe5 30.Nf3 Nf7 31.Kh2 Qd6 32.Bd3 Nxd3 33.Rxd3 Qc7 34.Kh1 Qc6 35.Rd5 e4 36.Qxg7 exf3 37.Qxf7 Re1+ 38.Kh2 Re2+ 39.Kg3 f2 40.Kg2 Ra2 41.Kf1 a5 42.Qf8+ Kb7 43.Qf3 Ra1+ 44.Kxf2 Ra2+ 45.Kf1 Ra1+ 46.Kg2 Ra2+ 47.Kg3 Qc7+ 48.Kh4 Qe7+ 49.Kh5 Qe8+ 50.Kxh6 Qh8+ 51.Kg5 Qg7+ 52.Kh4 Qe7+ 53.g5 Qe1+ 54.Kh5 Qe8+ 55.g6 Qh8+ 56.Kg5 Ka6 57.h4 Qe8 58.h5 Re2 59.Rf5 Qd8+ 60.Rf6 Re5+ 61.Kg4 Qd4+ 62.Rf4 Qg1+ 63.Qg3 Qd1+ 64.Qf3 Qg1+ 65.Qg3 Qd1+ 66.Rf3 Qd4+ 67.Kh3 Rxh5+ 68.Kg2 Qd2+ 69.Rf2 Qg5 70.Rf3 Qd2+ 71.Rf2 Qg5 72.g7 Qxg3+ 73.Kxg3 Rg5+ 74.Kf4 Rxg7 75.Ke4 Rg5 76.Rf3 Rh5 77.Rg3 Kb7 78.Rg7+ Ka6 79.Rg3 Kb7 80.Kf4 Ka6 81.Re3 Kb7 82.Kg4 Rh6 83.Kg5 Rd6 84.Kf5 Ka6 85.Ke5 Rh6 86.Kd5 Rg6 87.Rh3 Rf6 88.Ke4 Rg6 89.Rf3 Rh6 90.Rg3 Rf6 91.Rf3 Rh6 92.Ke5 Rg6 1/2-1/2
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