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  1. Long Term Critics are starting to talk about voting for Sloan
  2. USCF vs. Polgar: Mediation Conference Held on March 13
  3. Monte Carlo for Go
  4. Any computer chess championships coming up soon ?
  5. [LINUX] Crafty 20.14 fails to compile
  6. [LINUX] Crafty 20.14 fails
  7. Prizewinner at 2008 Miami Open Complains: Still No action takenagainst Candidates who failed to pay Guaranteed Prizes
  8. PM From Sam Sloan to Terry Winchester
  9. Question for the Candidates about the Future Role of Polgar andTruong
  10. What's the best way to use CM10 to improve?
  11. Topic disapproved - "Sizing up the candidates"
  12. Re: USCF Possible Anticipatory Breach of Contract?
  13. New features
  14. Sam Sloan Teaches A+ 50 Helpful Questions
  15. Paul Truong sued again, this time in Lubbock, Texas
  16. Help: Can't Switch engines in Chess Assistant 6.1
  17. 6 endgame tablebases worth it?
  18. USCF's attorney subpoena the subpoenas
  19. FICS
  20. Chess Made Simple by Milton L. Hanauer
  21. My first chess program.
  22. Goichberg Makes a Good Point
  23. CM 10th
  24. Scid 3.7 released (chess database and playing software)
  25. JBremboCE can now play with white pieces and wild chess games
  26. Mediation Ordered in Polgar vs. USCF by San Francisco Judge
  27. Re: Fritz/Rybka does not install
  28. Rybka/Fritz does not install
  29. FICS server down?
  30. Motion to Second Circuit in Sloan vs.Truong, 08-5813-cv
  31. Allen Priest Claims that he is not a Goichberg Lackey, but he is
  32. Sizing up the candidates
  33. Ishi Press now has 66 books in print
  34. What is good chess software that allows me to keep the queen
  35. ChessBase Light Percentages
  36. Re: San Francisco Cout Hearing Held
  37. Chessmaster Characters
  38. Chess Assistant 6 patch required
  39. Re: Tanstaafl Finally Starts to See the Light
  40. Polgar vs. USCF, Motions to Dismiss Granted in Part, Denied in Part
  41. Current world's smallest chess program
  42. Re: Nf3 is the best, perfect first move
  43. Re: Sam Sloan's Candidates Statement for USCF Election
  44. Re: Sam Sloan's Candidates Statement for USCF Election
  45. Sam Sloan for USCF Board Campaign has created a Flyer
  46. BINFO 200603388 Dated 2006-08-28 by Bill Goichberg entitled "LegalThreats from Polgar and Truong"
  47. The 2 numbers in the DEPTH column
  48. The USCF's Lawsuit Problem
  49. Integer Game Notation (IGN) - a way to encode PI game states
  50. Simple opening book for my chess applet
  51. Game Tree Programming Idea: Selectivity via modified alpha-betapruning
  52. Statement by Bill Hall on the Blas Lugo, 2008 Miami Open Controversy
  53. Please add me to all your email lists
  54. Fun engine?
  55. Human vs Cisana's applet
  56. BrutalChess w/tweaked colors
  57. New address for JBremboCE
  58. Susan Polgar to give Simul in Peoria, Arizona !!!
  59. Questions for Blas Lugo and Eric Hecht
  60. Re: Nf3 is the best, perfect first move
  61. Re: Chess Tournament Next Week, $200 PRIZE. Anyone down to play?
  62. Candidacy of Brian Mottershead
  63. How can we campaign against somebody who controls the moderators?
  64. Chess Tournament Next Week, $200 PRIZE. Anyone down to play?
  65. Re: Nf3 is the best, perfect first move
  66. Re: Bug removed.
  67. Re: Bug removed.
  68. Brian Mottershead and the supposed "NDA"
  69. Chess Applet
  70. Letter from the Lawfirm of Loney and Looney Demanding that the USCFMove to Crossville
  71. Junior 10 = David Bronstein
  72. Mottershead Plans to Give Away Chess Life magazine for FREE
  73. Comparing Gov. Blagojevich to Paul Truong
  74. Re: Management Question for the Candidates
  75. Lotto PLAYERS
  76. Gregory Alexander has a new attorney
  77. Arena 2.0.1
  78. Motion in Sloan vs. Truong, Brock et al posted to rapidshare
  79. Rybka 3 = Bobby Fischer?
  80. output chess diagrams for every move?
  81. Grant Perks Caught in a Lie
  82. Re: Help bot wins the Master Level.
  83. Membership Lapses of the Candidates
  84. A Post that USCF Forum Members Are Not Allowed to Read
  85. Goichberg and the Seven Lawsuit
  86. Re: Epilogue to the Fischer - Spassky Match
  87. Re: Was Bobby Fischer the Greatest Player Ever?
  88. Play at the World's Largest Chess Club- $2 welcome Bonus Free, Nodeposit required!
  89. Re: Innes Misrepresents Nunn? (was: Was Bobby Fischer the GreatestPlayer Ever?)
  90. Best portable or handheld chess game?
  91. If the Polgar Slate wins, would they have the right to drop thelawsuit?
  92. Haring is Running for the Board
  93. Unofficial Candidates List
  94. Why was the Evidence against Paul and Susan Late in Coming Out?
  95. chess and grid computing
  98. Is this "Our" Gregory Alexander?
  99. Polgar writes, "they have crossed the line when they went after mecriminally"
  100. Kasparov vs Karpov I990 24 game match , the names of theiropenings
  101. Goichberg Chases off a Candidate for Executive Board Election
  102. Multiplayerchess.org: play multiplayer chess anywhere
  106. USCF vs. Polgar makes today's New York Times
  107. Susan Polgar's Open Forum today
  108. Candidate Brian Lafferty wants to involve the USCF in another lawsuit
  109. Re: Will Sam Sloan Pull A Polgar or Do the Right Thing
  110. Bill Goichberg and "One Man One Vote"
  111. Michael Atkins is Running for the Board
  112. Chess computer vs Human!
  113. Convekta Question
  114. Could someone Sam Sloan for excess bandwidth costs ??
  115. Candidate Brian Mottershead Sticks his Fist into the Tar-Baby
  116. Re: What Is Redman's Real Agenda?
  117. Mortgage Proposal from LMA Chair
  118. Scid 3.7 pre-release (free chess database and training software)
  119. Relieability/Stability of Chessbase Reader / Fritz Trainer
  120. Will the Goichberg Strategy Backfire?
  121. Questions for Candidates for the Board
  122. Re: Britan Lafferty's candidacy
  123. Re: Lubbock Newspaper Reports: Polgar "has no plans to resign"
  124. Re: Rob the Robber to Run for USCF Executive Board
  125. Lubbock Newspaper Reports: Polgar "has no plans to resign"
  126. Re: Finally, at long last, the USCF Sues to Remove Polgar and Truong
  127. Text of Complaint in USCF v. Polgar, Springfield IL, Case No.2008MR000751
  128. What is the best way to use a computer chess program to actually getbetter?
  129. Chess Programming: Quescent search
  130. A Rare but Important Posting by Bill Hall
  131. Finally, at long last, the USCF Sues to Remove Polgar and Truong
  132. Chess Assistant 10 Querstion
  133. Brad Darrach in Iceland in 1972
  134. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  135. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  136. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  137. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  138. All Ishi Press Books now available at Waterstones in England
  139. Awful Cover on Chess Life for Kids
  140. Susan Polgar Flatly Rejects Mediation of her Suit Against Other BoardMembers
  141. electronics
  142. Re: Hugh Edward Myers
  143. patch for chessmaster 9000 "cd refresh"
  144. chessmaster 9000 - human vs human
  145. Arena 2.0 in bundle with Rybka 2.2 available !
  146. Arena support
  147. Arena 2.0 released
  148. Chess Express Rating System
  149. Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship is now atBarnes and Noble
  150. Great Posting by Steve of Tennessee
  151. Need help testing Scid Pocket on Windows Mobile 6.1
  152. Ivan vs Kramer , Kramers (F) pawn is gone . Can Ivan win ?
  153. What to do when a good puppet is not good?
  154. $350,000 bequest received by USCF
  155. Response to George on Polgar Lawsuits
  156. Come on and hear, Alexander's Ragtime Motions to Dismiss
  157. Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess is now at Barnes and Noble
  158. Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  159. Chess from Morphy to Botvinnik by Imre Konig is now at Barnes andNoble
  160. My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923 by Alekhine is now available atBarnes and Noble
  161. Bogner's Banned Posting
  162. All Quiet on RGCP
  163. Auto232
  164. Elista Diaries by Anatoly Karpov and Ron Henley is available atBarnes and Noble
  165. Pal Benko's Endgame Laboratory is now available at Barnes and Noble
  166. Bobby Fischer vs. The Rest of the World
  167. Letter from Paul Truong to Jerome Hanken
  168. The Sanny Loop
  169. Sanny and his GetClub - why do you bother ??
  170. Dedicated chess computer games
  171. Gregory Alexander's 37-;page submission to the Federal Court
  172. PocketGrandmaster 4.0 now supports FICS/ICS
  173. Best game by Wlod.
  174. Prospective Candidates for USCF Election
  175. Left 4 Dead Full -great games
  176. Now, only Rybka can beat GetClub.
  177. Help bot still able to beat the Baby Level.
  178. The $25 USCF Member
  179. The Problem with Tim Sawmiller as Moderator of the USCF Issues Forum
  180. GetClub Tree is growing slowly.
  181. New Lawsuit: CYBERCAFES, LLC vs. USCF
  182. GetClub playing like a Big Elephant.
  183. Very nice game by Zebediah !!!
  184. How to improve GetClub?
  185. Is Susan Polgar, and not Paul Truong, the real Fake Sam Sloan?
  186. Major Development: Polgar Moves to Quash Subpoenas
  187. My conventional end game with Ivan, game on hold now , my move too
  188. Moderator Tim Sawmiller still refuses to comply with orders of theboard
  189. Rejected by the Unabomber. Oh, Woe is Me
  190. Very difficult to win at GetClub.
  191. Polgar has Responded to Sloan's Motion for Summary Judgment
  192. Amazing Victory by US in World Chess Olympiad
  193. Re: Frank's Funny Opening
  194. Suppose there were a rule
  195. Please Analyze this game between Help Bot and Easy Level.
  196. A proposed solution to the 'disconnectors' on ICC
  197. PlayE4 - New chess site for real money or fun!!!
  198. GetClub improved by 30% today.
  199. ME vs Ivan computer ,random game , first game in my LIFE i amrecording
  200. Perhaps the Judge will give Susan Polgar a Break
  201. I received a call from Jim Killion, Susan Polgar's attorney
  202. Re: GetClub Master level lost to Glaurang
  203. GetClub Master level lost to Glaurang
  204. Blackberry Chess Programs
  206. iPhone chess program?
  207. Peter win Master Level at GetClub.
  208. 2900+ Rated player against Easy Level.
  209. Susan Polgar's New Lawyer was Ralph Nader's Candidate forVice-President
  210. USCF vs. Polgar Case Removed to San Francisco Federal Court
  211. Looking for a Palm chess program
  212. Re: What Should Kamsky Do?
  213. 'Deep Blue' chess computer
  214. Game with Taylor Kingston.
  215. Sleeping Bug removed from GetClub
  216. Susan Polgar Poses for Photographers
  217. In a game of random chess is there less opportunity to draw ?
  218. Goichberg's "Open Letter" regarding the Kamsky-Topalov Match
  219. Larry Kaufman in clear First in World Senior Championship
  220. Has Susan Polgar Fled the Country?
  221. Rykba 3 Handicap Mode
  222. recycling computers for chess
  223. Sudden Death
  224. Has Phil Innes Left Us?
  225. FA: Polgar's 5334 Problems
  226. Rykba hangs when loosing.
  227. New York Times Reports: Chess Federation Says E-Mail Was Filched
  228. Free download games big fish games
  229. Gregory Alexander asks San Francisco Superior Court to Vacate Order
  230. USCF Forum Moderators Defy Orders of both ED and President
  231. New Chess Program (Worlds Strongest).
  232. Highest Earnings by Chess Players.
  233. GetClub made Twice Stronger.
  234. An Example of the Problem with USCF Moderation
  235. Ten Replies Filed today by USCF in Polgar vs USCF
  236. GetClub improved today by 20%.
  237. Preliminary results of FIDE chess survey
  238. GNUchess vs. Phalanx 0-1 !!!
  239. Glad, Help Bot returns !!!
  240. SDNY: Supplemental Affidavit in Sloan vs. Truong
  241. GetClub defends well Still loose against Jester.
  242. Ambush in Fresno
  243. "this lawsuit will proceed all the way. Enough is enough." SusanPolgar
  245. New Lawsuit Filed: USCF & Hough vs. Polgar and Gregory Alexander
  246. Game against Rybka.
  247. New Lawsuit Filed: USCF & Hough vs. Polgar and Gregory Alexander
  248. New Lawsuit Filed: USCF & Hough vs. Polgar and Gregory Alexander
  249. Some kid is giving me Zero rating.
  250. Susan Polgar's Response to USCF Motions to Dismiss Sanitized