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  1. copyright on chess games
  2. UK schools directory, searching schools for free, opportunity for schools ,enquiries for schools.
  3. Temporary staff solution, ,Hire staff ,Contract staff ,Virtual staff
  4. Direct client rek for Testing Engineers - Austin, TX
  5. Did Fischer was autism?
  6. The New Paul Truong
  7. UK's leading directory, B2B directory
  8. Re: multimillionare Marcus Roberts accused by Chess officials of trying to BOMB the 2007 US Open
  9. Seriously Sam, What Was it Like?
  10. Judit Polgar contrasted with Susan Polgar
  11. Brian Lafferty to be suspended
  12. Motion to Close Down USCF Forums
  13. Win with Damiano's Defense
  14. The New Board adopts new Roles - and many surprises!
  15. USCF Financial Situation?
  16. Pimping Polgar
  17. chess puzzle videos for the casual player
  18. results recent int'l tournaments
  19. Re: Roberts forced to flee New Jersey by Bill Goichberg
  20. Susan Polgar magnanimously waives appearance fee
  21. Mikhail Botvinnik - Vassily Smyslov
  22. Polgar and Truong REPEATEDLY take financial advantage of USCF
  23. Accuracy of election poll amazing!
  24. Roberts explusion
  25. Chess Rating Services
  26. Paul Truong aka "ChessPromotion" has returned to the USCF Forums today
  27. Paul Truong aka "ChessPromotion" has returned to the USCF Forums today
  28. My Last Motions to the Board
  29. Just Out of Curiosity.....
  30. Attention chess educators
  31. What is wrong with George and Brenan Nierman?
  32. Will Joel Channing Convert to Polgarism?
  33. Staunton Memorial 2007
  34. Who is the *fairest* of them all?
  35. Will Polgar Make it Through the Delegates' Meeting?
  36. Enough with the Sloan bashing already
  37. Re: Free Chess Guide
  38. I am not humiliated by my election defeat
  39. Polgar Blogspot States She Will Accept USCF Presidency
  40. The new USCF board
  41. ChinesePingyao518
  42. Polgar Owes Victory to Her Blogspot
  43. Will the Fake Sam Sloan stop posting here now that he has been elected?
  44. Polgar for President
  45. Sam Sloan has in interest ?
  46. Who are the 600 idiots who voted for Sam Sloan?
  47. Will Brian Lafferty sue the USCF?
  48. Director's Cut in The Last Picture Show
  49. Bill Goichberg comments on Election Results Thus Far
  50. Bill Goichberg comments on Election Results Thus Far
  52. Sloan finishes last
  53. Paul Morphy - Henry Edward Bird
  54. Election Results
  55. Brian P Lafferty insulted the great Kevin Bachler of Illinois
  56. Brian P Lafferty supports a convicted felon
  57. Brian P Lafferty cited for being an asshole
  58. I have a new book out on the hystery of chess
  59. Re: Fischer vs Tal 1959
  60. Brian P Lafferty defends convicted felon Sam Sloan
  61. One of my Proposals to make the USCF Profitable Again
  62. One of my Proposals to make the USCF Profitable Again
  63. St Kitts and Nevis prepares to fire again in ANGER
  64. Election Over but Financial Results Still Not Public
  65. The asshole club members: Brian P Lafferty, Harry Payne, Brian Mottorshead and David Quinn
  66. 2007 (48th Annual) Armed Forces Open Chess Championship
  67. Allan Herbert, FIDE Delegate of Barbados, WORKS HERE
  68. St Kitts and Nevis fires in anger at Barbados
  69. Peter Leko - Michael Adams
  70. Vote for Sam Sloan
  71. Goichberg, Channing, Schultz and Hough deceiving members
  72. Problems with Payment of Prizes at the US Championships
  73. Is deceit genetic or the result of years of training?
  74. "Dead"
  75. Reforming OMOV
  76. Passing The Drug Test!
  77. Alexei Shirov - Evgeny Bareev
  78. Well! Its Public News Now!
  79. Brian P. Lafferty lacks honesty according to Steve Owens
  80. Randy Hough, Bill Goichberg and Don Schultz committed criminal offense
  81. Brian P. Lafferty lacks trustworthiness according to Hal Terrie
  82. Brian P Lafferty whines like a bitch
  83. I'm being abused
  84. Brian P Lafferty defends criminal conducts by the board
  85. Re: None of the US Women's chess championship games on TWIC
  86. Poltrong has no chance to win
  87. Unethical conduct by Hough, Goichberg and Schultz
  88. Nolan challenges Brian P Lafferty's trustworthiness
  89. Brian P Lafferty's credibility is being challenged
  90. Hal Terrie thinks Brian Lafferty is untrustworthy
  91. Alexei Shirov - Michael Adams
  92. chess war breaks out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. The Crazy World Of Chess
  94. Moderator Threatens to Block Unfavorable Comments about Polgar
  95. Joel Channing fingered Beatrice Marinello
  96. Goichberg sought to Remove Sam Sloan from the USCF Board
  97. Michael Adams - Peter Svidler
  98. The Fake Sam Sloan is Back Today
  99. Marinello, Schultz, Goichberg and Dubeck
  100. Truong Threatens Another Lawsuit
  101. I have decided to end drug testing in chess
  102. >> Musta been sleepwalking ...
  103. Peter Svidler - Konstantin Landa
  104. More Lies by Truong and Polgar
  105. checkers is solved
  106. Alexander Moiseenko - Peter Svidler
  107. Are parodies allowed on the USCF Forums?
  108. Release of USCF Financial Statements has been Delayed
  109. Release of USCF Financial Statements has been Delayed
  110. "I feel wonderful. I feel great. - Beatriz Marinello
  111. "I feel wonderful. I feel great." - Beatriz Marinello
  112. An old fashioned fairy story
  113. An old fashioned fairy story
  114. test
  115. An old fashioned fairy story
  116. An old fashioned fairy story
  117. An old fashioned fairy story
  118. Caruana Breaks Nakamura´s GM record
  119. Caruana Breaks Nakamura´s GM record
  120. GetClub Chess will take Little Longer.
  121. GetClub Chess will take Little Longer.
  122. Teimour Radjabov - Peter Svidler
  123. Your State's Denker Rep
  124. Headphone Questions at the World Open
  125. a future loss of corporate CHESS sposorship: IBM?
  126. Susan Polgar claims that Sloan altered Truong's Biographies
  127. The ALIENS have replaced Kirsan Ilymzhinov
  128. Viswanathan Anand - Joel Lautier (1-0)
  129. Polgaristas vs. The Polgarites
  130. Benjamin Attacks Sam Sloan in New In Chess
  131. Polgar refuses Roberts e-mail
  132. I am going to Cherry Hill
  133. Susan Polgar reports Marcus Roberts to the "proper authorities"
  134. New Chess League
  135. Susan Polgar documentary on UK TV
  136. The USual Subjects
  137. Re: Should Chess Life Columnists be Expected to Play Chess?
  138. the situation in Russia is getting out of control
  139. Re: Should Chess Life Columnists be Expected to Play Chess?
  140. Susan Polgar has filed her Form 990 for 2006
  141. tense relationsput our FIDE President in a bind
  142. press release
  143. Campaign Mailing
  144. Executive Director endorsed by Bill Goichberg
  145. A Brave and Foolish Act
  146. More Mishandling of Life Membership Assets
  147. Trouble at the World Open
  148. GM Sorvokin
  149. Has Chess Freak been killed????????????????????????
  150. My Jim Murray Story
  151. Viswanathan Anand - Jeroen Piket
  152. Some Things Are Universal Constants :)
  153. Susan Polgar has posted negative information about the medical condition of a political rival to her blog
  154. Resignation of Gregory Alexander as moderator5
  155. Resignation of Gregory Alexander as moderator5
  157. If Elected, Will Polgar Serve??
  158. untimely death
  159. Goichberg Predicts that Sloan will be Defeated
  160. The "Famous Polgar Dog and Pony Show"
  161. My Plans to Create Videos Promoting Scholastic Chess
  162. Sam Sloan's Games from the 2007 World Open
  163. Viswanathan Anand - Evgeny Bareev
  164. Deadly, Dangerous, Decisive Damiano's Defense Defeats Drei Denizens During World Open
  165. Pinocchio's Nose Problem
  166. Jealously Guarded Secrets Used by Grand Masters
  167. Re: Sam, Stop spamming the group!
  168. Gilberto Milos - Judit Polgar
  169. Alexander Motylev - Judit Polgar
  170. Sam Sloan: is not GAY
  171. Judit Polgar - Ferenc Berkes
  172. USCF Inc.
  173. Vladimir Kramnik - Viktor Kortschnoj
  174. Cloth chess pieces and board
  175. GM Maxim SOROKIN has died
  176. Not the craven Soviet Villain, Petrosian Reconsidered
  177. Vladimir Kramnik - Artur Jussupow
  178. St Kitts and Nevis, her expectations in FIDE
  179. Vladimir Kramnik - Loek Van Wely
  180. Polgar, Truong and their Great Success in Training the Woman's Team
  181. Polgar, Truong and their Great Success in Training the Woman's Team
  182. US Woman's Champ 2007
  183. Bill Goichberg's Long Service on the Board
  184. Pinocchio's Nose Problem
  185. Pension / Profit Sharing Plan problems
  186. pl
  187. Vassily Ivanchuk - Vladimir Kramnik
  188. How much is my chess book worth ?
  189. Posting by Stephen Jones
  190. New Reprinted Book: "White to Play and Win"
  191. Vladimir Akopian - Vladimir Kramnik
  192. Ivan Sokolov - Vladimir Kramnik
  194. Chess Horror Show Gets Sued
  195. Veselin Topalov - Miguel Illescas Córdoba
  196. Stan Vaughan is Back
  198. Polgar Letter to the Board
  199. USCF Mission Statement
  200. Veselin Topalov - Alexander G Beliavsky
  201. A Real Agenda for Chess in the C21st
  202. New Sam Sloan Chess Book out Today!!
  203. The Polgar Claim to have won the "Triple Crown" of Chess
  204. Jan H Timman - Veselin Topalov
  205. Susan Polgar's training of the "Chess Bitch"
  206. Susan Polgar is trying to grab the Denker
  207. A Vote for sam sloan
  208. Veselin Topalov - Ruslan Ponomariov
  209. Conflict of Interest by Susan Polgar
  210. post
  211. Susan Polgar and the "girls on a bordello fighting over a client" remark
  212. Loek Van Wely - Veselin Topalov
  213. Susan Polgar working in a "cheap bordello" thread
  214. Lets Review Sloans Record
  215. Lets Review Sloans Record
  216. Interview with Nigel Short
  217. "half-truths, unsupported rumors and paranoid fantasies"
  218. Veselin Topalov - Vassily Ivanchuk
  219. US Woman's Championship
  220. The real problem is not micro-management
  221. Susan Should Stop Attacking Her Sponsors
  222. Desperately Seeking Susan
  223. Veselin Topalov - Viswanathan Anand
  224. Great News as the USCF only lost $57,915 this year
  225. Brady Elected President of the Marshall Chess Club
  226. An Old Joke about Chess
  227. Jennifer Shadade outlasted 1269 in Event 17 2007 WSOP
  228. How a USCF By-Laws Change Gets Pased
  229. I Win the USCF Forums Chess Championship
  230. The real reason behind the exit of World Bank President
  231. GM Poetry event launched
  232. Sergey Karjakin - Veselin Topalov
  233. REAL men fight duels and don't play Chess!!!
  235. Scooter Man And Mrs. Paul Pufferfish
  236. "the sponsor"
  237. Anatoly Karpov - Artur Jussupow
  238. Dewain Barber: Please Declare Your Intentions
  239. Recommended Chess Pieces & Board
  240. Anatoly Karpov - Alexey Dreev
  241. Regarding Susan's Record
  242. Walter Browne's winnings so far in the 2007 WSOP
  243. Anonymous Postings to Polgar's Blog
  244. Susan Polgar "Fighting for Chess"
  245. Rybka takes on
  246. Polgar Pattern of Attacks
  247. Their New Married Name
  248. Care To Comment Mr. Truong.......
  249. Paul Truong from Sept 1986 Chess Life, page 26
  250. Joel Lautier - Anatoly Karpov