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Old May 28th 04, 03:02 AM
Liam Too
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Default message for Goran Tomic

(Sam Sloan) wrote in message ...
I have posted thousands of words on this group and there

is no excuse for misquoting me. --Sam Sloan

I really did misqoute you Sam, although I'm still searching.
It was Nick who did all the attacks on you as written on your
exchanges with him as follows:

Lance Smith

================================================== ==

Subject: Who is Nick?
Date: 25 Mar 2004 15:27:38 -0800

When Nick started posting here, I thought he was somebody new.

Now, I believe that he is one of these anonymous posters who keep
reappearing under different names and personalities. One reason
why I feel this way is that he attacks me every day--Sam Sloan

"For the record, it's *not* been 'every day', *not* even on
'most days'. Sam Sloan's evident paranoia seems to be coming
out again."--Nick

without apparently knowing me and without any reason that

I can think of.--Sam Sloan

"Here's a hint for the 'intellectually inquisitive' Sam Sloan:

1) Sam Sloan has written many false statements.
2) Like many other readers here, I tend to object to his false
3) Sometimes I have cited sufficient evidence to prove that
Sam Sloan has made another false statement.
4) Sam Sloan seems to regard any writer who does (3) as
'attacking' him.

My advice to Sam Sloan is for him to stop making false
statements. Then he should be able to complain less about
other writers who cite evidence to prove that he has been
making those false statements."--Nick
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Old May 28th 04, 03:32 PM
Liam Too
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Default message for Goran Tomic

(Sam Sloan) wrote in message ...

I strongly object to anybody who claims to paraphrase what I wrote and
then puts quotation remarks around it.

I have no objection to anybody who quotes what I actually did write.

The worst offender was Bruce Draney, who constantly claimed that I had
written things that I had never written. Then, when I called him on
it, he would claim that what I wrote amounted to the same thing, when
in reality what I had written was often exactly the opposite.

I have posted thousands of words on this group and there is no excuse
for misquoting me.

Sam Sloan

Edward David told me verbally at work that you called him 'idiot' at
one time or another in you brief encounter with him here in RGC. That
may not be the word 'dimwit' but it's a synonym.

You were so civil though with Nick. After all his apparent flames, you
never called him anything bad. However, when Nick was in alliance with
Neil Brennen, you wrote the following:

Lance Smith

================================================== ============
(Sam Sloan)
Subject: Sloan Throws Down the Gauntlet Again
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 17:46:35 GMT

As I think almost everybody has observed by now, I do not respond to
personal attacks.

That was:

1. An obscene posting
2. A personal attack
3. Which had nothing to do with chess
and 4. Took place two years ago.

Meanwhile, Matt, John Fernandez, Neil Brennen and the rest of their
gang lie every day. I do not need to go back more than a week to
collect a bunch of their posts which contain lies.

Sam Sloan
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