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Old June 19th 04, 09:45 PM
Internet GM Loyd Turton
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Default Anal Fischer and Big Wide Shark!

Weak players like Brennan, Nemmers, Kingston, Brock, Dr. STD, Albin
cant write great chess litter-ature like "GM" Tomic can.

Steal a light (3)

Bobby Fischer and Big Wide Shark

Have you read very interesting article - Boris Spassky: Notes From
Underground, By Al Lawrence Chess Life July 2003? If no, no need read
it, I will steal it soon for Pickpocketchess website. But hear are
some intereesting cities:

(Snip extensive quoting from a far better writer)

After the first half of the match, I suggested we swim around Sveti
“Is it possible that there are any sharks?” Bobby wanted
to know. “No, no,
no.” I said. “But once, over 40 years ago, there was one
shark that bit one
student.” So Bobby said no.


It's interesting that Bobby was right in this chat about swimming,
like he rite about so many other things. That year
and several years after that match it perceived a big wide shark near
place. That shark is so called "White dead", just like ethic groups we
Serbians clean up. Have you have seen "Jaws"? If no, I have bootleg
copy I sell you, I copy hear from DVD in Serbia. You
can perceive how much big wide shark can be dangerous, so maybe if
Fischer had accepted
Spassky's offer to swim around the Sveti Stefan, maybe the second half
the match wouldn't have been played! Then Bobby couldn't give
wonderful Radio Bimbo interviews if he eatn big wide shark!

Since Bobby talk **** all the time, like me, only with better English,
I see how big wide shark can prove danger to Fischer. Big fish like
stuff like that in water. It draw big wide shark. So I can be
perceived big wide shark for **** I write about Fischer on newsgroup!
Could somebody have
trained big wide shark? No, it is naturally trained.

Copyright 2003, 2004 Internet GM Goran Tomic. All rights reserved.
This article is protected by international copyright laws as
intellectual property, and may not be reproduced in any medium
electronic or print or otherwise, quoted either in entirety or
excerpted, or otherwise used without written approval of the author.
Use of article for parody purposes is strictly forbidden under Serbian
law; violators will have the address of their ISP published on rgcp.
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Old June 20th 04, 08:00 AM
Goran Tomic
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Default Anal Fischer and Big Wide Shark!

Neil Brennen ("Historian for the Pennsylvania State Chess Federation") or or
"Spam Scone" or "GMGoRanTOMIC", or "Internet GM Loyd Turton"
or "Clown from Atlanta" or "Neil the Clown" wrote
in message ...............


Thanks for publishing my article.

So, as I see you like very much Pakistan chess site, where I have regular column Srike a light. Today,
I'll write another article.

Thanks "Neil the Clown", and continue to publish my texts on chess
newsgroups. If you continue you' could became my chess historian...

Goran Tomic

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