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Old June 23rd 04, 07:44 AM
Isidor Gunsberg
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Default The more things change, the more things stay the same!

In 1936, Jewish members of the US Olympic team were replaced at the
last minute. They were forced to stay home, and were not allowed to
compete for medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This was done out of
sheer expediency, in order to avoid offending the sensibilities of the
Nazis, who would have exhibited grat chagrin at having to host Jews
while treating them as equals. AS galling as it was to the Nazis to
get whupped by Jesse Owens, imagine the humiliation on the part of the
Nazis, from getting beaten by Jewish athletes.

The USOC could have boycotted the games, and doing so might have
been a gesture that would have helped to bolster world opinion against
Hitler and his Nazi. Instead, the path of ingratiation and appeasement
was set.

Nearly 70 years later, an analogous situation arises...with the
results being the same. The USCF offers perfunctory expressions of
concern, but in the end follows the path of accomodation. And for
what? So a few American chessplayers can bring home 10 or 20 Thousand
$$ (less the 20% FIDE tax)?

Such venality! Hopefully, the FIDE house of cards will fall soon
enough. The USCF still is rife with self-serving opportunists, and the
liklihood of a serious stance being taken in favor of reform is
practically nil.
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Old June 23rd 04, 03:18 PM
Doctor SBD
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Default The more things change, the more things stay the same!

I recall an incident with the 4X100 meter relay, in which a Jewish runner was
replaced at the last moment, but I don't remember the American Jews staying
home in 1936, except maybe for some who stayed home voluntarily and
participated in an alternative to the games.. I have several books on the 1936
Olympics and will look this up.

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Old June 23rd 04, 07:57 PM
Doctor SBD
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Default The more things change, the more things stay the same!

I hope you'll not be offended on my appeal to you. Please, Doctor Liar,
leave us without your reminiscences. Are you paid for such considerations?
Take care about your business, your family and don't forget that's the chess

No you cannot offend me any more than you already have.

As to your suggestion- you go away, weak player.

The post was trying to draw a parallel between the 1936 games and today's WCC.
So I responded appropriately; you, our court jester of rgcp apparently cannot,
as Mr. Kingston said, hit a nail without bashing your own thumb.

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